Yaourt -S discord

yaourt -S discord
You don't actually do this do you?

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No, I sudo dpkg -i discord && sudo apt-get -f install

I have no idea what discord is or does, sorry.

Hell no. Arch is bloat

>Still use Yaourt

pacaur -y discord

No, I snap install discord.

Discord? You mean PISScord?

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Why would I do such thing?

yum remove -y discord

which is the new maintained aur helper for 2018?

>yaourt -S libc++
>yaourt -S discord-canary

> Hell no. Arch is bloat

t. Cuckbuntu user

If you have to use Discord you might as well use the browser version or in a VM. I'd never let it scrape all my files and processes.


Use Arch? Hell no, I never do that

literary NO reason to use aur helper


bb-wrapper -S --aur discord-canary

and run it in firejail

Why not? Too hard for your brain?

I can fix xorg.conf, but I prefer not to.

>at friend's place
>notice he left a terminal window open
which discord && echo Friendship terminated.


>non-consensual terminal usage
that's grounds for friendship termination

unironically this
comes sandboxed too so it can't snoop on my shit

What is the best aur installer then?


redpill me on this Jow Forumsuys, haven't heard of this before

how screwed am I

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This girl is sameface with the brother in that series


on snap/flatpack or discord?
I'm more partial to flatpak since it can function without shitstemd, but you can install lots of meme shit through it like discord, signal, telegram, etc.
on discord spying, you're literally retarded if you think a piece of proprietary software isn't spying on you. Discord literally looks through your processes to "see what game you're playing"

>go to discordapp dot com
>press download for windows
>install automatically using the downloaded binary
comfy af desu


not comfy at all desu


>using yaourt
>using pacaur
cower -d discord
cd ~/downloads/aur-builds/discord
makepkg - sri

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yeah i just use packer


One of the worth. Browse the archwiki a bit they compare the aur package manager

>Implying you have to fix anything. I love the fud around arch. Keeps retards away

Windows installer wizard

>yummy yummy cummies yes please

Only way to do it right.

sudo eopkg install discord



emerge --depclean --deep discord
fuck off kevin

Nice one user haha I laughed SO hard!

Their terms of service says they'll sell all gathered user data when they go bankrupt and their main source of income is investors that are going to leave the moment they realize they've been milked and there's no profit to make.
The whole thing is a two-stage scam. Shame too, because discord isn't that shit even if it's plenty shit.


Yaourt discord --noconfirm

I use flatpak btw, I don't want proprietary POS to know what I really do on my computer
Sandboxing is cool

git clone {url} && cd ndir && delete;system24