What's it like working at google?

what's it like working at google?

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If it's anything like the pictures, I want no part in it. I want to work in a professional environment, a serious one. To signify that I successfully transitioned to adulthood. Not this manchild nonsense

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I come to work at 9am, get breakfast from the cafeteria, prepare my plans for the day, then head to the daily standup meeting at 9:30am. Everyone on my team takes 1-5 minutes to discuss their current work, then we sit down together and try to resolve any team-wide issues.

I have 1-3 other meetings in a day, perhaps including design reviews, a 1:1 with my manager, meetings with other teams related to my ongoing projects, company-wide and producr-area-wide meetings, etc.

At lunch I either eat in the cafeteria with my team, or head out to some of the nearby food trucks, often with a group of my coworkers, but sometimes alone.

I have maybe 30 minutes to 1.5 hours of down time in a day where I browse the internet or otherwise waste time. Many of my coworkers play video games for about 30 minutes after lunch, but I rarely participate (not that into games).

The rest of the time is spent coding, debugging, or writing documentation. I use mainly Java on my current team, and used mainly C++ on my previous team. We have lots of very nice internal tools which make work easier, and many of my coworkers are very smart with varied backgrounds in electronics & programming.

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lol. Just took this photo. If you think using the word "coding" means you aren't a real programmer, you're deluding yourself.

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pic rel probably.

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>literally taking a 30-40% paycut
>all because they added beanbag chairs and an arcade cabinet

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Would rather have a gym at work and 3 hours a week to spend on it

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they have a gym also

I literally just took that photo. You won't find it anywhere via reverse image search, and since that shelf has photos of everyone who has presented at a particular talk in the office, even if you found a similar photo of the same shelf online, it would have fewer portraits of my coworkers.



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Any worries about leaving traces of browsing Jow Forums?

No? No one cares what you do as long as you get your work done and attend meetings you are supposed to attend.

Looks like a break room, what's wrong with that?
I think a lot of companies start to have gyms and other shit so the wageslaves have less reasons to leave


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You probably got it from someone's social media that's set to private so only friends can see it

Name a section of the image you'd like me to take a new picture of, other than the portraits (I'm not going to post detailed photos of my coworkers here). I can include my hand holding up any number of fingers you name.

For some reason, I really feel like proving you wrong.

Just post a timestamp on crinkled sheet of paper.

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on a more serious note, what path did you take to get to google? It'd be comfy working at google but how did you get there?

>I want to work in a professional environment, a serious one. To signify that I successfully transitioned to adulthood. Not this manchild nonsense

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Google hired moot, I don't think they gaf


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Man coming from a trade into this computer programming world is easy.

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Wanna know how I know you're american?

What's moot doing there?

getting fucking paid, son

I've been programming since I was in middle school, and really got into it in high school, teaching myself theory and challenging myself to work on increasingly difficult problems. I did programming work most summers since my junior year in high school, first working for my high school to automate the laptop imaging and setup work they paid this IT firm to do in a really stupid way (manually imaging each machine with a BartPE live CD). My "big break" was in the summer of Junior year at college, when I got an internship at Facebook. The recruiter had seen my GitHub containing various data structures and algorithms work I did for tutoring the previous summer, and I passed the interview and got an internship. I did mainly research and optimization work on Facebook's Traffic team related to DNS. Literally hours after I posted Facebook to my LinkedIn I got a call from a Google recruiter. I studied harder before that interview than I ever had in my life, doing dynamic programming problems every day, no drugs/drinking for a month before, etc. I passed the interview relatively easily, and accepted an SRE position at Google. I later moved to the Portland office I'm currently at and switched teams to a SWE role on a user-facing product.

My main recommendation to you is to push yourself to learn, not just absorb what you are taught. By the time I was in college I was very far ahead of the majority of the class, and was able to breeze through all my CS and math classes, and use the free time to study more advanced topics and work on personal projects which I'm sure looked good on my resume.

There's more to say, but I should really be working.

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t. janitor at Google

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>I clean the toilets at Google
>don't know much about that coding stuff but it looks like fun!

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Are the SJWs as bad as everyone says?

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teaching AI shitposting

>the guy posting in this thread is actually moot

>taken on a Google pixel 2


No, not really. I've only run into one person in my four years at Google who has regularly, inappropriately brought their personal beliefs to work beyond what I consider acceptable professional behavior. I'm sure there are many more within the entire company, but as you might be able to guess by Google being simultaneously sued for discriminating against conservatives, whites, and men in one suit and against women, minorities, and LGBT in another, it really isn't clear cut.

For the most part, people tread very carefully when talking about touchy subjects. I will say that it's more acceptable to shit on conservatives than on liberals, without a doubt, but I think that's pretty much unavoidable given how the average Googler is liberal and most Google offices are in very liberal areas. I don't think it's really anything about Google so much as the cities with Google offices, and I've seen managers rightfully shut down that kind of disrespectful talk as inappropriate for work.

On whole, Google definitely leans left, but they're first and foremost a for-profit company. Judging from what I saw in the Damore suit documentation, I'm sure there are some bad actors in high places, but I've never personally run into anyone flagrantly posting derogatory comments or abusing their positions at Google. We do have diversity hiring initiatives, but from what I've seen on my team my manager tries to do it by expanding their candidate search pool to include more women and minorities, not by treating any applications differently. Of the last six people to be hired to the team I'm on, three were white men, one was an Asian man, and two were white women - all of them are very skilled and competent employees, and I have no doubt they were all hired on their merits.


ever lose sleep over aiding the botnet construction?

are you moot?

>don't go home, stay at your workplace XD

Occasionally, but honestly, though you might not believe it, working at Google has really increased my trust in the organization. I worked at Facebook in the past as well (as an intern) and even from that short period of time at Facebook, the difference is night and day. At Facebook, I was able to launch a data collection and analysis project which captured useragent and other PII from one tenth of all Facebook users in a week, as an intern, with only approval from my direct manager.

At Google, a similar project would be required to undergo a formal privacy review, I'd be required to justify every piece of information I collected, I'd have to specify how it would be stored, ACLed, read, queried, how long it would persist, etc. I used to work on the Logs team at Google as an SRE. The Logs team handles most of the creepiest data Google collects about you - every click record, ever request log, every search, etc. They don't store things like settings and emails, but almost everything that is an "event" of some sort goes through logs. Everyone took the job very seriously, and we had tons of privacy controls in place auditing all access to the data.

I find myself much more conflicted about the impact of "simple UIs" which hide important information from the user, such as where data is actually stored. These are prevalent in modern UI design, and understandably so, but I worry that it eases people into the idea that they shouldn't care about who has what data, how it is being sent and stored, and what that means for them.

No. I sent him a message once, a few weeks after he was hired, asking if he wanted to grab lunch while we were on the same campus. He didn't respond (unsurprisingly).

Interesting. I'm glad to hear they take things seriously, but I'd still be worried about unforeseen and current consequences of what's being done. But whatever, arms manufacturers and cigarette companies need employees too.

Go back to work, niggy

Oh fuck user, How you get this work ?

I pretty much answered this in
TLDR: Become good at programming, have a resume with projects and/or work experience, be able to hold a conversation, do well on the interview

wow an actual thread on Jow Forums that is somewhat informative and not a general.

in your previous post you effectively said that you needed to not only be good at programming but also have a proper experience to catch Google's attention. I would like to ask is it necessary to properly study computer science as well or would it be enough to have a degree in general and coding experience before sending in a resume

This is the commiefornia way. They suck you in by paying you high wages but then you are forced be at work for more than 8 or 9 hours a day and you have to do overtime and you don't get paid for it. I don't get paid as much as someone at Google but I only work 40 hours a week Monday through Thursday and then I go home and enjoy my time

> in your previous post you effectively said that you needed to not only be good at programming but also have a proper experience to catch Google's attention
> do I actually need to know computer science or can I just code and call it a day??

The absolute state of Jow Forums

Hey nerd I'm about to be your fuckin new coworker

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I'm getting a minor in CS

is it true that you need to make a very good case to the internal it department at google to use anything other than macs for your workstation?

I like how many people think it's insane working at some well known company like Google, desu it's the same shit as every other job, I don't doubt any of you could get hired if you tried
T. Blizzard employee

How's the rent in the area?

What time do you get to work and what time do you leave? Do you feel pressured/are you required to stay late? Can you speak to work/life balance in general?

What do you guys do at the PDX office anyway?

I almost always arrive by 9:30AM for my first meeting, and leave at around 5PM, almost always between 4PM and 6PM. I don't feel pressured to stay late. We have been explicitly offered overtime compensation when timelines are tight enough to justify it, though I haven't taken them up on the offer.

I've had very different experiences with regards to work/life balance between the two teams I've been on at Google. On the Logs team in Mountain View, the work/life balance was bad. First of all, I was an SRE on the 5-minute time-to-keyboard SLA Logs oncall rotation, which is a particularly stressful rotation because lost logs correspond 1:1 with lost money for Google. Even a minute of lost logs would justify a major post-mortem and would have the team investigating every aspect of the incident. Logs is also one of the oldest services inside Google, and has a huge, old, and disgusting C++ codebase, so most of my job felt much more like digging myself out from a hole than building anything.

Logs team also demanded I attend my first meeting of the day, an 8:30AM meeting, in person rather than by video, which required me to commute to work from SF during the highest-traffic time period, meaning I needed to wake up at 6:30AM to reliably get there on time. I'd then get home between around 7PM, completely beat after the 1.5 hour or more commute. I hardly felt like I lived in San Francisco sometimes - it felt more like I lived in my apartment, my office, and in the Google shuttle on my commute.

Moving to Portland and switching teams has made an immense difference in my quality of life. Working from home is allowed and everyone on the team does so regularly, if I have some responsibilities in the morning or evening I can arrive late or leave early and attend my meeting via video. The culture on this team, in this office, is far removed from that of Logs in Mountain View.

I purchased a house in Portland, less than half an hour drive from my office downtown, for $330k. I used to rent a studio apartment in SF for $2600 / month.

I don't think so. Macbooks are certainly the default, and most people use them, but you can definitely request a Pixelbook instead with no problems, and I've seen quite a few people using Windows on a Thinkpad. You might need to provide justification, I'm not certain.

I can tell you that I have coworkers with a variety of non-CS degrees, mostly EE / CE / Math, and that one of my coworkers transferred to eng from sales, and eventually ended up as an L5 SWE. All of these people had programming work experience before their current roles on this team, though. I think you'd be at a major disadvantage trying to get hired to a programming role without either a CS degree or real work experience - I'm not sure if personal projects would be enough without a CS degree.

It's the camera. Everything distorts close up with a phone.

moot at google, what did you do

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thats probably all moot has to do ever.

google is probably just paying to contain him so he does not accidentally create something that accidentally puts google out of business

Thanks for posting this thread, user. I figured as much. You were on such a high demand team, that I assumed your managers were ultra sticklers about arriving on time. Since time is money and shit crashes regularly and the first thing anyone does is query the logs.

I heard a from a friend that knew someone who worked on the voice team, as an intern, a few years back, and told him it was cake. I can only imagine how much pressure the adsense team faces every day.

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Btw, stop stealing our data with reCaptcha. You will get fucked like facebook.

More than likely Google is using him at least partly to datamine Jow Forums users.

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>Logs team handles most of the creepiest data Google collects about you - every click record, ever request log, every search,
any advice on how to regain or keep some personal privacy? [like no js?]

also does google have a bitcoin miner in their search results page now? my cpu spikes at max for some good 10-20s when the page is loading/loaded and it even can become unresponsive/freeze

Not to mention cost of living and taxes. A $80-90k job in Cali equates to barely scraping by unless you live in the hood, yet it's the starting salary for developers and analysts there like it is everywhere else. Might as well find some small firm in the Midwest and live like a king if you're gonna deal with that.

>tfw working at a big company is like daycare for adults

So cancerous.

Looks really comfy desu

What do you think about the subreddit Jow Forumsdegoogle? I created it and it has almost 4000 subscribers.

I would rather work from home.

And I do.

Do you work from home full time? And have you always?
I've been trying to think of some way to work part-time (or freelance) from home since I'm currently studying at Uni and could do with a decent income

I don't work. And it's from home too.

Even better.

If you have money yes that's the dream.

I work 3 days a week from 9 to 5, once in a while I go to the office and report my work but it's usually all okay. I have deadlines so as long as I meet them I can use my time the way I want.

Something like a Gulag designed for toddlers

Thanks for expanding
Sounds pretty comfy

If you wanna work part time you have to look for startups and really small companies, the only reason somebody would hire you part time is because they can't afford you full time. I have worked part time for years now while studying and the work isn't stressful at all and it's good money, you should go for it.

Isn't it better to start your own company? Why is every faggot dream to get a job in a big company?

Thanks user, any advice on how to find such companies? And what sort of requirements did you have? I don't have any official qualifications in cs but I know what I'm doing, if I need some certificates I could work on that during the summer and get some online

Meant to add, I do have qualifications in maths and physics if that helps, heard a lot of employers value maths qualifications quite highly even if the job is more computer science related

But I suppose even once you've started your own, you'll need some faggots below you that want to work for your big company

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Usually ex students put job offers near your school, look for that, those same small companies will usually give lectures at your school offering internships and jobs, they usually hire part-time. Or just apply to anything specifying you're only available a certain amount of hours.

About requirements, I was a CS student, that speaks for itself, it also helps to have a github and talk about your past projects and jobs. I met a guy who was a biologist and got hired as an intern doing programming, after he proved himself he was actually hired without ever studying CS.