Fell for the Linux meme, anything I should know?

Fell for the Linux meme, anything I should know?

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It's shit and you'll regret this. Also what the fuck is that zorin botnet lmao

How to use the terminal effectively.

Linux is just a kernel used in the GNU system.

It's Ubuntu but more normie

It can be used without GNU :^)

Fuck off you know what I mean

What are some thing for the terminal I should know? I know basic stuff like sudo apt but what else


replace the trackpad with the one from the t450 and then install windows 10

Yeah you should swap that garbage touchpad

Just google random article about console commands
That really gets you up to speed
Also --help and man is your friend
This one seems okay

Not an argument.



Stop recommending Google.

One step at a time, Stallman

I'm gonna read that article, thanks for the help. So far Linux is pretty nice

buys lenovo,

super cringe.

>android is linux

Zorin is shit

>modern "thinkpad" with chicklet keyboard

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Yes. Change your OS. Install linux mint or something else for noobs.

Nice literacy there, Pajeet

>"more" normie

I'll buy that ThinkPad for £10 since you're abusing it

isn't ubuntu locked down because it's for "everyone" so now you cant have codecs because it's illegal in some weird part of africa, or drivers because it's breaks some fucked up euro law. I could see a distro that bypasses all that (thought they called it Mint though..)

You will back to windows next week.

Not for sale

>ZorinOS is botnet
Fake news.

It's illegal in some parts of US and Germany, and a few other countries but nobody gives a shit. There's a button during the installer that gives you the option of installing proprietary codecs and drivers.

You'd be surprised how many things Xubuntu does wrong that Zorin Lite fixes.

Replace the keyb-
oof you dun goofed

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Enjoy your virginity

stay with the ones with actual support (dedian and it's children, RHEL and it's children, SUSE and it's children)

Use normal distros, like OpenSUSE, Debian, Fedora, Gentoo, LinuxFromScratch (it is a book), maybe even Ooboontu...

it sounds great in paper when you have a T430 but if will never be a 100% compatble solution; some keys act weird, a keyboard pin can burn and short, making the keyboard incompatible with the t420/x220, etc

>can't greentext
>reddit spacing
Super cringe.

Fine, fine. £11, final offer.

He's using a normal distro

zorin OS reeks of the work of an unoriginal wannabe Steve Jobs garbage. Just use an ubuntu flavor or linux mint, nothing wrong with normie stuff until you feel more comfortable, or even never change at all.

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Zorin is just a prettier Ubuntu. There's no reason not to use it.

You lose only 2 keys after the EC flash, Fn+F3 (Battery) and Fn+F12 (Hibernate). I dare you to tell me you've ever touched those keys except by accident.
You're supposed to tape over that one pin to stop it from shorting. Several guides suggest not to bother doing it which is fucking retarded and the main reason people screw up this mod.


I didn't tape over it and it works fine.

Yeah, don't use Zorin.

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Should have gone with Ubuntu Gnome, or Kubuntu.


its shit and you will regret it

How does Stallman's cum taste? Is it good?

You are wasting your time.

keep the live disk/usb around so you can repair your root partition when you can't boot one day

Zorin OS was a great choice, only distro i use

It literally is Ubuntu with gnome, just re skinned honestly


It's honestly the best meme as long as you have the right hardware which it seems you do.

How to use a fucking VM to test things first?

try apt-get install qemu

I made the big leap to full linux this day, last week. Picked up Fedora 27 on my good ol' notebook and I've been wrapping my head around it. Had a few bumps here and there, but so far, so good. I'm getting used to i3 and all.

Had my fair share of rage, and I actually broke my distro and had to do a fresh install yesterday. But i guess moving fast and breaking it up is part of the linux experience i guess.

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Have you tried Gentoo?

For sure. I broke and reinstalled my Gentoo installation 3 times before getting a proper lean kernel going with video drivers

don't meme me man

I think I've installed so many different sessions on my first try that somewhere down the line, nouveau started going crazy and shat itself up. Before that, I was also messing with video drivers.

This time around i'm just using i3 with the default gnome 3.0, but I had to change the shitty gdm to lightdm cuz gdm was freezing randomly. Solved my issue.

I'm liking how convenient and productive linux is, especially for development. And I'm finally seeing how people contribute to open source.

Why though? Just use getty or something.

This. Do people use graphical logins? If so why?

>Do people use graphical logins?
personal preference

*Its *its *its


1 month of pain and you will switch back to Windows

10 years of pain and counting(tm)

turn off automatic updates. loonix distros maintainers have too many soydrinks a day and never remember that minor and patch updates must not break your current configuration.


You're wrong, buddy.


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I laid my eyes upon that abhorrent keyboard in OP pic and knew that you are yet another memester subhuman normalfaggot

ayyy I thought I was the only one who uses zorin.

Nothing much, it is an OS with alot of customization. Look up some power saving stuff for gnome.

Honestly, if you are a programmer, you won't really give a shit on where you program on as long as it works.

>Zorin OS

Why would you install such steaming pike of garbage?

I swear, every faggot who gets sucked into installing a more user friendly or easy or whatever distro ends up regretting their decision because they're all shitty unpolished garbage full of bugs.


ZorinOS user here. The Xfce version is much better than any other Xfce distro I've tried.


You need to get some socks.

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It's still just a kernel you fucking idiot. You think it's a complete os just because of that?