I just want F R E E ™ Spotify :(

I just want F R E E ™ Spotify :(

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>not downloading .flac songs
>being a poorfag
OP is a brainlet.

If you like the service just pay for it. It's not very expensive.


uh i make that in an hour of work, and I have to pay for phone and gas.

No thank you.

Probably bait, but this mentality is very real. If you can't afford something, you can't have it. Stop being entitled.

Just add the spotify ad addresses to your host file like a functioning adult.

Well if it's not in your budget you don't get access to their service. They pay to be able to stream the songs to the labels and they pay for the hardware and software that keeps the streaming up and running, it's only fair that for you to enjoy the fruit of their work and investment you pay a fee. I'd you don't agree with how tgtmmhst works I suggest you start eating things off your foot as protest.


I really have to stop phoneposting.

Works fine for me my guy. Using the same account since 2014. For free of course :^)

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Someone make the ugly brown man disappear.


Bruh we had to pay $18 for a single cd in the damn 90s and most people made like $6/hr.

Please burn in hell tyvm:)

Hey OP. I need you to put weeks of work into a project that would provide me with entertainment. Oh and I want it for free. You can begin now.


how about setting up spotify family plan with your friends?

ublock origin & web player / web player with ublock origin to remove ad interrupts in the main desktop player for better interface

PC only obviously



new way here where it blocks the ads without being noticed by spotify. must be rooted

i love spotify but the service would be perfect if they revamped the local files interface. alot of game OSTs and obscure music arent on the service and I would love to never have to open rhythmbox again

>supporting DRM

So much this. Minimum wage was $4.25/hr and a CD was between $13.99 and $19.99. Also, most CDs were purchased just for two or three tracks on them. Very rare to enjoy every track on a CD. Also cassette tapes were around $9.99.

it's called youtube

Isn't there like a youtube music app? Never used it, but since Dogfood is kill I might give it a try.

Anyone know how intrusive the ads are?

You are a debt cuck actually, the poster you replied to is a Chad.

>Using spotify
>Streaming music

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sideload if on ios apk if on android

Fuck off Poo Nigger.

>comparing physical content to digital content that you don't own and could go away at any second

Ok pajeet

ok so patch the app or if you're on desktop block the ads, are you a brainlet?

You're not paying for a product, you're paying for a service you dumb shit.

newpipe can block ads and play in the background

Lmao nice try poo goy.

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I am white you imbecile. Look at me

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Hahahaha oh boy thanks for the laugh.

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I agree with you on the dowlnoading .flac files, but spotify is great to rip indie music, that's not on torrent sites.

He says, as he posts on a website he neither donates to, sees any ads (because he blocks them), or supports by buying a pass.

You hypocrite piece of shit.

Kill yourself retard

People in this thread really defending PAYING for MUSIC, like how retarded would you have to be to be so fucking cucked?

Use newpipe. No retarded shuffling of music

>streaming music
lol you fucking retard

But the website doesn't ask for it and is shit. I hope it dies.

kid got triggered

Pathetic poorfags.
Glad that there are some though... in order to distribute my malware and feed the botnet with the cracked content I propagate to Jow Forums & reddit lusers.

>not using despotify

just rip it from bandcamp
they at least have quality

this is the only decent answer in the whole thread

wrong, considering the question revolved around spotify being free, anons have given answers as to how to get spotify for free, those are the only decent answers

>maintaining a library of .flac


Just torrent the music and never use Spotify again. Chances are you're listening to normie music anyway so the torrents should have decent seed rates.

Just sign up for a family plan with your friends. That's what my coworkers do and I have a family plan with my actually family.

>not streaming your own music from home
on the topic of this, why is mpd so fucking shit for streaming?

>not on Red where faggots trip over themselves to pay for requested Bandcamp Rips

>Get spotify once a year for $1 for 3 months
>Use free trial for 1 month
>Then use google music free trial for 1 month
>Then tidal hifi for 1 month

There's half a year

Bandcamp rips are the same quality as spotify rips, they both stream on pc at 320kbps .mp3 also
>paying for rips
At that point you could just buy the album.

He is right you know

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>it's called youtube
It's called compression algorithms and maybe 128 kbps MP3 at best.

>If you can't afford something, you can't have it. Stop being entitled.
and its totally not entitled to ask for money for something you have infinite of

>I just want F R E E ™ Spotify :(
Never heard of torrenting or Soulseek?

>back in my day

If you're autistic get into that private tracker that u need an interview or something to get in.
Otherwise just use rutracker/rarbg, deezer, soulseek or a combination of all.
For the asian stuff jpopsuki.

What even is intellectual property am I right?

>Not using FOSS alternative

the reason why i don't wanna pay for spotify is because it just won't come to serbia, and i used hacked one for a year and got used to it and now i'm going to pay for deezer because this shit can suck my d.

Here you go: www.youtube.com

I listen to vocaloid
Go ahead and tell me you know what that is, normie

Not him but op you're clearly autistic
If you've got android download a cracked apk or use lucky patcher
If you've got an iPhone jailbreak that pos and crack Spotify
What kind of fucking answer do you expect with this thread

It's called why should I give a fuck about compression while listening to music in my badly soundproofed car via factory speakers through aux cord? Or who'd expect orgasmic audio experiences from headphones while picking up your dog's shit on the afternoon? Or why should I stream recorded music to a stationary device that is fully capable of storing music offline.
>inb4: broke audiophile.

>pajeet vs jew
no one win

Spotify is free?

Setup MPD on a server and use a client on android to stream your own music.

>It's called why should I give a fuck about compression while listening to music in my badly soundproofed car via factory speakers through aux cord?
You never mentioned that was the case.

>Someone can't afford spotify
>Has quality audio equipement
What is the case then?

Too bad , in my place spotify cost 3.5$ a month , 3rd world country meme :^)

infinite of what? Music, that they pay artists for on a per play basis? Or servers and bandwidth? Engineers that develop the service? Accountants? Lawyers, that had to defend spotify against the music industry making the service possible in the first place?

why are people not only stealing but also smug about it trying to justify it.

איך עשית?

>They pay to be able to stream the songs to the labels and they pay for the hardware and software that keeps the streaming up and running, it's only fair that for you to enjoy the fruit of their work and investment you pay a fee.
But you're not paying for that. You're not even paying for that, plus some profit that would justify their initial effort. You're paying so that they can retrieve their investment thousands of times-fold, so that they can invest that hyper-multiplied profit into other endeavors which will multiply by thousands again, and so forth, over and over. It's a radically different concept from the one you're describing, which makes you comes off as totally dishonest. You can honestly believe that this described model is a functional system of economy, and that other models would never work, but you can't use the word fairness for that and not come off as a total hypocrite. Or someone so ignorant of the subject that they should just keep their mouths shut.
There's no stretch of imagination that can fit the idea of milking people's money endlessly and with no respect for their needs and well-being into the concept of fairness.

Works on my machine

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תביא לי אוכל סיני.

oy vey


Imagine being so poor you can't afford £10/m baka

I pay for Apple music and Spotify because I use them at work, and have a full FLAC library to go home to.

But free Spotify exists
It's called bittorrent

Dont they offer free ad-supported streaming?

I dont understand why Jow Forums loves pay Netflix but reject pay Spotify

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Get a better job then.



It's like $3 here in my country. And It can go up to

Why would you use anything besides youtube-dl for your music?

Spotify is free, all you need to do is block those ads! Here you go OP blogpirate.net/2017/08/08/how-to-block-those-nasty-ads-in-spotify-app-in-windows-linux-and-osx/

just use nyaa.si

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The student promo is $5 a month in pretty much any country, is there really an excuse to be this much of a jew

wrong thread retard

try again nyaa.si/?f=0&c=2_0&q=

It's 192, probably re-encoded though.

>Not torrenting .flac songs
>Not being a pirate
Shiggy diggy

>It's 192, probably re-encoded though.
I've tried to look for a source for that, but I've only found outdated forum discussions.

>Block ads at DNS level
wow that was hard

Neither do I. Their selection is pretty shit now, they've removed so many titles. Spotify on the other hand is convenient as fuck. I'm a student too so I only pay 5 a month. Literally the price of a small subway sandwich.

>Not just using Deezloader.