Technology LITERALLY killing us.



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>technology literally killing us
More like Natural Selection literally killing unworthy maggots. The sole virtue of the Human species is its extraordinary adaptability to environments and circumstances. If a person doesn't possess characteristic adaptability which is a result of strenuous mental and physical effort + pondering new routes to resolve a problem, that means they are too lazy or unwilling or stupid to find a way beyond suicide, meaning they have themselves pulled an off-switch to the right to live and influence the world. No sympathy for those shedding the right to it, for nature itself won't give it to them.

don't cut yourself on that edge, user.

>go to Las Vegas to attend an expo
>apparently no ubers allowed in the taxi area of the airport so decide to take a cab to the hotel (might have just been lied to looking back on it)
>cost me 42 fucking bucks for a 15 minute drive
>have a good time at the conference for 3 days
>take uber back to the airport
>cost me 16 dollars
I feel no sympathy

>feels good to have everything I need in my daily life in walking distance (max 15min)
Never used uber because I dont need it and only used taxis when I was not in my home city and because my employer paid for it.

>suicide apologist talking about edge cutting
That's a laugh, you should shut your mouth since you have waved your right to opinion.

nice projection, edgelord. go back to shooting up your local high school

no sharp edges allowed in middle schools

>catch a cab from JFK to Hoboken
>cabbie speaks maybe 10 words of English
>car reeks of curry
>have to tell him twice to pop the boot so I can put my luggage in
>hands me a fare book and his phone
>wants me to work out my own fare and input the destination
>somehow manages to delete the destination and wants me to enter it again
>at the end of the trip has the fucking nerve to ask for a tip
Taking the PATH next time, fuck cabbies.

Technology is cancer

Don't worry user, nobody will notice your suicide just like your pointless replies will be forgotten along with the deletion of this thread.

thanks for the free (You)s and bumping my thread, it all works out now dunnit

Uber is a pretty awful company but I can't not root for them, because taxi companies are pretty much racketeers, and I hope every one of them gets driven to bankruptcy

I attempted suicide and I honestly hope you die in your sleep. You think almost anyone has the balls to put a loaded gun to their head and pull the trigger? I did and by a massive lucky coincidence the bullet squibbed. Nobody knows about this too, the next day I just went on as normal and nobody has ever asked me if I'm okay.

where can I unsubscribe?

Why don't the taxi drivers just start driving for uber or lyft?

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In your mother's snatch.

>We can't rip off people with our mafia-like business system while treating them like shit and giving horrible service.

Oh no. Somebody help.

>and I honestly hope you die in your sleep
Everyone will die in their sleep if not out of other causes, we are not immortals.
I can see why you attempted suicide with such a low IQ. It doesn't take balls to take away your own life because in that situation true courage comes from facing the very thing that overpowered your will to live and going on living. Suicide is always going to be a coward's way precisely because the causation becomes the sole object of courage. Even your mental gymnastics for trying to pass off suicide as something virtuous are a low IQ paradox.

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The stupid goverment forced them to buy overpriced plates for 200k or whatever that are worthless now

You're so full of yourself, I have nothing but pitty for you.

Taxists in my country are fucking morons that for years lived under government monopoly supporting leftist parties through trade unions, since Uber arrived there they dropped by 70% the ride prices.

I call upon the holy powers of GTA2 to bring forth death of all Taxi drivers.

Taxi driver...


Well everybody's sayin' that they're not so bad
Everybody's sayin' that we need 'em bad
Well everybody's got their fuckin' heads up their ass

Everybody tells me they perform a service
But the same fuckin' people say they drive 'em nervous
Well make your fuckin' mind up, you stupid twat

If you want to see them cry
Poke 'em in the eye
Put their fingers in the socket and watch them fry

Taxi drivers must die

Everybody's sayin' that they drive 'em nuts
But when it comes to revenge they ain't got the guts
Well crawl back into your little 'ole, you little rat

United and strong we can fight them back
Teach them all a fucking lesson that they'll never forget
And watch the little bastards come crawling back

"I'm sorry"

If you want to see them cry
Poke 'em in the eye
Put their fingers in the socket and watch them fry

Taxi drivers must die

If you want to see them cry
Poke 'em in the eye
Put their fingers in the socket and watch them fry

Taxi drivers must...

If you want to see them cry
Poke 'em in the eye
Put their fingers in the socket and watch them fry

How was your weekend? Good?


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>capitalism vs socialism

You are damn right i'm full of myself, that's why i'm not a little unstable faggot susceptible to suicide. You want to feign fake ego out of applying virtue to suicide, and then you want to whine about others being full of themselves.
With such a cognitive dissonance and lack of self-awareness, you really should an hero.

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>Technology LITERALLY killing us.
I would use tacos in my town if they provided a good service

>Complaining about competition

Just imagine the blood bath when driverless cars come along.
>Select all images with taxis.

>To be fair, you have to have a high IQ to understand Rick and Morty.

Trying to excuse your own dumb logical blunder by calling upon some shitty cartoon meme is how you want to be remembered after suicide?
Nice one.

Good thread, everybody.
Real quality work.



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>M-Morty, *burp* n-nothing mattters, Mor-*burp*ty, life is meaningless*burp* and I'm *burp* too smart for my own good *burp* M-Morty, nothing *bur[* matters, morty

Who gives a fuck? Only retards live in a big city, any person with a functioning brain owns a car and drives on their own

The Pajeets are killing themselves? Good.

its those damn medallions that cost a fortune.

The easy solution that would keep everyone happy is scrap the medalions, come up with a cheaper $100/year taxi operating license (eg proof of insurance, clean driving record, no serious past crimes) instead and then for the lost revenue have each taxi add a surcharge per mile

The market will then figure out how much is 'enough' taxis.
if NYC is concerned about traffic it should implement a fee like london has for entering certain congested zones.

Personally I think uber is a shit deal for drivers.

we always joke about that, didn't know it could happen

the primary human profession is driving but soon it will be elder care

Agreed. The combustion engine was a mistake.

>Personally I think uber is a shit deal for drivers.
It is, but they keep on driving, so Uber keeps treating them like shit.

Gas money wise that's barely breaking even. Maybe we should be concerned, 16 dollars is not enough. Maybe 25 though

Yup, you're more of a piece of shit that I am. Wow.

It's literally capitalism in action you stupid commie.

I've tried it just to see if I'd survive and did that's overcoming something the likes of which next to no one alive has experienced, fuck what you think

roll the dice, faggit

I rolled the dice the night i fucked your fatass mother and survived any of her abrupt rolls squishing me during sleep.

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Taxi industry asked for all the regulations, the medallions and such, that ended up killing them. They're on suicide watch having to face actual competition for once.


>15 minute drive
>16 dollars in gas

What? That's like... maybe 3 dollars in gas, round trip.

A dollar maybe unless you're driving a fucking monster truck

I was thinking worst case going 75 MPH down the interstate. That would be like 15 miles including pick up and drop off time, which is probably like $1-1.50 each way, depending on your car.

that's some shit mpg you got there buddy

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Sounds like the taxi's need to adapt, you call yourselves professionals and that it's a career? Then you should be able to handle the change and use your experience to beat any fuckhead with a car

No thank you.

My Civic Si's not terrible, it's about 32 highway MPG but you have to feed it premium.
Looking at getting a used hybrid accord since they're nice AF and get 30 city / 38 hwy on regular.

i didn't realize it cost so much to drive a fucking taxi wtf. no wonder why these guys are so triggered

my uncle is the literal stereotype nyc cab driver, and he refuses to acknowledge that the job is fucking dead.
I keep telling him to GTFO and go home where he owns property and can live a comfy life, even work a desk job with his COLLEGE DEGREE (it's foreign though but still), but he refuses with my "murrica still has money" bullshit.
It's annoying the fuck out of me that he's basically wasting his life and after expenses isn't making any money. The stupid fuck is wasting his life being a kike puppet when he could live a comfy, albeit more basic life.
I'm getting the fuck out of here as soon as I finish grad school, so it's not like I'm giving hypocrite advice or anything.

I know most other Jow Forumstards are experiencing this too, with the outsourcing and job market saturation in IT and programming jobs.

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Let me ease your fears.
I went to a mountain college that was small enough to not have a need for uber but big enough that walking to your friend's new year's eve bender would be more trouble than it's worth.
To combat these we developed a system called "beeping" which is, in practice the exact same as uber but cost only 3 dollars a person. It wasn't great money but if you needed quick cash and you had a car then that's just what you did.
I did this several times and drove much farther than 15 minutes to most of my stops for that measly 3 dollars, sometimes people would be nice and give you more but you couldn't expect it.
Every night I needed to make more than 35 dollars to turn a profit because I needed to fill up my tank and often I would finish each night with anywhere from 60-120 dollars based on people's generosity, nowhere near what an uber would make including the cut the company takes.
My point is, as much as people say the drivers are being screwed it's still very lucrative for a job that pays quite a bit more than minimum wage and doesn't require any kind of degree. People are doing fine, I've talked to many uber drivers when I've traveled and most of them say they prefer it to a desk job.
Take my ramblings for what you will.

This is the primary problem. It wouldn't be such an issue if the gubment regulated uber like they did taxis. Or forced uber to subsidise the taxi plates.

It is still just a civic. What other memes did you fall for soy boy

this exact same thing happened to me.

just get on his good side to get some of that inheritance

what inheritance user?
I saw his taxes, none of these idiots that drive cabs have been making money since uber got big.
And to make matters worse, you can't make money off uber either, since there's just too fucking many in the city and the ratio of customers to uber drivers is too driver saturated.
Also uber takes a ton of fees out of each ride.
It's over. And a lot of these people have spend the last 10-20 years of their lives doing nothing but driving all day. They don't have any marketable skills and if they did no employer will take a person with an employment gap that big.

Something you guys and many other keep forgetting is that there is a lot more to the cost of being an Uber driver or cab driver.
Everytime that car is used it introduces more wear especially on tires, breaks, engine, the whole cooling system,etc.
Those things don't come cheap and is what makes being an Uber driver and the like not profitable in the long run which is why it's recommended as a temp or side job because the wear will eventually out way your profits.

Or started deregulating taxis decades ago instead of instating a crony capitalist mafia enforced by the government

it's because city governments cap the amount of taxi medallions at an arbitrary and very low number. They say its to control congestion, but it really has more to do with letting taxi companies charge much higher prices by restricting the amount of competition. If that wasnt the case and anyone who wanted one could go to City Hall's website and print out a taxi medallion for ten bucks, we wouldn't be having this problem.

It's either Uber et. al. or pawning your kidneys to get a medallion for the government
Uber does require a recent car so I guess pajeet buys one on credit, and unlike medallions the cars depreciate heavily

>Those things don't come cheap and is what makes being an Uber driver and the like not profitable in the long run which is why it's recommended as a temp or side job because the wear will eventually out way your profits.
A lot of these people will drive for 50-60 hours a week and they call it "going full time"
It's really sad honestly.

oh good, now I know what will happen when robots take over all the fast food jobs.

>The sole virtue of the Human species is its extraordinary adaptability to environments and circumstances.

Sounds like baseless science fiction rpg design to me. Humans are the adaptable generalists lmao! How do you even measure adaptability? Number of environments that it's possible to live in? Intestinal parasites have us beat then, because they can live inside every environment a human can by virtue of being inside humans, plus a human's intestines, which humans obviously can't.

lmao why is everyone on this website a little pussy? It seems everywhere I turn there are depressed little anime obsessed losers who want to kill themselves. Why is this?

Parasites beating humans doesn't invalidate or eliminate Human adaptability, adaptability apparent in Humanity always finding a way to compensate for everything, including dumbfucks like yourself who spouted how the steam industry or electric cars killed the jobs of the horse industry yet created more job opportunities than the horse industry ever provided by venue of Human creativity which is unlimited.
Literally kill yourself my child. Kill yourself to make way for proper Humans to keep on doing what Humanity has been doing since conception without your dumb ass dragging it down.


>apparent in Humanity always finding a way to compensate for everything,

We've been going at it for 10,000 years now? Like a cosmic microsecond.

>Suicide is always going to be a coward's way
You're fucking dumb and pathetic

Coward's way out

>being this enlightened over your own intelligence.

>compares adaptability of parasites solely based on their biological variety and countless years of evolution required to enable each and every adaption, to the human adaptability which is without any time constraints and only susceptible to relative creativity, which beat every organism on this planet including bacteria and viruses in terms of variations-per-annum
Are you literally retarded?

But Uber generally pays worse than a traditional taxi driver, my dude. It's a race to the bottom.

So viruses and bacteria are the true champions of adaptability then.

>Suicide apologist calling someone dumb and pathetic
Pot calling the Sun black in this case, an oxymoron. All your words are invalid by your own design you dumb faggot, you wavered your right to using such words, they can only apply to yourself. Now do us a favor and finish the task by slitting yourself with an edge or something.

>reading comprehension
Viruses and bacteria are also beat.

>out way
what did he mean by this?

Taxi's are too overpriced. I took one home from the hospital once and it was over $100 fee.

The thing is, what do you actually compare human adaptability to? There's no sentient species that we know of to compare. I know, I know, you're really basing this around your space elf rpgs, and that's fine, but if space elves are real, they probably have an RPG themselves where they're the adaptable ones. It's a retarded statement: Humans are the adaptable sentient species, our strength is our adaptability! The opposite statement has just as much support.

By any other metric of adaptability (environments lived in, variations per time period, etc, etc) there are non-sentient species that beat us.

>there are non-sentient species that beat us.
Name them. You can't name a single virus or bacteria that has gone through more variations than humanity has produced in terms of practical or theoretical designs in the equal period.
Just because you are too retarded to grasp it doesn't mean it isn't true.

truck drivers are in demand... y don't they switch careers?

in what universe is a 15 minute drive 16 dollars worth of gas? are you driving a fucking RV?

Pretty much every virus and bacteria has gone through more adaptations than humanity.

>attempted suicide
most not have been a very good attempt.

I have a feeling this is literally just a Fedora with hands.

You say "suicide apologist" as if it's a bad thing lol

Biological adaptions yes, but we are not talking about this slow retarded process. We are talking about adaptability unconstrained by biology whereby Humans have taken a far wider specter of processes to engage, depending on creativity and tools and conscious strategizing, none of which are functions that viruses or bacteria have nor can they compete with.
You mentioned parasites in terms of adaptability, there are at least a dozen ways for Humans to rid themselves of those parasites, the only thing stopping us being our choice to do so, therefore it's not that the parasites you masturbate to are living on their own but are rather being allowed to live by us.

It's worse than bad, it's self-defeating.
>i am a suicide faggot but i'll still fart my opinions into the air even though i've branded myself as an irrelevant existence
The definition of hypocrisy and irony is seeing a suicide faggot open their mouths to justify their existence even though their status as a suicide faggot depends on forgoing the same.
You as a suicide apologist are no better in that you are too retarded to see the hypocrisy of the same.


These things are insanely expensive. They used to be worth over $1million.

This is the end result of interfering with free market. Sure gypsy cabs existed, that and guys in limos that hang out in front of hotels and hot spots were usually a better option, but you couldn't just wave one of them down - they would come to you and offer services. It was inefficient as a business model. Along comes technology, and all of a sudden you can get the same service on demand. Meanwhile the crooked protection racket is cut off at the knees. And never mind the fact that yellow cabs have a reputation for being dirty, gross, hot, smelly, etc.

why dont they just work for uber?

civilization has been around for ~10k years, humans have been around for over 300k years.

you probably don't even know what a squib is you fucking brainlet

I hear most of them are damp

Modern firearms usually have a capacity of more than one round.

you could've fixed it and attempted again if you HATED your life so fucking much.

Get jewed super satan