/wt/ watch thread, vintage digitals edition

This thread is about the appreciation of horology, as well as the micro-engineering and materials engineering that are required to make a fine watch, clock, or other timepiece.

>Required viewing for new people:

>Used watch guide:

>Strap guide:

>Watch essentials 102:

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First for

Let's do this.

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I got a vintage Soy care package today, pics will come later.

Fuck me dead, you did it first.
Though I will still do the same when I get mine.

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Is this a bot?

They used to, but they moved to elabore which they upgraded like a madman than back to top, nowadays it's random what you get in a 556. But some dudes say they would prefer the upgraded elabore because it's more accurate.

just filter it

Propably solarman, just ignore it.

post feet

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I wonder if it's possible to make a Venus-rated watch. Pressure requirement should be a bit under 1000m WR, so that's definitely doable, but surface temperature is going to be about 460°C, which means traditional gaskets will be destroyed, steel parts will heat way beyond the temperature for bluing, and springs will completely lose their tension. For quartz watches electronics will burn, plastics will melt, soldering will melt (even the melting point of silver solder is around the surface Venus temperature) and probably a lot of other nasty shit.

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Nice. How much was it again?

Why would you say that?

The volume of posting is the same.

Anyone got a skx013? mind posting pictures?
Is it comically thick? Looking for a smallish diver but since the 013 has the same thickness as 007 I'm worried it will look too thick.

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Why do spammers like that exist? It's not funny in the slightest, the only thing that posts like that do is ruin the general. Really bizarre behavior

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>the only thing that posts like that do is ruin the general
That's the point of a shitpost.
Now just report it, and move on.

i think you know the answer user

That's actually quite a nice looking citizen, post more?

Lol wristlet.
Just get the 007.

Not me

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Atleast your content is more sophisticated and you bait newbs to buy these things.

Thank you I was actually offended at the implication

Yeah, this nubile shitposter makes me appreciate windyknob now.

Yes, if you throw enough money at it? I mean the Soviets built landers that could eventually survive up to two hours.

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You would still need some protective suit to wear it on, unless you just want to drop it in there

Here's mine.
I just took a picture with my phone. Sorry for the poor quality.

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can you think of any materials that can withstand those temperatures while still take on the function of every component of a watch?

Will wearing your automatic watches while golfing fuck up their movements?
Went golfing with a few higher ups last weekend and a few of them of were wearing nice watches.
I know they have money but still.

Only if you fuck up the swing or hit something hard to cause sufficient shock. Most mid tier movements will even have sufficient shock resistance to be fine with playing golf.

Forgive me my rudeness, you are the hero we deserve.

>you will never take a digital casino watch face and all the internals and put it in the Shell of your real but broken watch after gutting all the mechanics out

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good taste

Sorry about the shit photo, it's hard to take a good one it an ipad in low light.

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> Vintage digital edition

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Lets play a game.
ID on watch.

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Hamilton khaki ?

How do you like my NOMOS collection?

Looks great user, one on the left is by favorite

loving it pal

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Motherfucking nomos.

>Hamilton khaki
Damn that was fast

How small is your wrist? i thought nomos made small watches?
Is it because of the lens?

Maybe pick either a worse picture or a different actor, we know House wears a Khaki.

Thank you

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Somehow this gets routinely deleted. Solar shitposting for MONTHS? Absolutely nothing.

Plot twist
Solarman is the /wt/ janitor

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Here's the fresh arrival.
Lighting is shit, I'll take better pics during daylight.

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His posts are constructive though

Fucking wristlets, if you have a man's wrist it looks okay.

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I wish mine looked as nice as yours. I got mine on a used auction from ebay for 55 dollars.

Damn, mine was 23 € with 16 € mail.
Listing was all french and I found it pretty much accidentally.
The only fault is that the piezo is not working, but I never use it anyways, I disabled it on the a158 I have.

I guess that happens a lot because my light doesn't work either.

My grandfather bought this Swatch for 1$ in 1989. It's still running and he still wears it occasionally. The strap broke multiple times, so he glued some random one on as a fix. He's a real handyman.

It's probably doable If we put an oil-filled watch that's built like a tank in something like pic related, it would work, I bet.
Weakest point would be the dial side.

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just filter them my brother

forgot pic

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phuck me dead

what did he mean by this ?

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You could check the connections and/or try SMD soldering a new led if it's broken.
It should be a relatively easy task if you know how to do it, but obviously you risk killing the module.

>so minimalist it doesn't actually exist
pretty meta/10

the button is permanently depressed and the light isn't on but the battery still works. So I'll see if a jewler can fix it because I don't have the right tools.

Man if I had his millions I’d be wearing a much nicer watch than a khaki.

Maybe he just likes it as a daily beater?

Cool, this thread is making me wanna a new watch already fug

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Wait, if I stop watching porn I get money and can finally buy watches?

Has anyone heard of AVI-8? I’ve been looking at some watches but I don’t want to pull the trigger on one. I’ve seen mixed reviews on them and I’m having a hard time tracking to where they’re made.

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I would wear that.

this pic reminds me, I have to get a better bracelet for my bagelmeme.

So what is a good brand for a noob t get into? Tell me about these seikos I keep seeing on threads? What makes a good watch?

Yeah, I usually wear it on a perlon, don't see the point of buying a bracelet since it would cost more than the watch. Not that I expected it to still be working after 3 years.

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What is the deepest rated dive watch that's still not too large or heavy for everyday wear?

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Looks really really nice. What's the model??

I've been keeping an eye out for old casiotrons on ebay. They can go for under $50 if suuupper lucky

So a thermocompensated, oil filled Casio F91W made out of iridium or tungsten.
Display and PCB made of synthetic diamond with tungsten traces. Radioactive diamond battery for power. To hell with the strap, make it magnetic to stick on the outside of a pressure suit wherever is convenient.

besides some divers seikos are trash, even the grand seikos

Basically, but the magnetic solution to replace the straps won't work, because magnets don't work over 80 C

Watches aren't worth buying unless it's at least 3k.
That's a cutoff point for a shitter.

This catalog is really nice

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Threadly anime watch

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>not uploading an image to an imageboard
are you from reddit?

basically everything with a seiko 5 is glorified mass produced trash

I've been on Jow Forums for 12 years and I've seen more people use file names than images desu

Also I don't think someone would go to reddit and back or come from there to Jow Forums in the first place when there is nothing but a plague of annoying dumb useless faggots like you on every board.

I don't know why I'm even still here, Im guessing muscle memory typing Jow Forums more than anything

Every time someone mentions the sinn 104 or 556, someone else is quick to point out that it doesn't come with Sinn's proprietary technology.

What does this mean tho? When I looked it up briefly I found something about case hardening and some gas escape valve (I may be getting confused with something else on that one)

which watches have this technology?

>Being so new you don't even realize people have been writing the name of the image on the expectation you would recognize which image it is by name since before plebbit even existed

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>vintage digitals edition
Does this count as vintage?

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It counts as a piece of shit.

you replied me because you are one of those glorified seiko 5 users

want me to post the "technologies" from the catalogue ?
they have:
>dehumidifying (very expensive meme)
>lubrication free anchor escapement
>oil-filled meme
>magnetic field protection
>temperature resistance
>tegimented steal
>SUG cases
>meme pvd coating
>meme bezel
>testaf, dnv gl standards

And there are other "technologies" not worthy of mentioning, but those are included within every sinn (556, 104 too)
Those are:
>sinn's special oil in the movement
>some secret stuff they do with the etas
>low pressure resistance
>better heat resistance than other watches in the same league
>their stainless steal is kinda good too

I would honestly wear that. Not joking at all

I'm one of those glorified use-my-iphone users

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