Bought for gazillion dollars

>bought for gazillion dollars
>only use it to jerk off
so this is the power of progress huh

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At least you're watching porn on a 16:10 screen.

most porn is either 3:4 or 16:9, so he has black bars either way

But you're jerking off... in style.

there's been no progress in personal computers since the late 00s

Black bars for extra black cocks.

>I foolishly bought the wrong computer for simple tasks
>heh, fuckin' dumb iSheep
...where is the connection here?
you could easily start making music or animating or do some graphic design or photography, video editing...but you made a deliberate choice.
how is this anyone else's fault but yours?

Well that's just a retarded thing to say.
Are you retarded? What retarded rhetoric.

>yet another macbook bashing
I bet you never used a macbook or anything made by apple before. or your just a meme spouting retard who jumps to any kind of hate bandwagon

>start making music or animating or do some graphic design or photography, video editing
don't fool yourself, screen that small is only useful for jerking off. can't do any meaningful work on less than 27 inch screen

Apple isn't entirely bad, the phones and laptops are pretty excessively useless though

I bet you never used a a real computer or anything not made by apple before. or you're just a dick sucking retard who jumps to any kind of brand bandwagon

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Literally the best OS ever made

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sudo systemctl start protect-virginity.service

I know you're trolling, but a 13-14 inch screen is the perfect form factor. Small enough to whip out in nearly any situation, big enough to be able to do proper work with.

Prove me wrong.

Well, I own a fully spec’d out 2018 15” MBP

4gb Radeon 560 is actually good enough to run most modern games on mid to high settings. No, it’s not fantastic, but it’s passable.

The form factor and construction is perfectly executed.

It’s light, thin, and portable.

Battery life is really good.

Yes, it costs twice what it should

I’ve owned more laptops than I care to admit. I had an Alienware 15”, a Razr blade, and many others. I keep coming back to Apple because the software/hardware combination is the best package on the market. Not by a landslide, by a thin margin.


Macs use launchd not systemd

>fully spec’d out 2018 15” MBP
>No, it’s not fantastic, but it’s passable.
The absolute state of macshit.

Was able to try out a 15" MacBook once, it was alright I guess but not what everyone hyped it up to be imo. If I wanted to use Mac OS I'd much rather hackintosh/dualboot with my OS of choice.

This why apple want you to buy a iPoo

autism: the picture

so windows 7?

Fiddling with your dick while reading cuck erotica for 2 hours (because you're too tired from the tiny fonts) is not work, user.

There are no 2018 Macbooks yet mate

Comfy as fuk on Sierra in MacBook Pro 2015.

I have to admit I just went out and bought a macbook air today. First time buying an apple product.

Not a fan of the bezels but the trackpad makes it worth it for me. I don't game anymore, eve if I did I have my desktop.

Feels weird to be fragmented over 4 OS's though with my using android for my pixel 2, OS X, windows for gaming PC and fedora for tinkering.

Return it and buy a macbook or wait for the new model. MacBook Air is hundreds of years old now.

I know, I am getting a slight bout of buyer's remorse at the bezels. The others are just a bit expensive for my tastes and I really need a laptop now, I did wait for the recent reveal hoping there would be something better than the new ipad.

i guess one thing i like about the air is the fact it's a tried and tested design and its not very pretensious looking.

If you really have just bought it return it, it really is an old model. You'll like the new line even more, or throw out a little more cash and get the MBP 2015.

You'll have a much faster and future proof machine.

pls dont do this to me user

>he didn’t buy an eluktronic laptop

Top kek

I have a mbp 2017 touchbar and a desktop with gtx 1070. Laptops are for typing notes in class and watching vids. Demanding tasks on the desktop. I don't know why this is so hard to grasp.