What's the best plug? Doesn't matter what it's for as long as the connector itself is good

What's the best plug? Doesn't matter what it's for as long as the connector itself is good.

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This beauty right here.

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MicroUSB 3.0

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1/4 inch stereo plug, obviously.

i get moist everytime i shove my thick gold jack into my amp and hear the 'click'

PE connectors

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Any butt plug that has a snug fit is best plug.

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The only downside is Neutrik being jew

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It's really handy once you realise that the MicroUSB 2.0 also fits. I would actually prefer it over USB C that phones have nowadays

Only if it's TRS stereo, and even then XLR is clearly the choice for audio (and DMX lighting).

If we're talking monitors I like DisplayPort.


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USB type c. Fuckin boomer proof. Plugs in either way and has very good transfer speeds.

unironically this

even if it's not the "best" but it will always be my favourite

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But you made this thread, OP.

That's not what the question asks


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This one

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Well, it'd be a shame if you had a connector which wouldn't stop sliding out of its socket.


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dat contact surface.

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Type C is too flimsy, and also expensive, to be perfect tier

>When you push it in

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came here for this

that's why the type c end goes to things like drives and phones. And the more solid end goes to the tower or whatever.

Uh yeah, ok. How about you pick one?

USB C made for durability

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This beauty

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And before anyone asks, no it's not DVI

is that dvi?

The clicking gets me hard every time

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this looks pretty retarded to me


>hurts your fingers
heh, nothing personal kid

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Is it DVI?

More importantly, is it DVI Male, Female or Trans?


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Literally kill yourself

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Mini VGA

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Seriously, the lightning connector.

Has a satisfying click, holds on tight enough but not TOO tight, is reversible, doesn't have weak point that Type C connectors have, nor is it prone to warping like lower-cost stamp connector type c plugs are.

It's like, the best designed connector ever made. And it can do USB 3 too.

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Fuck DMS-59

I wish USB C connectors were constructed similarly. I'm worried that over time the "blade" on the charging port in my phone is going to wear out or break.

these are worse than usbs for me

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I've seen it happen before, all it takes is one bad tug. Ahd since these portable devices only have it as its one port in some cases, you are fucked.

This is one of the reasons I hope Apple continues using lightning. It can do USB 3 through the connector just fine, so why mess with success?

not to mention that it's extremely difficult to replace charging ports on phones these days...

Hell, even Apple makes the process doable. Though technically not user serviceable, ever device with a lightning connector has the connector on a separate ribbon cable/mini-board, so if the connector were to get ruined, it could be replaced by replacing just one component without desoldering or overly complicated surgery.

Gotta give them credit at times, and this is one of those times.

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My 3rd gen Moto G had its micro-USB connector on a separate board that was accessible by popping off the back cover and then removing a smaller cover held on by 3 screws. I was impressed at how easy it was.

My current phone though.. I'm not sure if I'd even be able to get it apart myself without breaking something.

It's a bit small, though.


Tos me DAT link, brudda

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I don't like Apple products but magsafe and lightning. If usb c signaling was in the form of lightning it would be goat. Or if magsafe style connectors were used with usb signaling that would be great.

Exactly these.

I don't understand why they can't just make that part out of metal so it stops doing that other than it's a way to sell more RJ45 connectors. If you're cheap you can still use them and just hope friction keeps it in.

Good connector, but that housing is shit. Pic related for a good housing design, less screws to lose and holds up better.

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I'm really surprised it took so long for someone to post it


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Aliexpress really sells everything

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You can buy magnetic adapters for usb

XLR-sized RJ45 exists (ethercon), but I never saw them anywhere else than in live audio/light equipment

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weird lamp

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I really like HDMI's. Simple, easy, wide enough to give stability.

I am rock fucking hard, thanks


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Holy shit that's hot.

I came

i feel futuristic every time i use one
single plug here we come

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this is fucking scary

Must admit, that is sato to plug in.

After you've rotated it and plugged it in the wrong way for 20 minutes first...

this is true, atleast one thing Apple designed right. Too bad that connector is at the end of a shitty cable.

>iPhones still only have USB 2.0 data transfer

Is that a snake

Make way for the REAL cable.

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It's both.

audio jacks can do this since decades
and even when inserted...

The only connector approved by god

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Do you mean Temple OS?

Also fuck those boat anchors.

Snug Type-C's
Snug 3.5mm's
PCI-e x16 slots

Nah it's shit. I am on third one with my external HDD. Not to mention I'm constantly spooked by the vision of braking off destroying the port and fucking whole disk up. It's huge, long and thin. It's basically crowbar waiting to snap.
Never dealt with usb C but they're probably much better.

>Reversible type A
Wow, nice, but actually having reversible port would be even better.


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except they didnt design it.
They paid someone else to do it.

With guitar and synths, 1/4" mono is still king (with exceptions of course). For recording (mics, DI, etc, anything going to a desk or interface), yes XLR is indeed superior.