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For discussing software and hardware minimalism.

>What is computing minimalism?

>Why software minimalism?
- Fewer bugs
- Better performance
- Lower memory footprint
- Better maintainability
- Higher scalability
- Longer software lifetime
- Smaller attack surface

>List of minimal OSes and distros
>Most minimal

>Obscure minimal
FreeDOS, Plan 9

>Hipster minimal
Crux, Source Mage, GuixSD, Void, FreeBSD

>Autistic/sane minimal
OpenBSD, Gentoo, Alpine

>Most sane minimal
Debian (netinst)

>Minimal programs lists
Suckless: suckless.org/rocks
Cat-v.org: harmful.cat-v.org/software/
Window Managers: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_X_window_managers
Alternatives to Bloatware: github.com/mayfrost/guides/blob/master/ALTERNATIVES.md

Minimalism is not a lack of something. It's simply the perfect amount of something.

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do you guys think his penis is minimal?

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Is an intel nuc considered minimal? It's pretty tiny

That's the suckless founder guys

debian net iso is god tier

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There are less than 200 replies, newfag.

guys i didn't know there were new versions of

dmenu 4.8 released: download

st 0.8 released: download


st 0.8.1 released: download

This release fixes some regressions introduced in the 0.8 release.


>Install st
>Apply scrollback patch
>Shift + pageup/down just spits ;2~ into the console
Soooo....? What the fuck is this?

> Currently I'm building a custom W7 image without all the useless shit
Does it count as minimalist?

No amount of gutting will ever make that OS minimal. Except if you're using 98SE of a hyper-stripped XP.

post screenshot

Top is config.def.h so I know the patch applied
Bottom is shift+page up/down twice then just page up/down, which just prints a ~

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try shift+ctrl+pu/pd?
just an idea
I've now switched to termite because of shit like that. Runs flawless.

That enlarges/shrinks text
I might give termite a go, I used to just use the gnome console before I properly stripped gdm garbage off my box so I'm still playing around and trying to find one I like.

I had this as well

I installed it + scrollback (which is now more lines of code than xterm...) and any time I tried to scroll with mousewheel or pageup it'd just spit out shit like that.

What do you use now?

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It's just in the browser and I have to use it to talk to my normie friends, fuck off.

>Discord in firefox browser
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discord arch niggers. bloat on top of bloat.

oh no
a tab open
how horrible

Oh no
a tab open of facebook
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A false equivalence
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>discord isn't a botnet
No wonder you can't fix your own problems. Stupid bloat arch nigger

One sells your data because you willingly post it all, the other requires you install the application and give it system level access.
Guess what leaving it sandboxed in a browser tab does, you gigantic fucking idiot?

>Guess what leaving it sandboxed in a browser tab does

fucking bloat. Going through all that trouble to talk to random faggots.

>using a browser is now bloat
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>saying bloat 6 times means I won! I'm the smart one!

Convince me whether encrypting my system is bloat or not.

It's not.
Encrypt your shit

Finished installing Crux, had to do it from a systemrescue cd chroot for my wireless driver to work at the start, rebooted, apparently some shit got fucked up real good on my SSD , not sure what happened, had to clear the memory cells and I get to start fresh. Gentoo, Source Mage or Crux.

Source Mage, the experience will make you a man.

You already installed Crux, probably Gentoo too, give Source Mage a try

Off to become a wizard and cast spells it is!

last I checked I could use both in browser

it is according to cat -v faggots

Best minimal file system?

files are bloat, just use blocks cause that's how disks really work

Is minimalism dead?

In the mainstream, yes.
But not dead overall.

Where's the Crux install tutorial?

OP forgot to include it.

This one? github.com/mayfrost/guides/blob/master/INITIATION.md

>OP forgot to include it.
Nah, fuck that hipster shit

Are you retarded or just baiting? Looks like the hipster is you.

How am i hipster

Ok you are just retarded.

How am i retarded?

Trying too hard to bait don't we?

inb4 how am i baiting lol :^)

>there's a difference in the speed of ls between bash and dash
How can a shell be slow?

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Source? A comparative of shell speeds would be nice.

How different dash syntax is from bash? I don't want to rewrite my scripts

Dash is about 4x faster than bash.
How much that matters is up to you.


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This is why I strongly recommend mksh. UwU
It’s got the usual usability comforts of bash, but is sooooo much faster and lighter! It’s probably placebo, but I can FEEL how much faster it is

And by usability comforts, I mean tab completion and history. Two things that dash lacks.

both bloat

what are you installing?

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The closet Jow Forumstards on Jow Forums meme about bash since they discovered it's creator is black.

4 years of using gnu/linux and i didn't know gnu bash was created by a black man

mksh for the win

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la criatura...

>He is the son of physicist and educator Herbert Fox[16] and grandson of artist Daniel Fox, creator of the Monopoly Man.[17]

more like he had a white father

Let's talk web minimalism

Anyone use this stack?
BSD, C, httpd, SQLite.

BCHS (pronounced /biːtʃəz/, beaches) is for real development. It's a hipster-free, open source software stack for web applications. To prepare a BCHS environment, install OpenBSD and get to work.

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>systemd has hardcoded as the DNS.
is this true???????

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I already know is shit, pick something usable and with real support.

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Reminder to use Groff.

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is it just me or is openbsd good only for servers.
using openbsd for desktop is meh

Remember it depends on what hardware you are using, dont fall for the meme, if is not supporting your platform you are ool.

>it's hipster free
i know it is. God tier stack


>i know it is

Are you guys shilling?

And by the way, the BSDs are all hipster.

>Autistic/sane minimal
OpenBSD, Gentoo, Alpine

openbsd isn't hipster at all. Just get out nigger, you don't know shit

Minimal is not a lack of something. It's simply the perfect amount of something. So what would be perfect for a virile male like him? Certainly, he wouldn't want for neither length nor girth, nor would it yet be so large so as not to fit. It would be therefore just minimally smaller than "too huge".

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That's a really cool dude. He should be worshipped here more than fatman rms.

Nope, no matter how much you shill that idiot he won't be welcome here.

Patches are gay. Use dvtm if you are such a pussy that you need scrollback. Otherwise, just pipe into less.

Did he make anything useful other than st?

>things that never happened

In all fairness at 91 years of age you don't easily learn new things.

Shoes are bloat. Go bare.

Will it kill me? I'm really fucking fed up with latex.

Best minimal database system ?



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Don't let [ ] be a replacement for an actual pair. Man up.

I was talking about the misplaced asterisks. You should write char **nigger instead of char** nigger

Ok. Crux installed.

Now is time to decide what I'll install.

Freshly installing Crux, updated my use flags, run first update, it’s been one 6 hours on an i5 3570k. Why was Gentoo so much faster with more packages to compile this shit?

Right is groff?

>Freshly installing Crux, updated my use flags, run first update, it’s been one 6 hours on an i5 3570k.
6 hours? Something is wrong on your system.