So Jow Forums how do you pronounce it?

So Jow Forums how do you pronounce it?

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The same way I pronounce gib, except with a F


jiff, obv

yiff in hell


'if, the g is silent

I personally pronounce it (GiFF). That being said, my female counterpart pronounces it (JiFF). Is there a correct way? Not likely, however, I'm guessing it was intended to be pronounced the first way.


it's an acronym so the correct way would be without the phonetics.

Is this post ironic?

orig developer pronounces it "jiff", but fuck him. i say "giff"

i say it this was because the "g" stands for "graphics" not "giraffics"

>gee eye eff

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The guy who invented the .gif says it's JIF like the peanut butter.

I used to say giff, but after I learned it's actually jiff I changed.

I'm glad I'm not an insecure brainlet who'd rather go down with the ship than admit they were wrong.

Reminder that you're all pronouncing 'meme' wrong.
You don't say: "I forgot because i have terrible MEEMORY" do you faggot?


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It's pronounced the same way GNU is.

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it's pronounced mJm

i hate you

It's "jif", only people I know who use "gif" are also english as a second language mouthbreathers.

It's worse that most people don't even know what an internet meme is. Normies think that each individual picture with a caption in Impact is a meme. If I showed this image to a group of people they'll call it "the giant turtle meme" or some stupid shit like that

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Well if the idiots repeat it enough it'll be a meme, even if it is just an image macro. And they'll pronounce it MEEM which ironically is a meme of sorts, i don't know if it counts if people are just doing it because they're stupid and think that's the way to pronounce it.


That's because English is retarded. And "gif(t)" has been made an official way to pronounce it outside of US.


The guy who invented it did a very good thing. It's a shame he failed phonics in grade school though.

It's okay, geniuses can be wrong sometimes too.

>jurrafics interchange format

is pronounced "me-me"

>Is there a correct way?
The creator said its like "jiff" but what does he know fucking compuserve was for pussies


>he doesn't make his "female" counter-part pronounce it his way

i thought it was may-may like melee.

"that faggot compuserve shit"

saying meem is a meme to annoy faggots like you


gyee hyee yeee hyee yeef ef

Looks like i've been taken on a ruse cruise by a master prankster.

He means his twin sister, not gf, user.

i call them magic pics

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Jiff is peanut butter. Gif as in gift.

As in "I like the cut of your gib" or as in >t. black man

Magical mongolian cave paintings is how I pronounce them

/ɣJf/ like the Dutch word for poison.

To him it's there's no difference.

>Some other way

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I pronounce it dead because webm is better

See how stupid you sound?


Jiff in hell

looks like it worked

It's post-ironic.

It's pronounced "Yiff"

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>Some other way
Are there other ways to pronounce it?

Soft g
It's the only correct way, like the creator intended

He's a programmer not a linguist.

G like a niGGer

He created it and he decides how to call it

If i decide to create a word it has to respect some basic linguistic rules... Else, he can still calls it however he wants but it'll be dumb.

I just say GIF

The entire pronunciation system of the English language is dumb, ever heard about ghoti?

Dawkins says "meem".

It's pronounced gif, you dipshit.

In his defense, twincest is objectively pretty hot (but selfcest >>> twincest).

That must sound fucking terrible.

There's a system? It seems mostly random.

>basic linguistic rules
Most English work starting with "gi" are pronounced with a soft G.

>starting with gi

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English apparently doesn't have a regulatory body
How do you even teach English in schools?

It sounds great, but the J is supposed to be a type of capital I. I am not sure why Hiroshima Nagasaki is so offended by it.

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Actually the creator said it is jiff.

>I personally pronounce it (GiFF). That being said, my female counterpart pronounces it (JiFF). Is there a correct way? Not likely, however, I'm guessing it was intended to be pronounced the first way.
There's a funny story about this.
The creator of the format came up with the extension (.gif) and the pronunciation (jiff) before working out the acronym, Graphics Interchange Format.

Basically he trolled everyone and is a faggot.




The same way I pronounce Joogle.
With a hard B.

Except that its an acronym, not a word, and does not have to abide by the language rules.
Even without that, jif (and gee aye eff) are the natural ways to pronounce it, everyone who pronounces it with a hard g is probably a stupid amerimutt.

why does stackoverflow always fall fot the meme?

i bet you're one of the idiots who don't pronounce gentoo as jen-too

>everyone who pronounces it with a hard g is probably a stupid amerimutt.
Everyone I know (not Americans) pronounces it with a hard G.
The problem is that people learned the words that make up the acronym before they heard the pronunciation the creator wanted, so that used that to form the pronunciation of the acronym.

Nope, Gentoo's pronounciation is self-explanatory.
I used to pronounce Debian wrong though, pronounced it as deb ion.

Amarifag here, me and literally everyone I know in the history of ever that has touched a computer pronounces with a soft G. Everyone who has heard the debate also thinks it's dumb.

I used to pronounce it "Dee-bee-an" so don't feel too bad. Also, still a shame about Ian. F to pay respect.

I usually alternate between hard g and soft g more or less each time I say it. If I'm around someone who I know pronounces it one way, I'll make sure to pronounce it the other way

yiff is the only acceptable answer.


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with a hard g since in finnish we pronounce g always like that

And he’s wrong

I pronounce it as contemporary grammar says i should pronounce it as opposed to some illiterate code monkey: GIF as in GRAPHICS with a hard G because of the first word's pronunciation.

If i relied on illiterate code monkey dumbfucks for spelling and grammar, not only would i have 3rd world literacy, but Russians would have even more of a field day hacking and destroying code made by illiterates as if they don't have it already.

>not Americans
Are they native English speakers? If not, does their language have a hard/soft g distinction, like Italian?

>Is there a correct way?
Yes, gif(t) and jiff are both valid.


Just how it's written: (/gif/)
t. funlander

I pronounce GIF as GIF.

Now here's the real question, how do you pronounce webm?

I've never said it aloud, but I pronounce it in my head as "weeb 'em"

web (as in "website") m