Is 18:9 the future?

Is 18:9 the future?

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>not 22:11


only because of android navbar that burns in on oled displays

>not 90638:45319


>not just 2:1
Absolute state

Its the current and the future

My G6 has it and frankly I like it. The G6, other than not having a removable battery and utilising a glass back is a good all around phone. Cameras and specs are decent and it's still being sold new right now, at least here anyway. And there are always deals on it.

Got mine for $360 canabucks. Koodo had a promotion on, $0 plus 15/month for 2 years with buyout at any time. Vs 760 outright. Guess what I did?

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13:27 is literally the way of the future

>not 4:20

>not 69:420:1337

It's the present.

Why are we having this retarded ratios. It's not music or something, just give me the multiplier and the smaller side's length, bam, cut the info in half.


Triangular phones really is where it's at.

>Rips off Samshit and Applel design

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7:5 or death

I hope in the future we get 4.3" phones again
I want my comfyness back

2:1 is comfy for web browsing and 4chin reading so I like

>tfw no 2π:π screen

>why isn't it called simply 2:1?

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18:9 sounds bigger than 16:9. It's all about marketing user.

>Not 1:1

Don't want to ruin everyone's circle-jerking here but I would personally much rather have bezels on the top and the bottom with high quality stereo speakers. A 18:9 display doesn't do all that for me when there's one tin-can speaker on the bottom.

I kek'd

>forces OEMs to move the fingerprint sensor to the back
>screen real estate is gonna be occupied by onscreen buttons anyways
>makes one handed use even harder
>no room for your fingers when used in landscape mode
>virtually no 18:9 content -> pillarboxing

There is literally no benefit to this shit other than asthetics, which are completely subjective. I hope 16:9 phones with bezels don't completely vanish.

This. US citizens thought a third pounder sounded smaller than a quarter pounder. Burgers. It all comes back to burgers. I can't remember which fast food joint that figured that out, but I think it was McDicks.

>forces OEMs to move the fingerprint sensor to the back
There's a whole 2 sides they could use, and I shouldn't even have to mention the new OLED under-glass fingerprint option.
>screen real estate is gonna be occupied by onscreen buttons anyways
Most phones have options to hide the onscreen buttons.
>makes one handed use even harder
Depends on the size of the screen, a 5.4" screen using a 2:1 aspect ratio is still usable with one hand, and even the 6"+ phones of now can be used with one hand if your hands are big enough. There aren't many sub 5" 2:1 phones, though, and there definitely should be.
>no room for your fingers when used in landscape mode
Bezels have not shrunken to the point where you can't rest your hand on the top and bottom sides of the during landscape mode. This is a perceived issue, not an actual one.
>virtually no 18:9 content -> pillarboxing
A good programmer programs his programs to account for different programs. Most apps have relative spacing to allow 2:1 ratios to show more content.

You sound like you've never used a 2:1 phone before

>everything is 31:1
>tablets, watches, phones and laptops
>it's the Golden Ratio (TM)

why not 1:1

square phone when

I've had a Samsung Galaxy S8. I got rid of it for multiple reasons though, mainly because the software sucks and curved displays are absolutely awful.

The future Im not ready for.

1:1 square qwerty master race or 16:10 landscape kang with slider keyboard.

Anything else is a meme.
Why do normies want a 100:1 ratio?
>muh 30 foot horizontal widescreen
>muh 1 foot vertical height
>breh it's futuristic despite no media content being natively filmed/modeled for that aspect ratio

only if youre asian.

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>ever using your phones built in speakers

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>have tiny hands
>already have troubles reaching top, bottom and left sides of the screen
>even on 5" 16:9 screen
>these days phones are only getting larger and taller

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>have hardware button bar below the screen.
>find it often out of reach of a thumb
>turn on the on-screen button bar, deactivate the hardware one
>finally feel comfy with ''''bezel'''' and ''''wasted screen real-estate''''
Call me madman

It actually means that standard resolutions must be not only multiples of 2 but also multiples of 9

Imagine stupid whores recording porn in vertical.

18:9 a shit. Sucks for watching movies, too tall for comfy usage

2:1 is where it's at, simply perfect

>not 50:25

2014 (BlackBerry Passport)

A long time ago

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