Is Microsoft Edge good?

Is Microsoft Edge good?

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No, after all this time it's still full of bugs. Piece of shit.


No its usual microsoft shit
They backed it very hard a year or two ago and it started promising, but all support is gone now

Yeah, if you like botnets.

Good for porn, nothing else though.

I'm trying it now. It feels pretty smooth, but I'd have to get used to the differences from Chrome. Also the SiriusXM website works for Edge. For some reason it's totally busted with Chrome.

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It's good for downloading firefox.

It is quite nice to use for a while but I keep coming across too many broken websites using Edge. Far too often to use without rage quitting. If you rage quit a fucking web browser you know somethings wrong.

>is [proprietary program] made by [untrustworthy corporation] good?
no fuck off

Vivaldi > Edge

Windows isn't even good.

It's better than explorer anyway. Most sites load slow and some done even display properly now.

It's actually not bad on Android. Complete dogshit on a workstation though

My favorite part is how it's baked into the os, so shit like webm will only work depending on the os version.

Fuck no. It's slow as shit.

Does it support CSS filters yet?

Edge is actually one of the best epub readers I've ever tried. It's so fucking impressive how smooth and well design it is that I keep it just for that now a days

>watching netflix on edge
>5% cpu usage
>watching on firefox
what did they mean by this?

Go home micro-fags.
Your new marketing tactics will not work here.

Have you really not heard about Micro$ofts deal with Netflix? Netflix works best with Edge by design.
>using a browser to watch Netflix

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I don't know what microsoft edgy is or does, sorry.

It's good if you don't like extensions.

Seriously, feels like mud and glitches out constantly whenever I use uBlock Origin


> thinking there is only jewgle and microshit
> being this out of touch

I like it, but it has shit bookmark management (and no I'm not going to use a botnet for that).
Also it's not open source, so I have to support Firefox by default (which happens to have excellent bookmark management).
If they open sourced it and Firefox died off, I would use it over Chrome because I like Microsoft better than Google.


Bit buggy though

I like the tab saving feature where it stores tab under HDD to resume on RAM when you like

Yes is very good, ignore the memers

>shit extension support
>shit customization
>shit for privacy

Web dev here.
It sucks. It's not terrible, but it's not great.
Edge support for new CSS features and ES6 JavaScript were bad for a while (hence you see many broken sites, especially if they are modern sites) but have gotten a bit better recently. But it's still not great. And the developer tools are just as shitty (literally the same) as IE11.

>tldr: It's better than IE11 and Safari 10, but worse than FF and Chrome.

In terms of best to shit:
FireFox/Chrome --> Edge/Safari11 --> IE11/others

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It's much better than IE was, but then again I only use Edge to download chrome on new systems, and that was before I started using ninite

It's not that bad
Far from the competitors, but still achieve to do the job
Plus, it will be more integrated to Explorer (the DE/File Manager) in a near future

Yeah it's actually really decent. Just get some ad blockers going and make sure windows settings has spell checking enabled otherwise youll wonder why edge ain't doing it. Been using it ever since FireCucks started breaking pages, after a couple loads youd see a bit of background and formatting most images would be gone but on mouse over would temp display but in a completely broken formatting.

fuck it went to edge, works good and i get my microsoft cuckbucks, xbox live is free well into 2019 and im coming up on enough points to push it into 2020, either that or ill get amazon gift cards and get that Xoom digital audio recorder I got my eye on.

It uses a better scroll API so I like how smooth it feels but overall I'd say no, not as good as chromium and Firefox.

It even fucks that shit up.

"Are you SURE you want to stop using our glorious browser?

How about now?

We're just going to hijack your internet links from other programs despite not being your default browser, because you obviously meant "edge" when you switched from "edge" to "literally anything else dear god WHY???""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""

The only use I found for it is to view PDF files. Actually pretty good at it.

Know what's even better? An actual pdf reader, genius.

Only on touch screen

It's literally the best browser on Windows to find other browsers with.

shit webm support

No, has the same rendering bugs as IE

eh, not that guy but the pdf reader is pretty fast. Epub support too is also pretty neat.
Tbh I have to say its the best no frills epub reader i've used, use calibre for management but edge for reading whenever im in windoze.

It's unironically very fast on my laptop compared to Firefox or Chome

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What do you watch Netflix on?

Fast, but no features. Even ublock is broken on it. Also requires botnet OS.