Break the law

>break the law
>get caught by the feds
>can't handle the consequences
>commit suicide
What did Aaron Swartz mean by this?

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There is no such thing as "breaking" an unfair law. The consequences were also unfair, and it's his life to decide.

>gets arrested for suspicion of intent to publish public data
what did feds meant by this?

>>commit suicide
wasn't that an inside job ?

MIT niggers killed him.

He was a pussy

depressive shit fuck loser

I still don't understand what he did wrong.

This happens when you don't hide your face, while hacking.

Please next time post some sort of tldr.
>worked on reddit
>worked with wiki
>found dead

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>an unfair law
It wasn't for him to decide if it was unfair or not.

Academic journals are not public data and aren't free to view.

>offered 6 month deal on a potential 35 year criminal charge
>ends up necking himself when the prosecution refuses his counter offer
What a retard.

MIT had dropped the charges against him. It was Federal prosecutors who wanted to make an example of him and charged him with the most extreme charges. Besides, how do we know that someone didn't just kill him and then make it look like a suicide in order to make him look like a pussy?

how do you know he wasn't a pussy?

Why in the fuck would they kill him when they had him for 35 years in the slammer, you fucking retard? He knew this and killed himself.

Meanwhile downloading music and movies.

>35 year criminal charge
Land of the free, where the judges implies, a human can live several centuries.

>blacks do 30 years in maximum security prisons for crimes they don't commit
>white guy faces 6 months in a country club for a crime he did commit and kills himself
M...master race, right guys?

>the judges implies, a human can live several centuries.
Nobody implies that you autist.

it was a single mother who betrayed him , she testified against him. (he was in love with a single mother)
after that moment he then committed suicide.

he's still a legend doesn't matter what u think

"I'm a pussy."

6 months in jail is very doable. No need to an hero over that.

Nobody realises that he didn't kill himself, do they?

Sure, he was killed just like every other person who's charged with a crime. It's why we have the smallest prison population in the world.

There was literally no benefit to killing him. They had him good already. It's not like there was a possibility of getting acquitted.

kek I don't understand these meme pictures and I don't know where I am but do you think corgi is better or bulldog?

>break the law
>got murdered by the feds
>stupid fucks on Jow Forums thinks he commited suicide


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All he had to do was 6 months in jail, 100% guarantee it would have been less too. Wtf

IIRC it was the felon status that he had issues with, not the length of the sentence.

Yeah wtf.

What was he trying to do with the downloaded JSTOR stuff anyways?

Jefferson disagrees

boot licking stations over there
and thx for your cervix

He had written reports before that used massive pools of research and academic resources so it may have been for something similar. Alternatvely it is possible he was going to release it all publically, this is also likely as he had expressed view impling he thinks all info should be free and that JSTOR was operating in an illegal manner.

Ah I figured it was some real hippy shit

You should show solidarity with Swartz and neck yourself as well.

Meanwhile in yurop, lèse-majesté and “””hate speech””” are illegal. Highest living standards indeed.

Underrated. He would have been reduced to a common criminal because of that. The way felons are treated in the US is appalling.

It means that he was a pussy kike that took the chickenshit way out because he feared prison rape by the aryan brotherhood.

>MIT had dropped the charges against him. It was Federal prosecutors who wanted to make an example of him

Because he was still a criminal.

Imagine actually being soft on convicted felons. You're a goddamn moron.

The problem with felons is that they reoffend because they are unwanted in society. Imagine being so much of a goddamn moron that you want criminals to stay criminals rather than reforming. This doesn’t even address the issue of why hacking in most instances is a felony or requires such severe penalties.

>all aaron did was make a Python script to pull papers from a site that didn't properly secure them
>Forced aaron into courtrooms literally sun rise to sun fall, on whatever bs they can

He is a criminal, but them "making an example out of him" was over board by 1000.

violating an unjust and illegitimate law is no crime.


Tell that to the judge, bucko.

A man died over breaking into JSTOR's knowledge hoard.


>With enough of us, around the world, we'll not just send a strong message opposing the
privatization of knowledge — we'll make it a thing of the past. Will you join us?
What did he mean by this?

JSTOR (and many others) is basically the privatisation of knowledge, or at least rent-seeking on it.
This case and related shenanigans are what pushed open access journals and self-publishing by universities.

A lot of the journal databases like JSTOR won't let people offer their paper for free and then charge everyone else to read it, and usually the author is either paying to publish the paper or giving up publishing rights in it. And they do unpaid editing/reviewing for the journal too.

There's a lot of bullshit by journal publishers and they deserved a kick in the nads.

>Stealing the product of other people's efforts is no crime
kys retard

JSTOR put the effort and capital into developing their system and collecting all that data. He tried to steal it and give it away for free. Nothing stopped him from creating a similar system on his own, instead of stealing it. He got what he deserved.

>get caught by the feds

You should wipe that polish off your lips buddy

>suspicion of intent
>plausible aliby
>wasnt going to get acquited
whatever you say man

>creates le reddit
>shill for free and open internet
>against censorship
>gets (((clinton'ed)))
really makes you think

I bet you think blocking ads is a crime as well
>current state of nu-Jow Forums
kys faggot!

He didn't kill himself

that's why it's a wtf, he was murdered

this, he was going to be barred from using a computer ever again

his millennial soyboy mentality kicked in an he sperged out


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>hacks into private academic journals
>gets the runaround in a kangaroo court
>gets suicided by CIA

I wonder what he saw in those journals.

hes a soyboy hacktivist, probably had Stallman on his wall who did similar shit during his days at college until he was kicked out and forced to start up his own cult of followers who listen to him autistically ramble on while applying foot creme as someone is sitting right next to him interviewing him

>>can't handle the consequences
how do you know he couldn't handle them? he never faced them he decided suicide was his best option

> Because he was still a criminal.
If the injured party doesn’t want to press charges, the case should be dropped, period. He “stole” documents from an educational institution, not beat and rape a woman.

he didn't steal it, he had legitimate access and as he was enrolled in MIT he was allowed to download the papers he wanted, he literally just automated it and tried to download everything

>federal prosecutors filed a superseding indictment adding nine more felony counts, which increased Swartz's maximum criminal exposure to 50 years of imprisonment and $1 million in fines.
Did the guy commit mass murder or something?

>plausible aliby
What fantasy land are you living in currently? Because it sure as hell isn't this reality.

They guy proved himself to be mentally unwell through his blogs which you are free to browse and most notably through his burnout at Reddit. Who the fuck turns down that much equity in a Ycombinator backed startup because you are "bored". You have to be fucking insane.

JSTOR is operating on a illegal manner, it's funded through public funds and most of the research published is funded through public funds as well

Why is he using ubuntu?

JSTOR didn't do that, it was built through pubic funds and even worse they feed on the effort and research of scientists, as every academic publisher out there they are legitimate kikes

He was just copying data, no data were lost.

btfo to poll faggot

Say whatever you want about Stallman but the vast majority of infrastructure that relies on computers and servers have GPL'd code on them, and use at the very least some GNU software

The law was fair.

They weren't public.

>blacks do 30 years in maximum security prisons for crimes they don't commit
Those niggers commit those crimes.

What a whore

Temple is has no connectivity

>spend tons of taxpayer money on universities
>don't have access to the product they make from your investment

What's the point of publicly funded universities if they aren't going to advance and propagate human knowledge?

>a sentence that is typical for murderers is fair for hackers who’ve caused no damage
Fucking bootlicker.

Not all universities are public-funded.

MIT is private but they likely receive government money in the form of Pell grants, as well as the research funding they receive.

It's been proven to work in civilized nations. How are ex-convicts going to make their living if they can't get a job?

>barred from using a computer ever again
lolwat. Does that apply to cellphones, TVs, gaming consoles etc? How are they even able to enforce that? Better yet, how does the clapistan gubement expect for a person to make living if he can't use a computer? Why would an employer take that handicapped person over anyone else? Even the most grass root companies use online calendars for their schedules. You can't really even start your own business unless you have someone else to do the accounting, emails, marketing etc.

>Corrupt police officer plants illegal substance on you to prove your attempt of substance abuse because normal citizen don't walk around with large amounts of cash on them even if they are about to buy a new car
>Money confiscated
>The public defender doesn't have time to even spit to the direction of your case
>Settle for X years
many such cases

His suicide wasn't related to his legal troubles at all. Aaron knew what was coming for us all, and he knew he couldn't stop it. He got out while the getting was good.

>how does the clapistan gubement expect for a person to make living if he can't use a computer?
Let me give you a hint: They don't.

>nigger is nigger
>commits crime
>gets locked up
many such cases


>this retard still doesn't realise that the worst crime you could ever commit is stealing from the big dogs, they will fuck you over

>Swartz's maximum
That's the heftiest charges the court could lay against him. Whether they would've or not is entirely dependant on his defense, the plaintiff's prosecution, and the judge's and jury's outlook on the matter. I don't know how the court battle went, it's been a long time since I read about it. I doubt they hit him with the max sentence.
And you don't see a problem with that?

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Haha no, murderers get like 5 years max security in a federal.

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A common response to injustices is an inversion of logic, to say something happened so it was the right thing to happen. It's sad, but the pain of seeing injustice is often too much to bear.

he/she/it (whatever they referred to themselves as) they were weak.

He collected and shared scientific papers, they made an example out of him.

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>bootlicking literal MIT niggers
how low has this board fallen

The real reason he killed himself is he didn't want to get blamed for how reddit destroyed discourse on the internet and aided in the destruction of reasonable politics.