Chinks can't innova-

>it seems Huawei has skipped one or two generations. The results are simply that good.

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i rly just don't care dude

>redoing nokia pureview is innovating


>chink phone
>literal chinese spyware forced on it and not even hiding

I like how the phone looks. The gradient looking back is really nice. Honestly don't care much about the camera but it is impressive from the sample shots ive seen of it. Chinkphones are the future mayn. White knight rayyyycismmm btfo


>chink botnet
>chinkshit quality that will break down in 8 months

it's not 2017 anymore, the notch is obsolete

The actual image quality isn't very good :l

>not using blu vivo x in 2018

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you realize Korea is ranked #1 for tech innovation right?

chinks can't innovate is just a meme by insecure whitebois on the internet. To be fair there's a lot of them, so these memes are forced quite often

Koreans aren't chinks chomo

Why do people find this so difficult?
Chink = Chinese
Gook = Korean
Nip = Japanese

it’s jap, not nip you fucking nig
and gook is more universal than nust korean

Fucking seppo doesn't know anything.

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The way Dxomark scores sensors is retarded, just having more sensors regardless of the final output gives better scores. The telephoto sensor is complete shit (it's better to crop from the wide-angle one) and from some critical appraisal of the samples, general output does not justify the score.

Interesting, never knew Nip was derogatory. Just seen it as an abbreviation. There goes that one.

Russki is considered derogatory too.
People are retards.

>skipped one or two generations
>no head phonejack

>none of the comparison photos are vs the S9
I wonder why not.

That's all nice but price is really high, not socialist at all.

gook means hanguk which means korea, smartass


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It was never a step in the right direction to begin with.

Peples Liberation Army seal of approval

>lack of headphone jack
1 step forward, 50 steps backwards.

this thread again
I wonder who is promoting this

All smartphones are just spyware.