>The State of VR in 2018

What went wrong??

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Nothing you fucking idiot we are still a long way to really good VR just be thankful that we aren't paying 5k for those gadgets like in the 80s

why not just buy normal one instead of pro?

Seeing that it exists proves that there really is a huge market of horny lonely rich tech geeks who has nothing to do but spend money on pointless toys

we are wating for magicleap

Pixel density is still an order of magnitude lower than it needs to be.

1. headsets themselves are too expensive
2. PC requirements are much higher than average, which limits the market
3. 90% of VR games are stupid gimmicks

I think in a few more years when pc components become more powerful and VR headsets are cheaper they will start to gain some traction. By then we'll probably have a lot of games adapted for VR as well.

Resolution is fine though, it's only the screendoor effect that fucks it up.

Higher resolution would mitigate that as the individual pixels wouldn't be so noticeable. As far as the resolution being high enough you legitimately can't see shit past a certain point in because of the resolution.

>virtual reality

It's a shitty screen you strap onto your face.

there's a ton of porn for it, which is why i picked up one.

daily reminder the pimax is cheaper and superior in every way

I don't know what you people are talking about, I have a regular one and it's the definitive way to play flight sims and racing games. Fallout 4 VR is pretty neat too.

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How much did you spend?

Corporate influence trying to turn it into a proprietary locked down appliance.

Even "OSVR" isn't open sourced enough.

I was super hyped for the vive pro at $800 until I realized it came with nothing else and it would actually be cheaper to buy the base Vive bundle plus the pro.

Fuck HTC.

Congratulations, you fell for the chink marketing. Enjoy your "8K".

And you need a $1000 USD graphic card for enable VR, and pay $50 USD for VR "games" that are shooting galleries

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>I was super hyped for the vive pro at $800 until I realized it came with nothing else and it would actually be cheaper to buy the base Vive bundle plus the pro.

thats because those together wouldn't include the parts needed for the wireless to work


I don't understand why people are getting the jimmies in a rustle here. The HTC Vive has always been a very premium product. If you want a cheaper VR product, there are headsets that work perfectly fine in the ~$300-$500 range, including older Vives. This is actually good for the VR market - there is now an even higher end model, and now the "lower end" models are cheaper. It's a win win situation. The only people who could be mad are the people butt hurt that they're too poor for this new product.

When will I be able to use VR to fuck realist VR versions of celebrities? I'll buy VR then.

There's no reason for it to be this expensive. It uses the same panels as the Samsung Odyssey. They're using the "prosumer" red herring to squeeze their customers.

just get a rift with those cool finger blaster controllers that they have

>Only target people with high end gaming machines
>Assume the only reason people want VR is for video games
Once again video games are the problem.

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Works for me

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Isn't facebook targeting a $200 stand-alone headset for release this year? And it will have the same resolution specs as the Vive Pro.

Honestly, VR was realeased way too early, I don't think the tech is quite there yet and cheap enough to entice a mass audience.

I'd say give it another 5 years or so where we will have 4K per eye, foveated rendering, stand alone MicroLED headsets with a wide FoV and games/media that take advantage of Lightfield technology and real-time ray tracing. I feel at that point, VR shit will really wow and immerse the masses enough without going full blown "jack into the matrix" fulldive VR.

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literally pointless


Nothing went wrong other than the life of most Jow Forums users who are too poor to afford a proper VR setup so they whine about it instead of getting a better job. The real salt is going to come when the Pro model sensors and controllers are released and the poor fags cry about not being able to afford the update that costs as much as their old used Toyota. VR is awesome especially the Vive with room scale.

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Hey look another post by someone who knows nothing and just spouts nonsense.

You need to start somewhere though, I doubt developing these headsets is cheap. Might as well release something relatively low end to keep people interested.

I got the oculus and thought it would be a great way to bond with my nephew and maybe reignite my interest in gaming but after he came over and played Superhot for 20 minutes he fuckiing drenched my headset in sweat, ii mean drenched, when he took it off it was literally dripping the filthy disgusting little bastard, after 20 fucking minutes, fat bastard!!! so yeah fuck that guy i bought a replacement sponge cover thing so i can actually use it again without throwing up and i dont let him on it...but i got him one of those shitty £6 cases to put your phone in and strap that to your face, dirty little bastard! Anyway yeh I have fun with mine, using an r9 390 to power it and having a pretty smooth experience all round, not sure how much an equivelant gpu would cost today.

Fat people should get free VR headsets that only function when playing games that you move around while playing. The health insurance savings would be amazing.

we're getting to a point where, each year, improvements are barely noticeable. All this VR crap in 5 years still will not be worth buying.

something like the wii fit would have been a better option, probably cheaper as well

Fat people should be ridiculed constantly to the extent it drives them to either unfat themselves or suicide. Banning my nephew from VR has infact had the effect of making him cut out junk food and start excersize, hes not slim yet but hes on his way


By then zuckerjew will be a trillionare.

It's interesting that the original Vive enterprise edition has a similar price. HTC will probably lower the price once they launch the complete package or when Oculus announces anything.

Do you have any idea how much VR used to cost? for a far shittier experience?

>What went wrong??
It was a shit gimmick for guilible idiots to waste their parents money on.

News of the Vive Pro has reached beyond VR enthusiast circles. The average person isn't hearing about the $250 WMR devices or the Oculus Go or the PSVR price cut, they're hearing about the $1200 headset. They are damaging VR's long term prospects.

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So when does user expect a full body vr experience to happen like in Sao? Sorry for the terrible example, but it's the easiest one

Wearing that shit will hurt your neck too.

Also GPU price fiasco is limiting people investing to uograde their hardware.

is it going to be better than Microsoft's HoloLens?

on a side note: I dislike websites like this when it comes to getting info,
but I gotta say, this one is probably the best of those websites I've seen for now.

Mark my words this is VR hype bullshit

The problem with VR is that it's not going to be satisfying until you can physically plug your brain into a computer Matrix-style and have all your senses controlled by the simulation. Until then gamers will have to get used to awkwardly teleporting around maps and shit.

Nah I only paid 250 for my 1060 6gb and it's run vr perfectly fine so far

Last time i looked into hololens it had a 30degree FOV, which is not good enough for a mainstream item.

>The problem with VR is that it's not going to be satisfying until you can physically plug your brain into a computer
I disagree senpai, VR is a leap ahead of conventional displays in impressiveness. I wouldn't pay the current prices for one, but i hope i can get something akin to today's headsets for $300 in a few years - totally worth the cost of a monitor.

I'm not sure why so many people have this idea that VR needs to be ultra-high fidelity to work - my experiences with the oculus dev-kit were fantastic.

I mean sure, it will be great to increase fidelity, and the screen door affect is lame, but that doesn't invalidate it in the same way that the invention of 1080p consoles didn't make Mario 64 a rip off in 1997.


Dear friend, ridicule usually drives fat people to further over-eat, as more often than not it's a symptom of deeper psychological and/or hormonal problems. They won't die sooner and save your tax money, they'll spend more of it.
Early dietetic and psychological intervention - as useless and pseudo-sciencey as it is - actually reduces the overall health care costs.


VR in its current state is shit there is no games

4k is the bare minimum yet everyone is pushing sub 4k junk

Whats a normal one?
Pc specs? Do you use extra gear for racing/flying or stick to kbm?
Whats FO4 movement like? Its not that teleporting shit they had in Skyrim..?

>targeted at professionals

Do you complain that the HoloLens is $3,000 USD, too?

Screw video games. I want a full FoV covering vr headset that has high enough resolution so I can ditch monitors.

I'm probably gonna get a $499 Vive this year just for VRchat. I already have the GTX 970 so it should be plug and play.

>thats because those together wouldn't include the parts needed for the wireless to work
Wireless is irrelevant. It is cheaper to buy the $500 HTC Vive bundle and the $800 Vive Pro than it is to buy all the non-headset peripherals in the Vive bundle and the Vive Pro.

It is cheaper to buy controllers, base stations, and a headset you don't want than it is to buy controllers and a basestation.

HTC's pricing model is fucked.

Not him but
>normal one
As in not the Vive Pro
>FO4 movement
You can either walk/run normally or teleport using AP.

I make vr porn sims for the Trump admin.
AMA not relating to national security

Just wait until Japan release their product.

>until you can physically plug your brain into a computer Matrix-style and have all your senses controlled by the simulation
That's not going to happen for another 2000+ years, if at all. Just enjoy what the fuck we have now.


Nobody is gonna buy that shit, not even normies.

nothing went wrong, this is the premium device. normal VR headsets cost hundreds less. look at how expensive premium TVs are.

>I'll pay whatever ripoff price they quote me because I like getting shafted up the butthole

Just like i'm back in 2014 again.
Literally rift DK2 level.

You better stop or he will call you entitled.
How dare you goy to demand reasonable prices, if HTC wanted they could make it cost $10000.
Be thankful that good guys HTC are allowing piece of shit like you to buy it in the first place.

Jokes aside, it's not really about prices.
If, hypothetically, some came up with HMD with these prototype samsung 4k screens, foveated rendering, TPCast 2.0 level wireless solution and at least DAS level of comfort, and priced it at $3,000, a lot people, who saying that vive pro is too expansive right now, would be buying it without complaints.
VR is niche market for people with money. But you have to provide value, no one is happy when you rip them off.

>when work buys it to whoo contracts.
Its funny how people are so much more accepting of our product when we put a razzle dazzle vr sim first.

The biggest issue is that they made it the ugliest colour possible.

at least you can move your head more than 30cm without losing tracking now

VR porn movie + FakeApp
Should be possible.

honestly, until we get something like 1 8k display for each eye, its not going to be perfect.

why would anyone pay over 300% more for this when the oculus costs fuck all now and is almost the same, except with better support for small rooms and better controllers

BB not that i disagree with you per say, but tech moves fast enough that ive given up on pretending its predictable.

It moves fast, but what they're saying is something that'd revolutionize what it means to be alive. If our consciousness could linked in VR, then that'd mean it could also be linked into a different body. At that point we'd have immortality, and that's just not something that I think is going to be possible anytime remotely soon.

We'll probably have sentient AI walking around before we get full emersion VR.

I basically only want VR for porn and eroge. I was waiting for the Vive Pro, but after seeing how blatantly HTC is trying to price gouge, it doesn't seem worth it. At the same time, I don't know if the base Vive will be good enough for me, or if the screen door effect will bother me too much.

I've never actually tried any of these headsets and don't have access to them without just buying one.

Maybe I just have autism, but even though I could easily afford the $500 Vive base bundle, I can't bring myself to drop the money on it sight-unseen for something I might not even like, and I'm certainly not paying HTC's exorbitant price for the pro.

I know man, I get your point, just wanted to bring some reasoning into his brash I'll pay whatever price because I'm rich attitude.
I always weigh up price to performance or if it's niche tech then yes I'm prepared to pay for the best I can get.
I invested in a good programmable mech keyboard with mx clears because I weighed up the options and paid that bit extra for rarer switches etc.
Same for screens and refresh rates in these vr goggles if I ever bought one.

> I might not even like
oh you'll definitely like it. big eye opener without a doubt.

main problem is the 'wow' factor wears off quickly due to lack of good VR games. We need more VR games that dont just feel like a gimmick or a shooting gallery. VRchat is also probably the only social VR game atm, and it's kind of a clusterfuck.

if you buy it knowing that everything is mostly still experimental fun, then you wont regret it.

Like I said, I don't really care about the normal games. I know they're all basically dogshit. Vrchat might be fun, though.

I'm mostly in it for the porn, and stuff like Real Kanojo, Honey Select, and CM3D2. They have really excellent VR support from what I hear.

I can only speak for Honey Select since that's all I played in VR, but yeah it's good stuff.

Are you on the regular Vive? Hows the screen door effect? Is the resolution noticeable? Or is it something you stop noticing after a little bit?

>being a necklet

>Are you on the regular Vive?

>Hows the screen door effect?
I don't notice it. I don't really recall noticing it when I first used it either.

> Is the resolution noticeable?
The default res is blurry in my opinion. If you have a powerful enough GPU, you can turn up the super sampling which makes a world of a difference. (Easily adjustable in developer panel) 1.5 is the sweet spot.

Quit being dishonest. It's a lot more than that.

Which GPU do you have? Not sure my 970 can cut the mustard


> 970
You'll probably be able to play VR on the default SS setting. By blurry, I mean you can't really read a piece of paper in front of you, where as with higher SS, it's crystal sharp. Everything just looks better. I think it's one of the most important factors in VR that nobody seems to mention.

You should probably try VR first though before doing some GPU upgrade.

Nice, I got a 1070. Maybe I'll get a vive bundle next paycheck.

>working in VR
Fuck man, you just made me realize my job can be even worse than it is.

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But nobody could tell you're actually watching anime at work.

I have been a naysayer from the start. Technology is far, far to primitive for anyone to feel at all that "virtual reality" deserves the name. Yet all of a sudden, everyone is hyping the fucking thing, from AAA soulless corporations to polyqueer indies. The mere fact that gaming journos were uncritically praising it was warning enough that this was a massive marketing campaign. Watch now as the same journos shit out occasional articles mocking the few gameplay innovations that this puny tech allows.

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Too expensive and impossible to demonstrate.

Brace yourself


A smartphone: you put in your pocket, you use it to show people things, it integrates into your every daylife. You check tweets on the go, you get traffic reports in the middle of traffic.

A VR headset: you take time out enough space in your room, put on a headset that isolates you from the rest of the world. Oh, and it has a massive fucking adaption curve standing in the way in the form of motion sickness.

Normal people don't want elaborate escapism, they want banal trappings over their everyday lives. This is technophilia shit, plain and simple.

10 years ~later~

that's AR not VR

That comparison really doesn't mean as much when you neglect to include inflation. one 1980 dollar is worth so much more than a 2015 dollar.

>still only 110 degrees field of view
man, fuck this. No tech company will fix the one glaring issue truly getting in the way of an immersive experience with VR HMDs. HTC are FUCKING RETARDS

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regardless of marketing, 4k per eye is still far better than the competition


Kek, I'm tempted to get a headset just for this now.

why are you comparing phones to a VR system.

Now that's what I'm talking about!
Add in a web browser that is customizable and tab managing that is done correctly and it'll be great,