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Geez how pathetic can you guys get. Keyboards. Fucking keyboards. Seriously do you guys have no lives

just no

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ok theses! theses are some good caps i think.

also these but a bit more expensive:

>not double shot
>good keycaps

>Seriously do you guys have no lives
These are two of my keyboards. You be the judge.

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PBT dyesubs > ABS doubleshots. I say this while typing on the latter.

Those retro keycaps look beautiful, but that shipping time tho. I'd say go for those, unless you want Japanese keycaps

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It really depends on what you buy. Some of the cheap Chinese dye-sub PBT ends up looking like fuzz after a week, while others stay sharp for decades

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they also have english version.
the retro look awesome, but the lower case... it bothers me 'just' a bit.

>buying overpriced chink shit
no thanks I'll just pay the extra money and get something from a reliable brand like SP, BSP or GMK

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>reliable brand like SP
Arguable. They do fix their fuckups when they happen, at least. I just wish BSP would do ergodox modifiers.

>reliable brand
that's a laugh
every single pbt set they've ever made has unusably warped keys and they keep forgetting to put keys in my orders so i have to email them for replacements


Should also add that it's practically unused, is this something that irons itself out over time?

what switches?


>Buying expensive keycaps for bad switches

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Any good low profile keyboard around?
Looking for an aesthetic KB with multimedia keys.

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Experimented a bit more and it happens to the other switches when I press down really hard as well
I think it may just be me being used to membrane for 20 years and pressing too hard

>getting this upset over people enjoying things

pic related, it's you

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What keyboard?


Can you help me out /mkg/ ? Browsed most of the websites for my region and couldn't really find anything that I like.

-RGB backlit [go ahead and laugh, I just want one]
-Metal frame or finish
-Cherry MX keys
-Programmable Keys

That's about it. Was looking to get something in white with black keys. Most of the keyboards I see with this are generally the same price if not more as mainstream brands. Is there something I'm missing? Could someone point me in the right direction?

also something with a minimalistic but distinct design. not anything gamer-y

YMD40 amj40 but from aliexpress

What's the verdict on Varmilo keycaps? Does Varmilo still produce keycaps for Leopold or did they fall out completely?

I need to go smaller.

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Between the Coolermaster masterkeys pro s or Ikbc mf87 which one is better? Which one should I get between the two? It’s my first mech so I just narrowed it down to these two because I can get them the fastest and they both fit what I need anyway.

IKBC MF108 checks all those boxes, just know that metal cases are expensive

My babies. Can’t use the Planck for shit.

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Ikbc seems to be better overall if you're willing to shell out the price difference. Keycaps are better, and an aluminum case is pretty great to have.

what does that even mean user?

I think I'm getting one of those HHKBs next tax return check desu.

I can’t type on the Planck.
Mainly because of the XDA blanks and it bring ortholinear. It’s really tricky to get used to.

Get the BT user. It’s worth the extra money. Also, don’t fall for the type-s meme.

Getting a full sized mech with speed silver switches, usb type c, programmable, n-key rollover, doubleshot pbt. Kinda excited.

cut paper sheets and put them vertically in between the keycaps, tell me if it works and post a pic (not tested)

Hmmm close but do you know of anything else I might like. I'd also like something with software to program the lights, or the functionality to.

Where to cop keycaps?

Is amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B01CDYB8AG any good?


Thinking about buying these keys for my KG64, you guys think they look any good?

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they're buypigs

Look at this commie here that hates it when people buy things they like.

GK64, not KG*

memeboards, no thanks

ur bottom row is fucked

I like that set, seen them on quite a few builds.

I’m liking this set, I’ve been pondering them for a while. Thought you might dig them. They’re the SA Calm Depths

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Does this set even fit? The GK64 needs a 2u shift

It's what happens when you buy chinkshit. I don't have a function keycap that'll fit. Flipped spacebar is a good meme though.

The 120 key set offeres 2u shift, so yeah it fits nicely.

My god, so many typos today. The Miami Night keyset (120 keys) offers a 2u shift so it fits nicely.

Would old kiosk keyboards with black cherry switches be able to work on home PC’s. Especially being sold with USB functionality?

Did the research, yet found anyone doing a full analysis on these.

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what type of plastic are those keycaps? they look different from one's i've seen before

>big keyboards
lol Full circle.

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ABS doubleshots that have shined up from use.

There's also the Ducky Shine 6. That has a steel frame, but the case is made from plastic. The software kinda sucks tho. Also the ikbc keyboard is programmable too

Even if it doesn't, you can still build a converter

The madmen actually did it, holy shit.

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Damn, when those things were selling for 150 I thought they were overpriced.

why is no one making modular keycaps like the ones you see in cash registers where the top part can be cliped down to the keyecap

This one was particularly special because they don't show up too much

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literally just a bunch of faggots following new industry trends started by companies with flagging sales figures. buypigs everywhere. the only real improvement to the keyboarding experience is a split keyboard for dramatically improved ergonomic comfort.

That's a USB connector at the end of that cable so it will much likely show up as a usb hid device and work just fine. USB keyboards were defined in the very first USB specification and there's no good reason not to follow the standard scancodes beyond special keys that are normally not found on keyboards. Some of the early "internet navigator" keyboards would have a few special buttons that wouldn't just show up (like a special button for Internet Explorer) so worst case would be a key or two not working. It doesn't look like your keyboard has any special keys, though.

The only thing I would be skeptical about is it's non-standard layout - but you can probably plainly see that. It may also annoy you (or enjoy you) that it's got a mouseball instead of a numpad.

I get slightly upset that I just threw a perfectly good model F or M keyboard along with a complete IBM XT and a CGA screen in the trash years and years ago. It didn't even occur to me to look for a IBM XT/AT to PS2 converter at the time, I just thought "oh this plug doesn't fit the new PC" and off to the dump it went.

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split keyboard are flawed as hell, just tell me if you want to get rekt by me

oh nice, you actually found an AT102W. I like AT101W's but I prefer ISO layout, and 102's are hard to find here.

good find user

Well that’s still ok. A project it is.

i fuckin dare u to wreck me bro. there's no flaw in having ur fuckin shoulders and arms squared up real comfortable

but they are

just happened to be flicking through eBay and someone was listing a ton of them, all ending roughly the same time.

that was the last one to end, so i guess most people panic bid on the earlier ones, and i got it fairly cheap

was fucking gross when i got it

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who? the only ones i saw where from old cash registers

What is this layout called???


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there are also a few Chinese ones as well

first result in google

What keys is it missing? I'm having a hard time finding anything out of place

no scroll lock, but who cares
no pause/break, but maybe you care
no dedicated insert, but that's on the numpad
no media key, but who cares
no FN key, I do care about that

nvm there is a FN key i'm just blind

there's your flaw you mentioned it!
shoulder range on a regular keyboard are completely fine and not generating any tension at all for the carpal effect it has to do more for the wrist elbow rather than shoulder position making it totally irrelevant to this discussion, so the only thing you have to fall back is the shoulder position not noticing that your split keyboard just doesn't give a fuck about your shoulders.

Hands inside the torso region are in a relaxing position barley generating tension on any muscle, putting your index fingers on the two shifts the shoulders get activated and you start to put load on them, that load on the long rung will hurt your back more that a fucking resting position, all past that position starts to put more and more load to muscles that should be activated for long periods of time and whats even more dangerous you are forcing sensible tendons and parts of your shoulder that are vital for a proper functioning shoulder, you actually splinting the acromion and the clavicle for a meme that no one has been able to prove a health benefit besides the one that produce split keyboard lmao.

Theres also another problem that you forget to mention all the time and it also related to the shoulders, split keyboards are much harder to adjust in the X and Y axis where on conventional keyboards you just follow the line of your desk and push it back the desired centimeters on a split you have to use a stick or something to do it and pray you don't move it by typing, in case its not balanced you are building a muscle imbalance, one shoulder will be much stronger than the other one and that's no joke, what will happen is that your spine will twist a bit over the years and pain comes later, the deformity will start at the top and generate a chain reaction where over the years a mysterious pain on a leg will appear.

there's a reason why those keyboards a not mass produced and its not because the jews.

Thats beautiful

So sad that color scheme doesnt come in korean

nope, those keycaps i was speaking actually have legends on the top part, those one are just translucent keycaps

Hopefully there's the option to turn those 2 1.5 mods into 3 1u mods.

splitfags, unrecoverable!

>those one are just translucent keycaps
look again they're two piece for a reason

I've literally never had any reason to use the insert key, overtype isn't even configured for most input boxes these days

literally the only useful post in this disgusting consumerist buypig thread.

but if the split doesn't help ergonomics...that just means that obsessing over your keyboard is even more worthless than i thought.

you can also use it as a substitute for ctrl + v

>on a split you have to use a stick or something to do it and pray you don't move it by typing
What the actual fuck are you talking about?

>putting your index fingers on the two shifts the shoulders get activated and you start to put load on them
this is bad bait. I won't even give you a (You)

lmao splitlets unrecoverable, they cant even align their keyboards in parallel to their table!!!!

>the day splitlets fell into irrelevance

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If you're going to post bait, at least have your bait make sense. It's trivially easy to align two halves of a board.

>this is how a splitlet walks

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Fuck, I never knew that. Probably still quicker to just ctrl+v though

Why do you have an autism stick?

to reach my mouse because of the split keybaord

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Are Das Keyboards good or just meme-tier? I just want a keyboard that feels less plasticy than my G910.

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Overpriced to be honest.