What did Microsoft mean by this?

What did Microsoft mean by this?

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Micros**t did not like Oracle's dominance in cross platform high level language monopoly so the tried.
And failed. Java still is the king, always will be. In the world of CS, Micros**t is considered a curse word. Rightfully so.

judgement clouded by anger. I hope you'll get better, user.

Implying Java is I'm any way better than c++++


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if anything Java is copying C# at this point...

>muh appeal to popularity
cum on you can do better than that

Why Java is the most required language all around the world, just because of the cross-platform thing or is because of the Android popularity?

I remember well in the mid-2000 Java was already taking over! Why is so popular and why is so hated, just because of how slow JVM used to run in older computers???

I think it's hated because devs are lazy and retarded and instead of writing good code they reuse code already written by someone else, then just keep adding more reused code until whatever they were doing works
And yes I would say it's mainly because Android popularity, but without counting it it would still make like 6%

>More popular than PL/SQL
what a time to be alive

What are some compelling new features of Java? It's one of those things that a lot of people use but very few actually talk about.

Yeah that makes sense, when you say they reuse shitty cold from somebody else, do you think they use the openstack sites for it, I'm a programmer , I'm just trying to imagine the scenario

>In the world of CS, Micros**t is considered a curse word.
The nerds in my Computer Architecture and Organization class cheered when the professor said we would be doing the rest of our assignments on Windows in Visual Studio.

Not everyone can be an MIT nigger.

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>he nerds in my Computer Architecture and Organization class cheered when the professor said we would be doing the rest of our assignments on Windows in Visual Studio.
These are mostly mediocre/newbie programmers. Actual redpilled CS fags know how to use a compiler instead of hiding in the walled garden of an IDE.

yeah, we should all write our compilers from scratch just to execute a simple command every 5 minutes when we write our programs. that's the real redpill bro.

No one told you to write compilers. I'm telling you to not to become one of these retards (case on point):

Even in the world of professional CS, these idiots are abundant

>what's a strawman
Well, I have run into students who work on big C++ projects and don't even know what a makefile is. There's letting VS do the tedious shit so you don't have to, and then there's letting VS do so much that you don't even understand your own toolchain.

Ignorant cuck not knowing what he's talking about.

My hatred towards Micros**t is what drove me to become a decent programmer.

This. "var"? Come on.

No one told you to write your compiler.
The other user said you should understand and know how to use existing compilers instead of just being hand held by and IDE and end up like the example posted by .

>right click open command prompt here
>mvn clean install -T 6

Who is developing stuff in Java and what kind of applications?

>Start comp sci degree
>"wtf this is hard, I just wanted to make games!"
>drop out sophomore year

Every single Android app ever (or just about)

If you think that turns you into a hacker you should give up. Apperently numales are afraid of white texts on dark background. They think it's evil or something.

That guy isn't an idiot, he just had a misconception on how it worked just like you have the misconception that you aren't a really bad programmer.

Java's primary use nowadays is web stuff
Android seems to be ditching java. Java 8 is not even fully supported.

The JVM is a beautiful piece of software, it is polished and has/is been/being used widely in a lot of big commercial successes, the android is based on it.
Notice how I said JVM and not Java, imo java is a sucky language, its virtual machine is a thing of beauty.

Oh I forgot people make mobile apps. How dumb.

He is making fun of you for thinking that you must know all aspects of a compiler to be a decent programmer.

Your "smart" comebacks are cute. So how is your introductory CS course going?

Knowing how to use a compiler is not a requirement to be a "decent" programmer, it's a requirement to be "a" programmer.

Java is extremely popular on Android where it's not ... called Java. But who uses it outside of that? Yes, I'm seriously asking. Also, I don't use Windows. What popular commonly used PC desktop program is written in Java? Can you name one or two? Firefox isn't written in Java, Claws-Mail isn't written in Java, KDE isn't written in Java, Libreoffice isn't written in Java, Chrome/Chromium isn't written in Java and so on. There really doesn't seem to be that much.. that's actually written in Java.

>Libreoffice isn't written in Java
Are you sure about that?
Also, many server side applications are still written in Java. It has a big market in embedded too.

Thanks but I graduated in 2011.

I disagree and you have no facts on your side. As long as you can write programs without having to know about a compiler you are wrong.

>In the world of CS, Micros**t is considered a curse word. Rightfully so.
Based. But java sucks too.

> As long as you can write programs without having to know about a compiler you are wrong.
Yeah, show me one programmer that got hired without knowing about his compiler. Hardmode, exclude your shitty "startups"

>As long as you can write programs without having to know about a compiler you are wrong.
The state of US education

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Am I a soyboy if this looks like me? Bald and beard and glasses?

Lots and lots of business stuff uses java. We use java at my work for all the server stuff and we work with governments and militaries

>>mvn clean install -T 6

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That's unrelated to your claim you retard. Stop trying to act intelligent when we both know you are probably rubbing your anus with some Doritos as you install Arch for the 10th time while reading from the wiki on your windows 10 main.

>he doesn't count
>it doesn't count
You're getting desperate. How adorable.

They fixed everything that was wrong with Java ages ago and Java still didn't catch up.

>mfw the dictionary definition of programmer is wrong

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Prototyping speed and libraries

freenet, i2p are in java

i started to learn java 3 months ago, and all of the time we talk about JVM

As of java9, you can now initialize a list when you declare it without absurd hacky workarounds or invoking the arrays class.
It only took them 20 years to get this far!

Tell me bro, where are the unsigned datatypes?

Not here. Java users are too retarded for unsigned data types.
>Java 8 lets you simulate unsigned data types using classes like Integer and Double
literally a hacky workaround as a core feature. Glad they made it easy for beginners!


I live in Peru and there is a lot of jobs for Java and JSP. Shit you not, that's true.

literally everything user.

The software of the cashier at the supermarket? Java.

The software that controls the streetlight system on your city. Java?

The thing your doctor uses to generate your reports? Java.

Java is used for basically everything and anything in the software industry. The thing is, most of the things done in Java fall in the "boring software" category, so you don't see them discussed in boards like this.

change the first line to "hey C/C++ can we copy your homework"

C# is everything Java should have been. I mean fuck M$, but C# really is one of the best things they made.

Only basement dwellers believe this. Get a goddamn job.

Who the fuck uses Delphi anymore?

Anything you don't want to develop twice.

i should only have to learn the language not how to work with the compiler.
fucking retards

>Get a goddamn job.
Too bad C# doesn't offer much, stupid NEET.

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spring boot for modern web application and micro services

t. retarded NEET

>Argument reduced to name calling
Truth HURTS.

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Two words: Spring framework
When you've learned the ropes, the speed you're able to shit out production code is marvelous.
Couple that with the Spring cloud project and/or jhipster, you've got a full microservice stack going in no time.

i think you know the answer to that, soyboy

>half of those are barista jobs

>calling names
and telling truth

>>half of those are barista jobs
>Still more jobs than C#

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C# just cannot compete

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>millions and millions of java programmers
>companies can actually pay you nickels for wages because you are more expendable
>you get worse wages and benefites and get treated like shit because of said expendability.

and fucking Jow Forums is cheering for this.

>selective info
troll, salty or plain retard

Java should be renamed to Hindi.

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C# should be renamed to Telegu.

What a surprise, old companies use mostly an old language.

Companies who need the performance near c++ but the development time of c#. It still can't be beat for windows GUI applications.


This, you're not a reel programmur if you don't know how your hieroglyphs correlate to every transistor in your cpu.


>omg what's a compiler is that a hacker tool XDD brb drinking a gallon of soy milk #metoo

>using shallow sarcasm instead of an actual strong and coherent argument

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>arguing with a non argument

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where is kotlin, isn't it a successor of java?
like a superior version of java

Will java ever add unsigned primitive datatypes and let you do bit shifting without transforming everything to integer?

Java isn't for desktop software, at least thats not where it is most popular. The infrastructure of entire businesses like Netflix or Amazon is written in Java. Alibaba is written in java. Java is big in China and anything serverside

>Libreoffice isn't written in Java

Java is great for multithreaded software that needs top performance and stability

>why isn't performance dependent software written in a less performant language instead of a performant one
Hard questions user, really makes you think...

>What popular commonly used PC desktop program is written in Java?
I'm not autistic enough to go and check every software I use and see in which language it's written in, however, I know that the best IDEs out there (JetBrains) are written in Java.

>But who uses it outside of that?
Java runs on many platforms, like the chip on your smartcard.

just avoid doing the mouth thing, user

Yes probably. Do you have zero muscles too?

>there's no software outside desktop applications
have you discovered the internet yet?

It would be the most popular programming language if the company weren't completely retarded

Quads of truth

"java" could also be matching Javascript.