Tfw failed my first CS mid term

>tfw failed my first CS mid term

What the fuck nothing on the review and homework was on the exam!

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Like... Freshman CS course?
That shit is literally just "What is this C/C++ function and what does it do?"
How bad did you fail OP?

We are learning Java as our first language and an example question is pic related

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>develop a static predicate
stopped reading there
I thought this was a CS class and not history of Shakesbeard or something

That's not hard user
If his CS courses are anything like mine, they teach this kind of shit until you hit upper division stuff. Couldn't test out though so I had to suffer through.

Your assignments shouldn't be on the exam. That's the material you have already been assessed on. A second assessment on it would merely be retarded.

You should be learning the alternative things that weren't included in your assignments?

>take assignments practicing for exam
>exam is completely different than practice
>Too bad lol! Should have known and shouldve practiced alternative things :^)

The world needs Janitors too user. Just keep playing video games, its fine nothing to worry about.

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Almost any class will tell you that most material will be assessed once. If you had an assignment that was graded, that material shouldn't be on the exam. Conversely, not all of the material in your class will have been in assignments.

It's not that hard to do the math.

I'm a senior dev and I have no idea what the FUCK a predicate is in terms of cs. I would need to look that up but I assume static method.

what the fuck is a predicate? Do they mean a method?

a predicate is logic theory terminology for a function that returns a boolean and they shouldn't be using it to teach retards CS1

the actual questions are pretty basic if you can decipher them though

Did you buy the programming starting kit?

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Thank you

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My Java course was NOTHING like this, wew.

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The fuck is this shit? Predicate? Already learning arrays in a beginner class?
Damn I'm glad my CS classes are brainlet tier.

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Link your cunt teacher this thread. This shit is ridiculous for an intro course and even the autists on Jow Forums think so which is surprising.

>Not learning about arrays
Isn't that rather essential? I would think that lists of some sort would be fundamental for really getting a good understanding what loops and branches and whatnot are used for and how they work.

Haha what the fuck, my third CS course wasn't even like this.

Week One:
Hello world, Strings, string concatenations, printing strings
Week Two:
Integers, Booleans, arithmetic, branches
Week Three:
Real and floating point things, given a few real-world problems to solve, Introduction to Math.*, etc
Week Four:
Lists and Arrays

Would be about standard

Yeah I didn't either but I could infer that through context pretty easily.

>omg what's a predicate?

Where the hell did you take Java? I learnt about arrays, 2d arrays and how to manipulate them in a Java course I took during high school

This thread made me realize most of Jow Forums went to shitty state universities or community colleges.

OP's question is totally in-line for a first year course at this time of year at a university with a competent CS department.

In the first half of my first course, we covered
>Nearly all data types, structs, arrays, vectors, file io/data streams, branches and loops, arithmetic relational and boolean operators, some c libraries, string and vector methods, writing functions and method . . .

It felt like we were going slow at the time, but that is quite a bit.

Yeah wtf I don't even remember AP computer science much but I remember doing recursion and sorting multi-dimentional arrays the first semester.

OP what uni do you go to?

The other questions are fine, but what is a predicate?

Im a freshman at MSU Denver

>Your assignments shouldn't be on the exam.
Then there's no reason to have an "exam" at all. Just keep handing out assignments.

P: X -> {true,false}

Who the fuck actually uses predicates?

>""""cs"""" course
>focuses on programming minutiae

College CS programs are a scam

The assignments are there to assess your knowledge of parts of the course material.
If you've already been assessed on it, assessing the same material is fucking retarded. Literally something done only by brainlet lower tier """academic institutions"""

How do you not know what a predicate is?

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Maybe because it doesn't really matter.

What a coincidence I go to MSU.
...Missouri State University.

You know, you can always choose an easier degree, sweetie.

It literally tells you what to do

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>If you've already been assessed on it, assessing the same material is fucking retarded.
I don't think you understood me. Just get rid of exams completely. Just move through the course, at a normal pace, and only grade assignments. No exams. Cover everything you want the students to learn, and avoid ambushing them on "exams". Just do nothing but assignments. Seems the fair thing to do.

Dude, I'm sorry, this is highschool level CS now. The kids graduating highschool these next 5 years are going to blow you stupid fucks out of the water.

Exams are there for time pressure and seeing what you know in a time sensitive situation. they shouldn't be as much of the grade as internal (66/33 split is fine), and they can be replaced entirely just with in class tests as assessment items, which is what most 300/400 level papers do in my country.

They're also important in 100/200 level papers because the cheating chinks haven't been filtered out yet. Exams provide a good way of doing that.

this, gl

i hadn't considered the cheaters. I hate cheaters!

>muh math terminology jerk off in a Java intro course
fuck off, literally nobody calls it that in the real world

Can confirm this is mandatory to be a good programmer

>fuck off, literally nobody calls it that in the real world
Except for everyone because there's no other sensible word for that

My intro cs course did arrays wtf are you in a nigger college or something?

if this isn't bait then Jesus fucking Christ

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Nigga that's easy as fuck. We got this in our first semester. I'm in my third right now making android apps and shit. If you can't solve that then you should honestly pick a different career path.

every single professional programmer in the world who uses filter in map/filter/reduce

that's extremely easy, but i can forgive not knowing what the fuck its saying because worded by a brainlet trying to flex his knowledge

the first function is 4 lines long max (its a for loop) and the second function is also 4 lines long (its also a for loop)

Are people memeing? Other than the predicate shit, which is just a fancy way to say method returning a boolean as far as I can tell from the context, this sounds pretty standard. Just be thankful you're not doing that shit in C and needing to worry about memory like I had to fucking do in first year.

Sounds like you're a brainlet with reading comprehension problems, OP.
Sure, your teacher could have used smaller words/ shorter sentences, but then it wouldn't have weeded out the non native speakers in the class.

Some doesn't know how to use commas.

I know what a predicate is through Lisp, but I assume it must have been explained in OP's course.
Other than that, why is everyone pretending that these questions are difficult? The most difficult question is finding the max from an array of integers, that is standard first semester stuff.

Top kek Kys. We had tougher stuff on first semester in c and cpp

All stuff I could do after a week of self-taught C.

>He doesn't realize exams are based around his problem solving/critical thinking skills
Prepare to fail your course OP

AHAHAHAHA quit while your ahead.

When I dropped out of University (Huddersfield, UK, Games Programming) most of my peers could not write a simple program OP pic related. Open prisons for the unemployed. I fucking hated that place.

For the same reason people mispronounce the Thorne letter. It's fallen into disuse and so is becoming archaic. Your picture is very informative though, and people should look to expand their knowledge, but you do realise you're posting on /jee/ where people brick their win10 computers and can't write a "Hello, world!" even with baby steps... righ?

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>he didn't study for the exam using older exams

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