Tech cringe stories

Jesus christ I hate my job sometimes
>be me
>work for a local jewellery company, making and editing videos and running their social media page full time.
> have to edit footage on a late 2013 iMac
>don't really mind too much but whatever
>Boss is pretty tech illiterate, get to sit in my own comfy office all day away from the main store.
>Bosses son comes in, think's he is some sort of business god despite being only 22
>starts critiquing my work, pointing out flaws in the jewellery not the video
>decide he wants to try editing some videos when I clock off.
>tell him go nuts, I backup all the footage onto a portable drive and leave it with my boss, clock off.
>come back in the morning
>disk error
>turns out he turned the computer off by simply switching it off at the wall.
>everything is fucked, computer repair couldn't recover jack.
>Boss lost my backup, says he gave it to the son
>try talking to the son about it
> "lol you're problem not mine"

why are people so tech illiterate?
also tech cringe thread, make me feel like i'm not the only one with this problem pls. I have other stories if people want

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>high school
>programming during lunch
>freshman sneaks over and looks at my pc
>he asks
>"anOOn whAt aRe yOu dOing"
>i respond with the obvious
>he stares at my computer with a look of pure confusion, then says
>"where are the blocks"

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>backup and leave it with your boss
why would you do this? this story ain't real, right?

policy states I have to leave the backup with him at the end of the night. I wish it wasn't so.

god I remember high school best times and worst times.

couldn't you encrypt that shit or make a 2nd backup and leave it at the premise without giving it to him?

interesting story OP, but i have one question: who are you quoting?

I've only been here for about two months, this happened last week and I've convinced the boss to get a subscription to dropbox, and now I get to keep the backup so it isn't so bad now.

at the bottom? the bosses son when i asked about the computer/backup

well, I guess that's the silver lining.

no i mean the whole story you quoted. where did you get it from

Its me. this happened to me a week ago.

oh... why did you use the quote function then?

You know what a greentext story is right?

don't respond to the trolls, mdude

Christ here we go. As a background, I work for my families business. There is 7 of us total, however I am the only one who knows how a computer even works. In 2011 we upgraded our computer system to something more modern, however my input was ignored. as I was "too young".

>Server computers are refurbed dells that originally only came with 2gb of ddr2 ram.
>Absolutely no methods to protect from data loss outside of some really generic backup program that needs to be babysat or it'll hang up
>battery backup was bought used, battery barely worked, had nothing to tell the computer to shut off so it really didn't do anything.
I was also never allowed to touch it, and it took a long time to figure out the password.

>Fast forward about 6 years
>One day I decide it needs to have the dust blown out of it because the case is warm to the touch in a fairly cool room.
>Shut it off, blow dust out, plug it back in, turn it back on
>Lost like a months worth of saved work
>Try to restore from backup
>It froze like 6 months ago and wasn't working
>Dad freaks out, calls the guy who set it all up
>He works for some yuge company and can't help us anymore, refers us to this other guy
>Other guy looks at it, runs a smart test on the drive
>She's dead, Jim, and so is all the data
>Time to upgrade the whole damn thing
>I'm trying to tell him we need a decent computer with 2 drives in raid 1 to prevent that from happening again
>He buys an HP prebuilt that meets the min specs
>Give up

Then the newest one
>Uncle/cousins store's server has never been replaced
>One day it gets a virus
>Which should be impossible because it shouldn't be connected to the internet
>They kind of just ignore it because nothing bad has happened yet
>One day it goes full cyka blyat and locks up
>But its ok because the program that hosts all our software is still able to run in the background so its not really a problem

I've basically given up.

>3 4

is this loss

>but its ok because the program that hosts all our software is still able to run in the background so its not really a problem

this is so relatable it physically hurts. thanks for sharing user

>ahaha i am so angry delet this XDXDXDXDXXD

dumb af coworker the other day who acts like a know it all but really is just an ignorant retard. we're talking about disk drives and storage space, then this...
>>you can't put SSDs in a raid
>Uhh yes you can, they're just drives
>>no you cant.
>yeah you can stripe, mirror, or do other raid stuff you can with normal drives
>I can hear him over my cubicle wall googling trying to pre me wrong.
>he never responds
this is like every conversation I have with him. pic related, he's right at the fucking top.

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>be me, BI dev
>cool opportunity to learn python to build a predictive model comes up
>start learning python
>working with 2 PhD data scientists to get their guidance
>build simple logistic regression model, 85% accuracy
>enlist data scientist guru senpais to help
>"Have you tried random forest? Try gradient boosting"
>try their models, 83% accuracy
>K guys, did that, didn't work well... I used logistic regression beca-
>alright dudes
>need to add some features to my model
>"Hey guys, how can I one hot encode dimensions in python?"
>uh okay
>5 minutes googling python
>write a for loop to one hot encode dimensions


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That picture is retarded. There is literally no logical reason for the rise after 'mount stupid'.

>where are the blocks
English is not my language, what do you mean with "blocks"?

He's probably talking about Blockly

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le ebig mahmah

What fucking soyboy program is this?

It's used to teach kids how to 'code'

fuck off user I learned to program with something similar when I was 16

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>>Boss lost my backup, says he gave it to the son
>>try talking to the son about it
>> "lol you're problem not mine"
>turns out he turned the computer off by simply switching it off at the wall.
>everything is fucked, computer repair couldn't recover jack.
This story doesn't make sense. This whole fucking story sounds made up.

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>that picture

are you sure its not you?

>gave your back up to your boss

That's actually not a terrible way to teach kids.

It's not. Mate of mine is part of an extracurricular education program for extremely gifted kids (they need to take an actual IQ test to participate) and their robotics and programming labs use Blockly and Scratch. Having attended one as a sort of guest teacher, I can honestly say that it appears to be perfectly suited to teach young kids how syntax, structure and all the other shit works, without them having to learn an actual language.


The keyword there was "kids", using it as an introductory thing for the first half of middle school, then switching to an actual language after they get the hang of it.

You'd understand if you knew people that are knowledgeable in any given area. Pretty much nobody that knows his shit has an urge to 'opine on a topic'.
For example, I'm a lawyer and neither I nor any of my colleagues have the urge to offer an opinion on legal issues when normies are talking about them. Especially as 'willingness to opine on a topic' in this context has the connotation of being an unasked-for 'opinion'.

good Lord the almighty creator. I don't envy you. What is it with everyone and their "muh random forests" and other buzzwords? tell these faggots that the complexity of a model doesn't guarantee the quality of the result. Heck, almost every time i want to build a prediction model I start with linear regression and if it werks then fuck it, why the hell complicate things unnecessarily? seems to me they just want to justify the time they wasted on their PhD learning stuff that anyone could've learned by opening a book and reading through it.

Of course. They use it for 9-11 year olds.

consider its author and its intended audience:
fucking hillary shill neckbeards.

you shouldnt look at any media and judge it purely off of its literal content, you miss out on bants that way.

>tfw you read It's not for It is

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>friend asks me to teach him how to hack because he want to migrate to being a pentester
>hop on mumble with him
>so user how do I hack someones facebook
>well you could do it several ways here's what I'd recommend (explain several methods to him)
>no but I mean like whats a piece of software where you just put in someones facebook and it gives you the password
>facebook invests millions into it's security you honestly think a piece of software like that exists?
>someones got to be able to do it user
>well even if someone could why would they release the software when they could make a shit ton of money selling or renting it out?
>whatever user you clearly don't know shit so I'll just find out on youtube
he ended up asking me to fix his malware ridden laptop

he hasn't spoken to me about hacking since then

why are you friends with people like that

that's my only bad experience with him

fair enough

are you trying to say that 16yo isn't a kid?

>single mothers are incompetent parents: the post

This is why the nuclear family is important. Father to discipline the Roasties and curb their inane stupidity.

in the uk they're not