"Fix it"

>"Fix it"

Has Jow Forumsentlemen ever helped a dame in techno distress in exchange for their....admiration?

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ive changed my coworkers iphone screen twice
shes too thick and cute i did it for free, she gave me a hug

>shes too thick and cute
I've met girls like that. Feels strange how you can't really get the urge to fuck them if you tried dating them but can't develop disgust toward them even though you know they're unhealthy.

Not for their admiration or any favours, but rather because I enjoy helping people who are nice towards me.

>"Fix it"

I once did some dumb windows tech support as another excuse to better know this one really fucking hot girl I knew. We ended up dating for a few weeks but the sex was shit. Does it coutn?

i fix everyone's stuff if they ask politely, not because i want praise or admiration but because solving technical problems is a fun way to kill time

give me the full pic

Only if you fix it for me....

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Yeah, got my first gf that way.
She was also my last, though.

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Least you got one, nigga.

Where do you guys even meet girls?

Did she give you the suck of dick?

>>not backuping here nudes while she lives the room

One time I typed in a girl's windows product key for them
No not really

Yeah, why wouldn't she?

>get done fixing girls computer
>she thanks me profusely
>tells me about her boyfriend or husband
>go home... forever alone.


>get done fixing girls computer
>she thanks me profusely
>tells me i'm a great friend
>go home... forever alone.

No, but I've had family members shove their computers at me for free. Goddamn it.

>install botnet
>you're going to jail honey

>upper lip doesn't match lower lip
she's fucking weird looking

56% percent with a make-up pie thrown in her face and dyed hair

>She was also my last
Did you die or something?

I must have seemed like the kind of creep who'd steal private shit and install something so i could stream the view from their webcam.
My coworker told me their friends tv broke, i suggested a fix and they asked me if im good with that shit. She then started talking about how her laptop screen was broken and how it would be an expensive fix. I offered to do it, but she (very politely) declined.
Wouldnt have asked for more than the price of the parts and maybe a cup of coffee at break. Also wouldnt have stolen noods and bug her computer btw, that shits immoral, but more importantly illegal.
I must give off a creepy vibe. Do you guys think its the body odor or the naruto tshirts?

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I'm not into 3d women so no.

It's defo the b.o., my buddy. Bitches love the 'ruto.

Inside, yes

>Has Jow Forumsentlemen ever helped a dame in techno distress in exchange for their....admiration?

are you retarded? Women are not gonna admire you for being their slave. At this point you are on the same tier as a plumber, but instead of fixing their clogged toilet you fix their 'clogged' phone. Do you think a woman 'admires' a plumber after he fixed the toilet? This is even if you subscribe to the idea that women are capable of admiring which is a stretch in itself.

It is possible, but not usually likely. Generally the reverse happens where you date them first and then fix their shit. Except they don't ask you, you just do it because they are retards and you want to protect them.

> Okay you didn't like Linux even though you don't game so we'll keep windows on there, but why the hell are you using IE still?

> Is that Limewire and Banzai Buddy? Where did you even get those you bought this PC last year.

> No, you don't need iTunes, you have an Android, here try Winamp, it has skins and this is totally a fashion show.

> It's 3 AM calm down.

> You dropped it? Sorry I'm not a magician, I can't fix that.

> Etc...

If you're extra lucky you can get married and it's like it was before where you fix their shit and still get no sex.

(Using the dumbest woman I know as an example, many aren't that bad with tech.)

Had the opposite experience. Also I'm that one guy in uni who gets lecture notes and assignments from the girls (who get them from you, I guess).

But a manly even semi-attractive plumber who just arrogantly yet smoothly tells her how it is and what needs to be done while looking her up and down with sexual dominance in his eyes is another story.

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I always hesitate when answering.
Because I want to know what my intention is.
Is my intention to fuck her?
Hell no.
I do tell her it's 50 dorrars though.
Went to a prostitute instead.

If I wanted to really help, then I did it and asked her for a lower price rate.

I was cheap when I wanted to help
I was expensive when I knew I was being clingy and needy and she would rejected me anyways.
But nowadays, I say no and give her my toolbox instead.
She bought her own later on.
And quite frankly?
I am not even sexually interested in her anymore and thus stayed good friends due to me playing the "nice guy" act.

Once instructed a girl how to download Microsoft office via torrent and later that week we ended up fucking. I hadn't previously been friends with the girl but we knew each other.

holy shit, are you that famous vlad model girl from like 8 years ago? i bet you get that a lot

Beta spotted. Never help women at all!

Does she have movies of fucking?

>"Fix it"
can't help ya.

nah, but I helped a girl move house and the night before she invited me over for a chat and took my virginity

>Do you think a woman 'admires' a plumber after he fixed the toilet?
you clearly haven't watched the documentaries I've watched

No. I've come to the realisation that no friend or girl that asks you to fix their shit and expects it to be free isn't worth my time. Go ask Ahmed down the road to fix it and he'll charge you £200. Time is money. Yes I like helping people but it came to a point where I thought to myself "These dumbasses are just using me because they're too dumb to work it out for themselves".

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of course. hot chicks are usually the worst lays because they expect you to do all the work. try a chubby cute one next time, you'll see the difference

>Banzai Buddy

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>I'll make it worth it ;3

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A dozen bags of Skittles please!

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>ughh, I only have half a bag, the other half I've eaten it, and it's in my purse. you want it? it's all yours! Deal?


Nice choice of topkek my friend

No. I've helped people with no expectations of return and gotten some.

Really guys. The only way you can expect this behavior is if they wish to stick around while you fix the thing. Or payment is promised up front.

If they are adverse to the idea of spending time with you they obviously don't like you.

A dozen or I ain't budgin'

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>if you don't like ugly girls you must be gay

I didn't end up buying it. Is it nice? Looks like it would LOOK nice but taste like ass.

I personally like em, fruity one is nice too.

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I've just gone down to the shop where they sell em and bought a couple of the chocolate ones. It's pretty much just a small chocolate bun.

No, you never get anything worth it in return. It's better to be Chad Thundercock.

Do want. Where do you live? Never seen them here in Ukraine. Although I think they exist in Poland.

>girls ask for help with something on her phone
>install 4shared and make it so every pic she takes is automatically sent to the 4shared account
>hide the 4shared app
free pics of her qt doggo but also nudes

>free nudes
There's countless nudes for free.

In high school we had computer classes and by that time I was already spouting off about GNU + Linux and so I aced all the tests which were basically "Make an html file that has an tag in it".

One of the girls in my class always asked me for help on literally everything.
>user, how do I find this file?
>user, where do I click next?
>user I don't know where, guide my hand with yours hehe.
I probably should have realized a lot sooner that she was trying to hit on me, but for years I thought this chick was mentally retarded and didn't know how to use a computer.

>for years I thought this chick was mentally retarded and didn't know how to use a computer.


>that spacing

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>girl jokes she wishes she could just trade her blowjob skills for technical help
>girl then asks me for help with her phone 2 hours later
even i could read between the lines.

women are useless.
only thing they're good for is pleasing men sexually.

prove me wrong.

>Doing anything for anyone that isn't related to me for free



So your mom is nothing more than a sex object. Good to know.

Yes I help my wife all the time. The "admiration" is that she yells at me when I try to teach her, and blames me when something goes wrong later

fuck me that's an attractive woman.


>manly even semi-attractive plumber
>looking her up and down with sexual dominance in his eyes

Not in these times, bro.

Fuck. Happened to me 4-5 times at work...

Are you me?

Ask me how I know you are not very happy as a person

No, I don't have the balls to talk to girls in the first place, and no girl has willingly talked to me in the last 5 years.

Happy like these guys

It's much healthier to be jewed out of a favor every now and then while knowing you can make someone's day a bit better than to have business relations with everyone outside of your family.

Stop deluding yourself. It's not healthy to accept being taken advantage of.

Governance manager is a cute lady and she always consult me about technical ways to implemente solutions if that counts.

> doing anything for FREE
fucking cuck

I've never seen bobs and vagene in real life, so no.

There is a difference between being used all the time and not minding to help a person in need when the favor is relatively small

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Fuck, nice work.
Extra points if you came inside her pirate style.

I like your style.

user, what's pirate style?

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>Do you think a woman 'admires' a plumber after he fixed the toilet?
In my pornos, yes. Also pool cleaners, waiters, cable guys and pizza boys.

Reciprocity is the cornerstone of humanity. If I do something for you, you are implicitly, biologically and socially programmed to recognise it and want to return the favour down the line.

Now, you can take this too far and have people walk all over you, and sure a lot of betas fall into this trap in this day and age, but you only fall into this if you have low self worth.

For a small tech fix, maybe all she gives you is a coffee the next time you are at the cafe together, or after class. It might be as small as collecting your mail, or sharing her class notes. The fact is she will be more likely to do any of those small things to reciprocate your act of fixing the tech issue.

Fucking idiots that think installing geentoo = getting vagoo are of equal reciprocal value deluded.

The point is, if she does you a small favour in return, and then you follow this up by doing her another small favour (maybe even a slightly more significant favour) and she then returns a favour of similar magnatitude, well then you have either a solid social interaction or friendship - which who knows, as you get to know each other more and demonstrate a high social value and if you click, it may even develop sexually. Who knows.

Pretty much this.

Plus it is part of the culture around here to help people for free with no expectation of pay or even "pay." Back in the day we were so poor we had practically nothing.

Is a sociopath "nice" if he deceives you to get what he wants?

ITT: losers who value neither their work nor their sexual currency

Kick her in the shin and cum in her eye

>at college
>hanging out with roommate and girls from the apartment next door
>one of the girls complains her printer isn't working
>roommate: "user is really good at computers, I bet he could fix it for you"
>girl: "wow, that'd be great, thanks user!"
>look at her computer
>it's a fucking mac
>mfw I've literally never touched a mac in my life

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I would install software which locks her computer down and threatens to brick her computer and files unless she pays an exorbitant ransom. $10k min. When she calls me over distressed, needing it fixed I would play up that this is an uncrackable virus and no one knows how to get rid of it in the hacker community. I would play up her distress and tell her the only way these viruses are ever unlocked is if the ransom is paid in bitcoin.

She will obviously be distraught, and I will tell her that I will scout the interwebs of g to find an answer. I will then go back to her room and try for 30 minutes to unsucessfully unlock the computer.

As she makes me tea, and we talk about how I have heard how people who distribute these viruses will often find incriminating files or nudes on the locked computers and blackmail people for even more money or they will post the nudes/bank records/personal details online.

While she is nearly in tears I will comfort her. I'll tell her that there is one last thing that I can try, but it's pretty illegal, and I could have the police charge me if they find out, or a pissed off hacker try and fuck up my life. While she is hanging on a thread, I go back into the other room and download firefox. I temporarily unlock her computer and exclaim in victory.

She is so releaved she hugs me, and I take advantage of her emoitonal state and turn it into a kiss. Which will lead to undressing and passionate victory sex.

She is thrilled because her nudes/personal files aren't out on web. She hasn't had to pay $10k to get her computer unlocked, and she sees me as her saviour.

If she doesn't respond sexually, or she rejects the advancment then that's fine. I'll laugh it off and apologise. I'll casually let it drop that I think she is stunningly attractive and I got a bit carried away after cracking the evil virus thing.

She will still be thankful for saving her computer, even if there is rejection sexually.

I'll go home, wait a couple of days, let her feel a false sense of security, and then reactivate the program which bricks her computer and demands a ransom. I may even double it saying that she pulled some sneaky shit trying to work around it.

She will proabbly despair and call me over. I'll say I feel to awkward after the misunderstanding the other day, and I'm really sorry about her computer but I clearly shouldn't be alone with her, I like her too much to be around her.

Her emotional woman brain will go overboard convincing me to come over, and I'll force a conversation around how I haven't been able to stop thinking about her, and how I really want to help her but I can't concentrate on anything right now.

She will get the message, and be flattered by the compliments, we will bone and I'll unlock her computer properly this time.

Bonus points for extra fuck sessions, but a winrar either way.

Eastern europoor detected

>are of equal reciprocal value
It pretty much is though. Most women these days fuck randoms without even a second thought, some fuck several men in an evening. Sex is the female equivalent of a handshake these days, so if I have to go out of my way to fix a fiddly phone screen or purge a PC riddled with malware, the least I should get is a ride too.

Holy autism.

But if you cum in her eye, it's not
>INSIDE HER pirate style

>sexual currency
Heh, mine is the equivalent of penny stocks.

>nah, I'll ask daddy to buy me a new one. kbye

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Something similar happened to me once.
>unplug printer
>plug back in
>starts working
>"You did it! Oh my god! You're a genius!"

It's a typo, he meant "inside her eye pirate style."

A guy paid me 20 dollars to copy amtlib.dll files into his adobe software.

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