C programming for beginners

Why is it so difficult to find an absolute beginner-friendly book/web guide to learn this language, especially on Linux? Their's, "C Programming Language," by Kernighan but that seems geared toward the novice with some sort of background. I just wanna get into hardware hacking and Arduino stuff.

Should I just give up and go back to Python?

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Start with Java then come back once you understand programming basics.


Try looking up college course web pages. Lots CS101 type classes teach in C++, which will be easier to learn if you're an absolute beginner programmer and will make it easy to transition to pure C.


give up

Use king's "C programming:a modern approach"

Try this publications.gbdirect.co.uk/c_book/

Just take your time and make sure you do exercises

1) K&R C book
2) Understanding and Using C Pointers - Reese
3) The C Preprocessor - free software foundation
4) The Standard C Library - Plauger

That should be about every resource you need. 2 picks up where 1 leaves off, and has great exercises. C Preprocessor demystifies a lot of the macro gore you'll come across.

If you have absolutely no skill in applying your mind to something you suck at, you'll never be good at anything desu.

This thread was posted a while back and it had a lot of good resources. I bookmarked all of it but sadly my hard drive took a turn for the worst and lost it all. Anyone have these links by chance?

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K&R is totally approachable for someone who's never programmed before. That's how I learned

If you find K&R2 too difficult for your brainlet self then don't even bother.





I like these videos.

do you know who that guys is?

>using videos to learn

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Yes I know who Carl is and what he did. I don't care though, I watched his videos to learn about programming and I think he does a good job of explaining things

Some people like to watch videos when they are starting out.

C is literally LITERALLY the simplest mainstream language, how do you not get this

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rbt has them: rbt.asia/g/thread/64944228/

Learning C from a pedo r*dditor > using p*thon.

>Their's, "C Programming Language," by Kernighan but that seems geared toward the novice with some sort of background
What the fuck do you mean? TCPL is literally brainlet tier. If you can't follow through it, you should give up computers and go flip burgers you worthless piece of scrap meat.


kn king > all other beginner c books

Well the book explicitly says that its not for beginners but for people with some precious experience

If all you want to do is hardware hacking and Arduino stuff then maybe you should look at your local maker/hacker space. Those tend to have beginner friendly classes once in a while.

Thank you so much. I appreciate this so much

>Thanks for the course man, you're a saint

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I consider myself a brainlet, and learned C when I was 15yo downloading random source code samples in the night using a dialup internet conection, then dedicated days random copy pasting code and making changes to see what happened, then I got the K&R C book

c primer plus.
now fuck off, retard.

all shit btw


so? did you read any of it or that half hour or filtering bullshits from all the links I've accumulated over time to make a compilation post that gets no feedback except that one telling how pointless it it was waste of time?

if you know how to write hello world and know basic control flow, then writing more code will teach you more from mistakes




Every time I see OP's picture and hear someone talk about C, I get real hard and excited.


Ask yourself this you fucking brainlet, how did programmers back in the day learn "C" without the fucking internet, without books ?.
The learning resources that are out there now and you still can't into "C". Do something else with your life because you'll never fucking make it a programmer, ever.

I love u all.

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I bet have the fucks in here cant even program in c

t. brainlet

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Can you into english?

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C for Dummies.

Seriously, it'll explain everything.

Or Learn C the Hard Way by Zed Shaw.

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>Zed shaw

perfect thread for me.

I've just started doing research with my advisor. I need to be able to diagonalize [math] 10^9 \times 10^9 [/math] value matrices.
anyone here know of some literature that would help me out?

Go on mathexchange and be more specific.

wouldnt matlab's eig() work or is 10^9 to big for matlab?

What level are you at with Python? C is important to learn eventually (whether you want to program arduinos or not), but it's probably not the best idea for a novice.

I suggest you solve the first few Project Euler problems in Python, then port your solutions to C. After that, there's only really one concept in C that Python almost completely lacks, which is the pointer. Tackle that problem after you can write pointer-free code somewhat competently.

Yeah I schedule out time to read through a lot of them and they are good references. I wish there were better ways to concatenate all these sources though.

Bad advice. C is better than Python for a novice, because Python hides too much stuff away with abstractions, which will end up giving you a weak foundation.


Truth. For example a beginner will never understand why 5/2 is 2 in Python because Python is dynamically typed. Starting with something like Python or Java is a recipe for being a mediocre/shit at programming.

5/2 isn't 2 in python though

>especially on linux
what ? you want to learn the language or how an interpreter/compiler works in linux ?
I really dont get it, + C is one of the easiest languages to learn (my 2nd fastest language i've learnt, behind brainfuck)

It was, and the point remains.

The stackoverflow thread with books is pretty good source compilation by itself. It's down now but it's still in archives

ok but...