Today, the Alliance is proud to announce the public release of the AOMedia Video Codec 1.0 (AV1) specification...

Today, the Alliance is proud to announce the public release of the AOMedia Video Codec 1.0 (AV1) specification, which delivers cross-platform, 4K UHD or higher online video, royalty-free – all while lowering data usage.
- March 28th, 2018


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wow, it's fucking nothing

Is there any working sample so I can try it out?

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It says not supported for me,it needs Firefox Nightly


so its fucking nothing dummy

Jow Forums support when?

thanks fren this is very nice and i am honor to be among first in world to try it

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kys retard


Oh boy what should I use, professionally made HEVC or AV1 which was made by some GNU neets in their basement. Reminder that royalty based codecs are royalty based for a reason, because they're better than free garbage.

kek HEVCfags this mad and the encoder isn't even good yet.

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720p @ 500 kbps looks quite impressive

AV1 chinese cartoons when?

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I see MPEG shills are out in force today. HEVC is deprecated and finished and will be removed from from youtube within the year. When you open a HEVC video in chrome or firefox you will be warned that you are using outdated and harmful codecs.

Where can i see it?


Wake me up when AV1 hw decoders are widespread.

Never because it takes 3000X longer to encode than HEVC and is only 10-20% more efficient.

>hw decoders
Who cares? Fuck mobile.

Governing members


General members

Allegro DVT
Argon Design[35]
BBC Research & Development[36]
Sigma Designs

Pretty much the entire industry is a part of AOMedia

I love you too user.

Soon enough, less than a year.
First decent encoder should be HW-based, which can be good as they're probably working on it for the past three years. H264 hw is only "bad" because nvidia/amd only started to working on it for like 5 years, so x264 was already pretty mature.

Netflix, Amazon, Google cares.
And they baked AV1.

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Because it takes like 8 cpu cores just to decode 1080p AV1 video

At least that isn't enthusiast anymore. Even Intel will push 8 cores on the mainstream soon.

Wasn't it more like 16? And 32 gigs of ram.

Right but the purpose of AV1 is actually 4K and 8K video dipshit.

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It's been improved but it will take years for netflix to even consider using it.

Enjoy your 4k panels then.

I will with hevc. 8K hevc hardware decoders are being designed rn.

>t. patent jew

I don't think so, they can save a lot of bandwidth with 720/1080p alone, which is probably what most of it's users use.
Iirc most people do watch on phones/tablets.

Why have you not joined the AV1 master race, Jow Forums?

So phones/tablets have threadripper cpu performance now? wow

It's as dead as daala. VP9 and hevc already exist.

they won't force everyone to use AV1, only supported devices will use it, just like how it worked with every codec before

Hardware encoding is bad because they only want to spend a tiny corner of the die on the actual accelerator ... the actual GPU meanwhile is absolutely useless for encoding.

Neat. So where's the encoder? I got files to try.

The encoder has really shitty performance at the moment, if you've ever tried encoding H265/VP9 before, AV1 is a magnitude slower than both in its current state.

> if you've ever tried encoding H265/VP9 before

> AV1 is a magnitude slower than both in its current state
So they designed and released the spec without a decent reference encoder? That is pretty gay.

But you don't need literally any special hardware, any GPU with GPGPU support, which is all of them nowadays, can have it enabled, but it's preferable and more efficient if the GPU maker codes it directly into the drivers.

>hw dec talk
>goes full retard
wow great english you have there

Good joke.

The best you can use the GPU for is doing a preliminary motion estimation with, to refine in software on the CPU.

>Hardware encoding is bad because they only want to spend a tiny corner of the die on the actual accelerator ... the actual GPU meanwhile is absolutely useless for encoding.
And this is a bad thing why?
You should be talking about quality, not speed.

They are over one year late, on the original schedule.


>They are over one year late, on the original schedule.
Yea, but weren't they writing some good reference implementation while they were fleshing out the spec?

So when is HW decoding coming and more importantly, when will we start to see retro-encoding of anime so I can get rid of these shitty x264 10bit encodes in my archive?

Technology wise hardware decoders could probably be ready in 2 years or so.

Whether the politics in the industry are such that the big SoC designers will immediately dedicate funds to developing it, no clue.

heh teens

You will NEVER see AV1 encodes of chinese cartoons because AT BEST it will be 10X more computationally intense to encode compared to 10-bit HEVC (which has mobile decoding since snapdragon 820)

> AT BEST it will be 10X more computationally intense
This sounds like an absolute asspull.

It does, it's at 3,000 times the cpu comolexity to encode compared to hevc down to 10 times seems impossible for a freetarded codec

But Youtube doesn't even use hevc

>freetarded codec
What did he mean by this?

Can I use it in FFPlay/FFMpeg/Kodi?


Then fuck off

Meanwhile, Jow Forums still only supports VP8

Jow Forums is dead

see daala

What's the point of 4k codecs when most normies don't have the internet speed to stream it?

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Except they do. 4K HEVC looks okay even at 4mbps

this is supposed to reduce size so it becomes viable

Holy kek

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>Jow Forums support
LMAO, when gookmoot is dead

>HEVC is deprecated and finished and will be removed from from youtube within the year
It's already out of was actually never on Youtube, they use VP9

this, those dumb fucks

t. yify

Fixed function hardware decoding of AV1 on GPU/APU when?

YIFY, is that you? I thought CIA shot you in the head for crimes against basic human decency.



This is a general problem with scene releases. I hope we eventually start seeing AV1 used once a decent encoder/decoder is made available.

maybe in another lifetime

encode hevc at that bitrate with the very slow preset and fucking shoot yourself in the face

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>Cursed to have a choice between 50GB raw rips and 2GB h.264 fullretardfast encodes forever.

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just like my soul

I once tried to upload a HEVC file and it didn't let me

the botnet always win

does it work with ffmpeg yet?

They didn't accept 10 bit or 5.1 audio for the longest time either, but Youtube accepts HEVC just fine now.

nope, not even in master

>Executive Director of AOMedia Gabe Frost says end users should expect widespread support for AV1 in...
>Web Browsers this year
>Existing Devices end of 2018 or early 2019
>"All" new Hardware in 2020

just because is accept input in HEVC doesn't mean it serves HEVC streams.

FFMPEG -I FILE.MKV -C:V LIBAV1 -C:S COPY OUT.MKV WHEN?????????????????????


good thing I have 24 then faggot


av2 when?

Most people don't even have 2

no, retard

netflix backs it for literally that reason. all new mobile chips are going to hardware accelerate the decoding of fucking av1 when it is "released"
all browser will support it, all new CPUs will.
computer users that can handle it will get pushed the data first.
consoles will be second, mobile will be last and it'll be on a per device basis.

learn to code and you wouldn't post such stupid fucking shit. it's the same reason imgur (and every other site that exists except 4chin) pushes webM for literally every device and mp4 for shitty applel devices.

Almost my entire porn collection is in x265 format now. Spent a while converting it all. Did I fuck up?


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Looking forward to encode 1 frame a day?

No, not at all. Turns out AV1s exclusive audience will be supercomputers.

>"Specifically, here's what the report states regarding encoding speed; "AV1 encoder has extremely low speed—2500-3000 times lower than competitors. X265 Placebo presets (2 and 3 passes) have 10-15 times lower speed than the competitors.""

How many days did it take to encode that frame?


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yea what do I care?

put on dual cpu server on very low process priority
come back in a week


no it isn't, lol.

AV1's target is literally everywhere. which is why it's royalty free.

Oh sorry I forgot smartphones have dual-socket epyc overclocked processors now. My bad.

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what part of
that post did you not understand
need it spelled out better for you, dummy?

>scene releases
You mean bunch of retards playing hax0rs?
Please anything but a disk rip or remux is unusable.

>intel already doing hardware acceleration
>ARM to follow quickly
>I need 400 cores waaaahhh wahhhh

same shit happened with h265, fuck off

Why would the end using care about encoding speed they only care about decoding speed, for things like YouTube/Netflix.