For shits and giggles, what kind of games can you run on a stick pc?

for shits and giggles, what kind of games can you run on a stick pc?

Hopefully more than just snes emulators?

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Open TTD

Anything as long as it's not CPU intensive.

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>more than just snes emulators
genesis emulators

Show up at a LAN and play Quake 2 on it.

I had a shitty netbook with worse specs 8 years ago, and it ran some games ok. I'd expect this is the same, if you turn down the resolution. The Linux versions of these are super cheap because they gimped them with half the RAM of the windows version. I use one as the head for my laser cutter.

>intel atom

in the trash it goes. even they abandoned the project. and cisco is having recalls on every fucking router and switch cuz the atoms die after x time

LowSpecGamer did exactly that. You could do 7th gen games if you really chopped them up with config files. Emulators for certain.

prolly anything up to 2009

Unreal Tournament (1999)

LowSpecGamer covers it in a video or two:

Perfect for retro stuff.

I can play Sonic Mania perfectly on my atom Intel Atom Z3735F laptop

The fuck is this?

All the functionality of an Arduino but without the privacy?

so LAN parties

if it had ethernet, you bet your fucking ass i would

>Open TTD
Ma nigga

theres a video about this on youtube. You can run Cs go at 40.

Find the cucumber.

there are sticks with ethernet port


Buy a PSTV / Vita TV and run emulators on it.

Snes emulation can be pretty taxing if you're using bizhawk. Atom CPUs should be capable of handling less demanding games, but having active cooling makes a huge difference.
I've seen titanfall run at playable framerates on the first generation gpd win.

Jesus Christ man, grow the fuck up