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change to air cooling immediately

drain the coolant. Fix the leak. Refill.

>be retarded
>use water maymay for cooling
>get fucked
Nothing to be done

Milk or jizz?

If you're using proper coolant it's non-conductive.

Just turn everything off, wipe it up and wait for it to dry to be safe.

Then reinstall it.

no use crying over spilled milk

stop jerking off in your coolant

Use air cooler

Get fucked water fag.


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>another gaymerfag manchild fell for the liquid coolant meme

Imagine being so retarded that you can't even build proper loops.
You're worse than the air only shills, at least they won't try things that are too hard for them.

Let me guess, you didn't even built it, someone else did and you decided to fuck with it or the person who built it literary ripped you off?

How does that even happen? Didn't you check for leaks before installing? Holy shit, just throw away the entire thing.

>Milk cooled rig

>his tower doesn't GOMAD
LMAOing at your life, you're never gonna have the gigahurtz gainz.

>You're worse than the air only shills, at least they won't try things that are too hard for them.

>he fell for the watercooling meme

>tfw liquid metal thermal paste
>tfw better temps than watermeme
>tfw no risk of fucking up my rig like that

Wash it off with 95% alcohol.
Do not use water coolers again until you can build them properly.

God, I hope that shit is conductive.

> falling for the liquid cooling meme

thats what you get for being the hardcorest of gaymers

>having to delid
>having to buy liquid metal
>having to lose the warranty
>b-but muh 200 mhz gain!

if you fell for the liquid metal meme, you might as well fall for the water meme, they go hand in hand, and a good water meme will destroy any air setup.

You went liquid metal for air cooling which is kinda the stupidest in-between you can do. You went through the effort of delidding for something that could have been achieved with JUST water cooling.

Water cooling AND delidding + liquid metal is far beyond air cooling AND delidding + liquid metal.

replace with cooking oil

>liquid metal thermal paste
>liquid metal
>thermal paste
Fucking retard.

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>retards doing anything besides just basic stock cooler and good paste
Overclocking has been dead for years.

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Kill yourself immediately.

>You went through the effort of delidding for something that could have been achieved with JUST water cooling.
For less than 10% of the price, you dumb cuck.

For barely any gain but with a ton of effort.


Again, you went with the most retarded option of them all.

stop masturbating in your computer

>liquid metal
it is not liquid metal at room temp unless we are talking about mercury, gallium, or cesium.

just a reminder, delids and liquid cooled systems are a a yuge meme

I do both. I'm not a poorfag though, it's literary for kicks, couldn't even care about the 20% higher turbo OC with constant OCd turbo clocks.

>literal brainlet calling other peoples dumb

It should be non-conductive, chill.

Drain it. Fix loop, tighten bolts etc, and try again.

At most you've just wasted some of your coolant.

To be extra safe, remove wires, and put your entire PC in the airing cupboard or somewhere warm and let any missed spillages dry over the night.

What did i mean by this?

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>falling for the watercooling meme
>not falling for the NH-D14/5 meme
Never goes above 60C after a 3.9GHz OC.

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He fell for the water cooling meme.

Haha, got you, you dumb faggot.

This entire thread was an elaborate ploy to bait you into replying and wasting your time.

The images are from a dumb imgur post.

*dabs on you*

Peace out.

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Well they tend to use a mixture of metals, including gallium.

Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut claims they use
>special mixture of metals like tin, gallium and indium

>3.9GHz OC

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even got dubs

>literal plebbit spacing

>muh nigga hurcz

Am I supposed to be impressed?

yeah, unless that's a 10 or 12 core, that's kinda sad actually.


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Nah. Good razen overclock starts at 4.1

Stop shitposting on Jow Forums, dad.

I haven't even felt the need to overclock my i5-4690k yet, what are these people doing that they need a watercooling setup?

I can't help Ryzen being shit at clocks. It's still great.

It's an 8 core CPU and I don't want to put anything above 1.3volts. 60C is an upperbound that I never saw even with prime95, that's completely fine considering I can't fucking hear the thing.

>buys unlocked CPU
>doesn't overclock

Is that what it feels like to truly make it?

>Water cooling is never justified and just a meme
Even though it's possible, I'd still rather cool TR with water than with air

But intel says i shouldn't overclock without watercooling.

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all the gear and no idea


I have the option to at least. The CPU I had before that was a C2Q Q6600 that I overclocked the shit out of. I even went so far as to lap the lid on that CPU until it had a mirrorlike copper finish. I had planned on overclocking the 4690k but just never got around to it, the GTX770 and having only 8GB of RAM limits the computer's performance moreso than the CPU running at stock speeds.

should've used a condom, now your GPU will get pregnant

>8 core Ryzen
>it's supposed to be impressive at 60C 3.9GHz
I'm doing 4.3GHz with 8 cores and still hoovering in the 60C under load with a cheap AIO. Also constant OC clocks, no C&Q or related.

If you have no idea what you're doing, why not just use one of those all-in-one radiator deals/

>"custom" loop
Serves you right you retard
Maybe stop putting water inside your computer and use air cooling like every other normal person.

>8GB of RAM limits the computer's performance
>he fell for the ram meme

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Only on a few things like when I tried to heavily mod oblivion with a shitload of hi-res textures. Really it's the GTX770 that is finally starting to show its age (I've gotta run Kingdom Come: Deliverance at 720p upscaled to 1080p for it to be playable).

I agree that 3.9 is pretty shitty overclock, but you won the silicon lottery with your unit, mate.
Ryzen overclock usually starts at 4.1 and abruptly ends at 4.2 from most units.
Doesn't overclock that good overall.

My stock cooler keeps my 1700 under 70c at 1.3v, 3.8ghz.

This is why you are fucking retard for bringing up RAM amount in the first place.
With RAM is all about speed.

this tbqh, as I've heard that new stock coolers are pretty decent
I bought 212 evo(and recently changed the stock fan with 2x140 case fans) because the stock AMD cooler on 965 was like a fucking helicopter

No, it wasn't supposed to be impressive. I can crank the fans RPM and get ever lower temps or give the CPU more juice, but I won't since it's fine and quiet. The point is that watercooling in custom loops is extremely inconvenient.
Which CPU, that sounds impossible with Ryzen.

I never see a hard tube installation with nice 90° angles. It's always a few degrees off somewhere and it triggers my autism.

Because I have actually hit the upper limits of available RAM on my computer but haven't ever hit the upper limits of my CPU during "regular" use.

And I only have DDR3 RAM so it's not very fast either.

Should have gone closed loop or air cooled fagnon.

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>closed loop
yeah, like my H80 that leaked and spilled a few drops right on my GTX 780

How does liquid inside looks like?

dafuq do you mean... fucking 3rd worlders, learn proper english before you post on Jow Forums.

Alright, i will speak in your language.

Hou da wouta inside of de dam ting look like?

Where's your GPU waterblock plate, bro?

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>custom looping on Wintel
Just buy an AIO. Set it and forget it.

>liquid metal
>not buying superior soldered AMD Ryzen


Die pajeet

Congrats. You have more dollars than sense.
I hope your whole computer is fried.
Liquid cooling is degenerate. You suck at computers. You should be relegated to a Blackberry for your internet consumption.

I see red and green but what is it supposed to mean? Am I color blind?

Never in my life have I been this angry before. How heartless can you be to just waste a precious resource like this, the time of others. I feel like my flesh has turned to dust and is blowing away in the wind, each character I type is another grain of my being being swept away.

Truly a master ruseman with no regard for human life, his only pleasures, digital tricks. Hilarious for some, devastating for those on the other end.

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Lurk more.

You don't need to delid and replace the jew jizz if your processor never had any jew jizz in the first place.

>if your processor never had any jew jizz in the first place
Try as you may, you'll never escape der yuden.

Did your computer run better on liquid instead of air?

Bet it didn't lol what a waste.

Water cooling essentially is the Darwin award of computers

pictures from imgurs front page, the computer pictured survived misfitted petg tubing /thread.

Can't I just weld together or thermaltape two NH-D14 for extra air performance? I mean why are the air coolers so small?


>tfw no gpussy to impregnate

>he fell for the liquid cooling meme.

No, that is why you should not roid.