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I'm putting together a team

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>there are people who browse /hpg/ that fell for the schitt and snapheisers meme

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i've been browsing hpg regularly for the past month and am planning to buy the hd 600 and schiit stack within the next few weeks. suck it.

As to preserve my Trusty reputation, and as with the reputation of /hpg/, I did NOT manipulate the poll :^)

Here are the results

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i did my part

>buying a headphone with unmatched drivers
>buying from a company that can't design dacs or solder properly

those voluptuous knockers
those sexy pantyhose
those qt anime feet
those DISGUSTING fucking earbuds

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>only 4 votes on the HD600
But the Idol poster said they were the best ???

reminder that posting lewd pictures of your anime waifu means she a slut

Do not buy Schiit products.

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>mfw I got memed in to buying a Fulla 2

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find me a dacamp combo as good as the schiit stack, for the same price, with equally as pleasing aesthetics and I will.

>mfw when listening to Symphony no.9 flac with new headphones

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sell that shit whilst you still can, user.

not as good because >tube but SDAC+CTH for $300

Consider it a life lesson.

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DIY O2 + ODAC and make a good looking enclosure for both.

I'm glad that I haven't had any problems with my Fulla 2 but what are good alternatives? Fiio? SMSL?

or that one redditor who had schiit get mad at him after they forgot to send him the dac with his jotenheim that he paid for and he requested a return/refund

>"just make your own!"

Fiio, SMSL, and Topping have all demonstrated time and time again that they know how to make a dac. While every dac from schiit that has been measured thus far turned out to be a shit show and their amps clip well before the advertised power output.

Sabaj DA2 is efficient enough for mid-fi headphones. Topping D10 with an O2 also doesn't come far in price from a Fulla while being much better.
Solves your aesthetic issue, gives you a great experience and you get both an amp and a DAC for the price of only your Schiitâ„¢ Modi.

>the HD600 is a little bit more neutral [than the HD650]
>the HD600 is the better value [compared to the HD650]
>I'm really confident that the HD600 will be the better fit for me long term [compared to HD650]
>I prefer the HD600s over the HD650s
>if I had to choose one I would go with the HD600 over the HD650
>describes the HD650 as "more colored"

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isn't it pretty universally accepted that the 600 has superior tuning to the 650? iirc even axel grell stated that the 650 was just tuned to have more subbass at the expense of everything else

>isn't it pretty universally accepted that the 600 has superior tuning to the 650?

I bought an LCD2. It's going to be here on Friday. I'm hoping the drivers don't pop like a firecracker on me.
What are you waiting for user?

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Thinking of getting this mightyape.com.au/product/logitech-z337-bold-sound-system-with-bluetooth/26103553 cause I can't get good speakers in australia from massdrop.

But user, who are they to claim the HD 600's definite sound signature? With so much variance between the non-driver matched earcups, you are never truly sure what you're going to get out of the box!

I'm waiting for your hair to come back.

HD650 are not driver matched, and this is not a defective sample.

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>What are you waiting for user?
waiting for you to sell that soyheiser

A shame too. Sennheiser really has taken a step
back since the HD 580 with their HD 600

This is also not a defective sample.

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>Schiit literally has multiple websites doing damage control for them
Nobody should be buying their products.

No, this is Sennheiser's "driver matching". It's shit but even worse on the HD600. Whether it's audible or not is another debate.

This data abrogates yours by virtue of being presented by a cute anime girl.

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Stop, don't be retarded. Yes, you can get good speakers in Australia. I know some fat slobs down under with some nice setups. There are other sources than massdrop.

Nonsense! Any self-respecting audio enthusiast should know that the HD 650s (Driver matched to perfection) are driver matched to 1 db! Posting measurements of defective headphones really is disingenuous to the posters of /hpg/, user

Hair is of no use if I don't go outside. I never go outside, have no friends, and no family thus it doesn't matter how I look!
I like them but I am going to sell a headphone or two. Maybe even the lcd2.

Poor driver matching is audible in the bass, notsomuch in the treble unless extreme. It's a good thing the HD600 has better bass driver matching than the HD650. These samples are also not defective.

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>Maybe even the lcd2.
just get it over with an get an l700 or 009

When you never know what you're going to receive due to Sennheiser's poor driver matching, it becomes a real issue with existing and potential customers

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Why did we never hear back from user?

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stupendously accurate and informative posts which deserve a pulitzer prize

Luckily, the HD 650s are just that! Driver matched to oblivion (As expected of TOTL headphones from mankind) and beyond! You know exactly what you're going to receive with these pair of beauties

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Gee, InnerFidelity never gets anything wrong and their measurement rig is never wrong either. Perfectly accurate to the human ear and there should be no variation at all or room for error.
Also, defective sample.

But user, how can you call it a defective sample? A normal being simply doesn't buy non-driver matched headphones and is surprised when they come out non-driver matched! No, no

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>>mfw I got memed in to buying a Fulla 2
That's called being Fulla Schiit.

"I said the shit word !!"

Any and all HD 650s not pertaining to the +/-1db claim is simply defective. Since the HD 600s don't have one, one shouldn't be surprised when it comes out non-driver matched (As expected). Am I not wrong, user?

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If you can't see that and are defective samples and that and are not you cannot read graphs, just like I cannot link to posts properly.

You can't read graphs.

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Now you're just avoiding the question

how are you two already ruining this thread with your autism

That's fine though, we can talk another time :)

I hope momma didn't hear me!

>Defective like my ability to link posts

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Best headphone to use with my phone?



This is why the neutral point of view is bullshit. The "they're all bad" "anti sennheisers are just as annoying". The sennheiser shills are the worst, absolute worst thing about this thread. Worse than genz guy, worse than NHA, worse than speaker guy, worse than floor user and counter sennshill memes. They won't fucking let go, there is just no respite from it.

It's funny because it's true.

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Help me fellas!
No /csg/ at the moment so i tought about asking here instead...

i want this:

but i can't buy from the US (taxes would leave me bankrupt)
so I found this in Ali but i'm unsure if it's the real deal...

in short, Is link related the the original shp9500?

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The best headphone manufacturer.

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>Clearly VERY open back 9500s
>With active noise cancelling
Nigga what.

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lol I fucking knew this would occur.

Rude. At least post my older, more senile brother

Should I get the Vsonic GR07s for a nice pair of IEMs? I already own 2 good headphones but need something for portable use.
I might purchase them when I wake up. Going to sleep now.

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I bought a pair and have some fit issues but they do sound damn good for the price.

Shame that the beyerdynamic chrome 880s are all plastic. They look quite nice.

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Yeah, you'd think that part would be chrome plated. Nope, it's just a shitty, shiny plastic ring. Like a children's toy.

>worse than gen z guy
Whoa there

they're well regarded, I think you picked well in that price range. enjoy :)

>doesn't make DT880 with amazing build
>make upgrades of their shittier headphones instead
DT1880 when

The HD600's have life to them. The DT880's are sterile.

HD600 are the best headphones in the world (Driver matched to perfection, as expected of TOTL headphones from mankind) and DT880 are low fidelity garbage with ear-raping treble dildos.

Dumb user, now you're stealing my lines! Grab your own lines! Clearly, the jealousy of not owning the best headphone mankind has to offer (HD 650 (Driver matched by angels, as expected)) is getting to you :^)

If pouring literal shit into your ears is life, then I agree.

friendly reminder that the hd600 has a sucked out upper midrange and is trash compared to real headphones like pic related.

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i got some er4sr, ill sell them for an offer if anyones interested

These are real headphones, basslet.

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I am looking for 2 recommendations, one set over the ear cans for my home work/gaming station. Preferably open or semi open so I can hear my spouse. I am not an audio professional but my work dose touch audio a bit before it goes out the door so I think a neutral or natural sounds signature is preferable? Also this pair would just be driven off my computers mother board, no amp or dac available. But overall the most important thing is comfort over extended sessions. All of my previous cans have been on ear and pinched my ears to an extent or had head bands that dug in. If it makes a difference I ware glasses so not pinching those would be good too. I don't want to spend more then 100 usd on this pair if I can avoid it as I will have to by a modmic or similar to go with it because I am done dealing with shitting voice chat mics. In summery cheep, comfortable, natural sound.

I am also looking for another over the ear set for my commute on the train. Preferably closed or noise cancelling, something that will protect my hearing if possible, but I don't know if those are a meme. Not wireless as know that suddenly becomes a feature once you get into noise cancelling stuff. It's only a hour commute so comfort is not key but it doesn't hurt. I am only looking to spend about 200 usd on this pair but that might not be reasonable, so this pair is not a big of a priority as the first.

Other things of note I live in the US. My previous cans have been a grado sr60 and a koss porta pro. I liked the way both sounded but I am most used to the porta pros and I don't think I would use the sr60s for anything other then music if I could help it.

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SHP9500S for the first rec.

Also, V-Moda BoomPro for the mic. It plugs right into the SHP9500S so you don't have two cables like you would with a Modmic.

i need a new pair of headphones to watch porn with, voices need to sound clear, closed back, over ear, under $100 and easy to clean


As for a closed-back: Takstar Pro 82

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Best wireless earbuds in the market?

I'm considering the FocusPower F10 wireless Bluetooth earbuds, but I heard the sound quality is shit

Have you took over from floor user?

is there any difference between the brainwavz hm5 and the NVX XPT100

>DT1880 when
that would be the DT1990 whit the A pads

The headband on the Beyer looks as flat as the new Tomb Raider girl

Idol trash here.
What's your setup like, user?
Good op.

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Looking for an affordable amp(+dac?) to drive some cheap-ish headphones with phone/desktop. I'd be comfortable spending around $100. What would you recommend?

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>Only 4 votes

Still has 5dB more treble than the 880

i have furniture tho and a cat