Unless you're using a fork of this browser (Palemoon, Waterfox, etc), you should be shilling this to the normies daily

Unless you're using a fork of this browser (Palemoon, Waterfox, etc), you should be shilling this to the normies daily.

Regardless of how you feel about Mozilla, you surely can see the problem with Google holding 90% of the browser market, right? If a web browser is the most used program on anyone's computer, it might as well be FOSS

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>it might as well be FOSS
You mean like Chrome? :^)

I will happily shill it when they fix this shit

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>Having control is bad

reminder that Mozilla is in bed with the G and FF is just a ploy to play antitrust laws


I prefer Microsoft Edge.

> using windoesn't
install gentoo

>having control over how loud each tab can get is bad

I'm a Chrome developer at Google. Let me try to explain how it works.

We really believe in open-source. Chrome is probably the most open product that Google works on. It's not only open-source, it's completely developed in the open - you can follow the code reviews and developer discussion as we're working on it. You can watch bugs as they're filed, including many planning bugs that hint at future features.

There are just a couple of reasons why all of Chrome isn't open-source. Here they are:

(1) Some important components of Chrome aren't available under an open-source license. Some examples include some audio and video codecs, the PDF reader, and Flash. There are a few more - and those explain some of the differences you get in benchmarks.

It sucks that these things aren't open-source. Let me take PDF as an example. The Chrome team evaluated dozens of options for PDF readers, including open-source ones. We compared speed, stability, features, and compatibility with the wide variety of PDF files on the Internet. The one we picked may not be perfect, but it blows away anything open-source by a long shot. That's unfortunate, but it's the reality. Building a high-quality PDF reader is a lot of work, and for the time being it makes more sense for Chrome to license the best commercial PDF plug-in we could find, rather than to ship a sub-bar open-source one.

If someone were to release an open-source PDF reader tomorrow that was just as good as the one that ships with Chrome (it'd have to be almost as fast, and highly compatible with real-world PDFs), we'd be totally open to switching.

The same is true for many other codecs. If the best commercial one is way better than the open-source ones, it makes sense to include the good ones in Chrome.

(2) The other parts of Chrome that aren't open-source are the parts that relate to auto-update, crash reporting to Google, and things like that.

We believe that for the vast majority of users, it's way better to have Chrome update automatically and silently. Obviously this only works if you're using an "official" version of Chrome, not one somebody else compiled from source.

It doesn't make sense to put all of the auto-update and crash reporting into the open-source part of the code, because it would be counterproductive for that code to execute in someone else's open-source build. If somebody else compiled their own version of Chromium and it then "updated" itself to Google Chrome, clearly that's not what the user wanted. If it crashes, the bug report is useless to Google because we don't know what they modified.

Probably 95% of the developers at Google who work on Chrome just work on the Chromium codebase. There are a tiny number of people who occasionally work on the small parts of the code that differ between Chrome and Chromium. For the most part we just work on one codebase and the only distinction is that Google Chrome is the version that gets released, while Chromium is the one that contains all of the public source code.

There's nobody who works on anything for Chromium that isn't going to ship in Google Chrome.

And there's nobody who works on Google Chrome who is deliberately building features that won't go into Chromium to keep it secret. We only do so when it's impossible to open-source (usually when the code is licensed), or when it just doesn't make sense (like for the update and crash reporting).

There are rumors that Google Chrome spies on you and Chromium doesn't. That's ridiculous. Neither of them spy on you, but the options that send data to Google or other sites (for example, search suggestions while you type in the omnibox) exist in both versions, and in both versions, you can turn those off in the Privacy settings dialog. If you don't believe me, you can just monitor your network traffic with those setting on and then off and see that all of that extra traffic disappears. It's all within your control.

It's not even per tab it's per process and you have no fucking idea which one is which

>There are rumors that Google Chrome spies on you and Chromium doesn't. That's ridiculous. Neither of them spy on you
>Neither of them spy on you

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Why I no longer use Firefox Quantum, been a FF user since my first PC 15 years ago.

The more used plugin "Session manager" no longer has support in Quantum. And the other session savers/restorers are shit, I tried all the top rated ones.

Couldn't deal without my most precious plugin. So I switched to Chrome and use "Session Buddy" which acts as a nice replacement.

Did Damore do nothing wrong?

WebP support when???

Am I the only one who is experiencing some issues with FF for some time?
Shit uses up all the memory until the process fucking dies.

Unrelated question but how's moot doing google developer?


I had that same problem when I first downloaded FF (54). Especially if I kept it open for a few days. It would start getting black and white rectangles everywhere. I just updated to the most recent version of Firefox and so far it's working for me.

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I had problems before 54, it got a bitch better.
At least he browser isn't lagging anymore but still if I let a normal firefox session run (~20tabs), it will die within the day

Previous owner of this site. He now works at Google

What a coincidence, used FF back in 00's, obviously, and gave it a go for a day yesterday, it had problems opening some videos, images, general ui bugs, in a fucking day it made me disgusted, and if you want to sync with your android phone, you'd have to use a browser that's even worse than it's desktop counterpart.

Ah, that guy. He works on data analysis on few sites but mainly from this one. He is weird though; always wearing some sort of pink diapers and ballerina skirts. We call him Mooch. He likes that for some reason.

Was he brought in because we're too autistic for bot analysis?

>We believe that for the vast majority of users, it's way better to have Chrome update automatically and silently.


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He requested that job. He was very specific.
Well? Opt out then. The entire code is there for you to mangle it.

>caring about normalfags
you need to go back.

>Building a high-quality PDF reader is a lot of work

I'm not a programmer, but it's a fucking reader? How complex can it be?

>Google holding 90% of the browser market
There is a reason for that you know.

>b-but use shit because muh botnet
Way to become a failure in a miniscule time that's a human life.

>It's not only open-source, it's completely developed in the open.
>There are just a couple of reasons why all of Chrome isn't open-source.
Fuck off jewgle shill. Chrome is too intrusive. Privacy isn't even an option with chrome.

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>tfw using a fork

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>data analysis
go on..

I'm glad to hear he's happy. Tell him I said hi and not to be stranger, he's always welcome in this shithole.

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>you should be shilling this to the normies daily.
Sure will.

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Proudly using Windows + Chrome here

Mozilla can just suck my dick. I will never ever use their product again after that Mr. Robot ads fiasco.

I never got it. I don't use default settings though.

They picked it randomly, but the thing is they have the power to control your browser. Not even botnet chrom* do this.

So much ignorance. This could have all been avoided in firefox if you actually cared about privacy.

If Mozilla cared about the privacy, they would never pull that shit and it should be out of the box without I tweaked that shit.
I'm currently on waterfox.

They do, thats why they allow you to do anything with the browser and have taken up privacy initiatives. They also care about catering to normies and getting funding.

Yeah and that's why the fiasco happened at random users, and you need to tweak it on about:config to exclude you from the "research."
I wont buy that shit.

I don't buy that those users properly configured their shit

I hate that newer versions of Firefox seem to deprioritize keyboard shortcuts. I used to be able to open up settings and change any options with a few keystrokes, but I can't do that anymore with Quantum.

and Chrome/Chromium is worse from the few times I've used it on other people's machines

Firefox fucked up when they ruined the only reason to use the browser in the first place: extensions and complete control over settings.

The last good version was 6 - the last usable version was 42.

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>That's ridiculous. Neither of them spy on you

I also work at Google and I find this claim difficult to believe. I'm not a Chrome developer so I could be mistaken, but from what I've seen, chromium/src is so big that nobody could possibly audit the whole thing and know for sure that it doesn't spy on you. There are so many different subteams working on Chrome that unless you're director level, you probably don't have insight into what they're all doing, which means at some level you're taking somebody's word for it. Plus we collect a ton of telemetry about user's computers, operating systems, etc. that I find it hard to believe we aren't collecting anything about their actual usage of the browser.

I will agree that src-internal is relatively small by comparison. It's certainly true that Google is committed to open source, at least for Chrome.

What's the recommended ad blocker for Firefox Quantum? uBlock Origin says it's not supported in Quantum.

I use qutebrowser now

You didn't even bother looking. Gorhill updated it a while back.


What about ESR?

This user speaks the truth. Remember Firefox 28? I miss that browser..

Gib me back my extensions you fucks
56 till the day I die

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Who is this nerdy kid I keep seeing?

if you're at google, give me an ID for a commit you've made (gerrit, not sha).

Google Chrome is not an open source product. Chromium is.

Palemoon has it's issues though, huge memory leaks for open amazon and ebay tabs, I use it, I use Chromium and Vivaldi too.

It depends on what you mean by "spy" on you. we make it really clear that all builds of Google Chrome collect information in tiers; canary collects a lot of info, beta a bit less, and release very little.

we definitely do de-personalize it thought, ive looked through the data that comes back in ukm.

moot is a PM, not a dev. i think he does something with maps?


Reminder that Firefox devs are retarded.

Remind me why Chrome keeps on asking for fullscreen and why they got rid of the option on a site by site basis to allow it? It's fucking annoying.

It's an old pasta.

i don't
linux version looked like crap

Tabs ARE processes, retard.

>bland xfce theme
most things on linux back then looked bad

>current year

Get sick of ass cancer tamblerina, die in oyur own shit.

>Goyzilla Firefucks

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The core problem is that the largest ad company on the planet is also in control of the most popular web browser.
Most of Chrome being open source doesn't make it any better.

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Enjoy your developer-approved ads lmao

>mozilla censors free speech
>is "free" open source software

>mozilla is software
The things you can read on Jow Forums

mozzarella foxfire is my computer

firefox UX feels like eating from the floor, compared to this glorious botnet. mozilla has never been great with interface design t.b.h.

t. firefox user

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looks exactly the same desu

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Reviewbrah, the report of the week

>you have no fucking idea which one is which

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You're not wrong, but if you don't like it, you can change it.

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what has xfce to do with anything







>you have no fucking idea which one is which

Why not, I don't know, use your ears?

last time I checked the build instructions were something like, you need 32 GB RAM, 100+ GB disk, and literally pipe some 'build_deps.sh' to sudo

Oh, and there is a separate section for google developers btw.

you are retarded, see, Facebook made it clear they will spy on you, but a fucking popup is not informed consent so that the software can do whatever it wants.