Is programming correlated with drug use? Or is it just the standard intelligence/drug use correlation?

Is programming correlated with drug use? Or is it just the standard intelligence/drug use correlation?

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Pseudointellectuals make my head spin

Not with weed it isn't.
Maybe Adderall/coffee
But the GOAT programing drug is tobacco.

I feel like I find more creative solutions to problems when I smoke weed

Programmers tend to be socially inept lonely losers. They drown the void with drugs.

LSD/SHROOMS for creativity
DMT for the truth

depends on dosage/substance. with weed, it's hit and miss primarily because of strain choice and dosage.. A bong rip with some Green Crack packed and I'll work through projects and break down algorithms seemlessly. However, if it was some Trainwreck or Gorilla Glue no way in hell it's getting done desu.
I've read into microdosing and very briefly used mushrooms in this manner, and noticed a similar clarity in my mind without any intoxication.

That's because weed is a drug that intensifies thoughts but not necessarily improves their practicality. How many of those creative solutions can you use irl?

microdosing beer. its the only drug i can use while coding.

I drink my own cum for pure life enhancements

It's the standard idea that "creatives" dabble in drug use, and talk about it a lot in hopes of getting laid.

Once you get outside of college students and the hipster "JavaScript artist" types, it's about the same number of people as any other white collar job.

Things that mess with your ability to think clearly and concentrate don't mesh well this type of work, so you don't find too many people who use regularly/heavily enough that you'd notice at work. At least, not of the things that make you dopey.

lysergic acid diethylamide is known to be used by tech moguls such as bill gates and steve jobs and some credit it to being the sole inspiration behind the conception of the iphone.
it wouldn't surprise me if our ancestors turned to such substances like psilocybin and mescaline for the creation of many concepts in modern technology. it is a fact that humanity has an extremely long relationship with psychedelics so i don't think it's much of a stretch to say that they had a hand in helping our species advance in a technological aspect.


led can also be used for focusing as it is technically a stimulant. i know a handful of people who abuse adderall and after talking with them about it, it seems to effect their brains a bit differently than those like myself with adhd. someone who isn't me noticed the same thing when talking to others about lsd. when comparing mushrooms to acid, someone who isn't me noticed a vast difference in ability to focus on the two substances respectively. mushrooms were overwhelmingly stimulating where as the acid was a very focused experience.

ITT: middle schoolers stuck in aging bodies

Intelligence is indeed connected with drug use.
If you do drug, your intelligence is probably low.

>If you do drug, your intelligence is probably low.

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nice desu

Doubtful, I would search for relation between drug abuse and shitty work environment. I'm a developer at a great company with no need of snorting cocaine. However, guys in a constant state of crunch might be taking something just to keep up.

It's just the boring fucking person/drug use correlation.

"Woah man, that thing I experienced in my own head that I don't remember correctly and can never meaningfully communicate was, like, soooo deeep, man? Doesn't that, like, make me better than other people? They don't even know about the aliens between the walls, man!"

After taking the bogpill I went to the modafinil pill.

OP is talking about drug use, not drug abuse.



Modafinil has no psychedelic effects, it just makes you not tired

not too many at work for me, but weed got me off my couch and studying non-stop and now I'm back in school doing better than ever. And I could work out without feeling pain with some strains.
I don't consider it a wonder-drug but I use it over anything like opioids . Hell if I ever went back to them I'd probably overdose without question an die.
You know something is wrong with a company when the pothead is the least lazy out of them. of course there are also a lot of stoners at where I work

LSD makes it sort of easier for me to make websites aesthetically pleasing

Is it just me, or does weed feel like a weak psychedelic at times?


My tolerance is so high (genetic) that there isn't a chance in hell this would work for me.
Besides alcohol an severely impair your judgment and your logic abilities, even in small-ish doses.

Yes it can have psychedelic effects.

Alcohol for ballmer peak

No, doing drugs does not make you better than anyone else. Not doing drugs doesnt make you better than anyone else either.

Depends, weed is not so modern anymore for the snowflake kids of today, but if you watch the Atari documentary, they're all stoners back them , all the programmers included, and some MIT early days hackers like to smoke weed too i'm right?!? those fuckin beards and shit!

IDK if I can find the time for a "proper" psych trip, like, I really want to try one because I've always been "that curious kid" an I think I'm quite creative (play a bunch of musical instruments, some self-taught, and sing), so psychs always had this allure, and listening to a lot of 60s and 70s Rock makes them more enticing.

But again, I never seem to find the time, and I'm deathly afraid of dealing with dealers (because o social ineptitude).


Be subhuman elsewhere

Finding a dealer who is also a friendly fellow psychonaut and cares about the quality of their product is hard but totally doable.

Hey asshole, do you have any idea how fucked up the drug trade around acid is, especially in the bay area?
Lemme break it down for you. The heirarchy of gangs involved goes:
Hells Angels -> Scumfucks -> Grateful Dead Family
It is HIGHLY organized at the top levels, and if you're caught trying to manufacture LSD and distribute LSD outside of the supply chain, you will be killed, or worse. If you snitch to the feds, you get the "or worse". What's the "or worse", you may ask? Well, there are research chemicals that are much, much worse for you than good ol' LSD. The kind of sketchy chemicals, enough of which will turn you into a raving fucking lunatic your entire life. Mix these up with some dimethyl sulfoxide, which will mae them penetrate the skin easier and go straight to your bloodstream on skin contact, load 'em in a squirt gun, and you can rob someone of their mind, and turn them into a walking example so that everyone else knows not to step out of line. THIS ABSOLUTELY DOES HAPPEN, MORE FREQUENTLY THAN YOU THINK. Take a walk around upper Haight in SF some time, look at all the "wingnuts". There's a rule on the street there that you don't fuck with them, you never fight them, because you never know who they used to be. They're not just "crazy homeless people" who "did too much acid". A lot of them are former GDF who snitched. It's fucking awful. At least the worst a heroin dealer will do is kill you.

I'll eat shrooms to my heart's content, because here in WA i can find them for free just about year round. But I WON'T touch acid ever again, having seen what goes on with the business side of it.

Ugh, stop fetishizing the boomers and their stupid decades. People who deal psychedelics are fucked up immoral drug dealers. Grateful Dead is gang music. Tie die is gang collors. Peace sign is a gang sign. The people involved think people like you are fucking idiots, and they rip you off. They're buying that LSD for 50 cents a hit and selling it to you for ten dollars.


found the fag

What correlation is there between being a pothead and being smart????

This is why I thought of the deep web...

Not easy here, but at least weed isn't too hard to get and we do occasionally get some really good Lebanese or Moroccan hash.

>I feel like
Just because you feel like it's true doesn't mean it actually is true.