Back in 2010 crypto used to be exclusively the domain of this board and I know a lot of you mined bitcoin...

Back in 2010 crypto used to be exclusively the domain of this board and I know a lot of you mined bitcoin, so I'm just wondering, are most Jow Forums anons filthy rich today?

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No, because crypto was, is, and will forever be a meme.

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If you had spent just an hour mining it in 2010, you would be a multi-millionaire today and never have to work another day in your life.

Journalism at its finest.

another lie

i never mined but i made 50k on nvidia stock

How is it a lie? CPU mining was feasible on any computer back then. This was before mining ASICs.

Could this be the reason Jow Forums died? All these fa/g/gots got rich and left?

That's why they created Jow Forums, so you can fuck off.

I started buying bitcoin not long after it got some mindshare on Jow Forums. This was back when a single bitcoin was under $20.

I never had more than a dozen in my wallet but I've bought and sold several times that over.

Looking back I sometimes kick myself for not hodling but literally no one could have predicted the happenings in late 2017.

Because nobody keeps it until it's at an arbitrary high point.

>why isn't everyone from the 80's millionaires since they could've bought Apple stock?

I sold a dozen bitcoins back in like 2011 or something. Price was high single digits. I bought a mouse with it. If I'd waited a few years I could have bought a house instead of a mouse.

tad different from "I know a lot of you mined bitcoin"

Apple stock has only gone up something like 100x since the 80s. Bitcoin is up 300,000x since 2010. Also, you could have mined for free, whereas nobody would have given you free Apple stock.

the point is: Only a mad man or a person how forgot their wallet would have held their bitcoin, when they could get 1000x or 10 000x the money...

t. nocoiner

>why didn't you hold onto your bitcoin for an extra five years after it rose 1000x in value?

>buy 1000 btc for $50
>sell 500 at $100
>sell 250 at $1000
>sell 250 at $19000
Not that hard.

naw, you just have to understand the reason bitcoin is important

>bitcoin is at $1,000,000! Where are you billionaires? I know some of you bought 1000 at $50!

$20 million is still filthy rich though. You don't need to be a billionaire.

I deleted a wallet with a block in it because I was too lazy to back-up and made fun of some guy in IRC that had mined a shitload.


How much did you lose?

He probably sold it all for 5 cents each and killed himself when it hit $100.

Nothing because it wasn't worth anything at the time. People weren't even buying them yet.

I meant how much btc.

I was shitting myself when it hit $1.

There is no way I would have been able to hold out for 100.

It was a single block I think 50 coins and 1 coin that some guy sent me to test.

>50 coins and 1 coin that some guy sent me to test.

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>50 coins
Man you're going to find it hard not to kill yourself when it reaches $100k in a couple years.

why do you think it's worth so much?

if people didn't lose wallets with thousands of coins they would be far cheaper now.

Go back to onii-chan~

Was laughing at people in like 09 who were trading dogecoin and bitcoin carelessly because I thought it was just another meme

It will never reach what it did a few months ago and its value will always bleed away because it can't into scale.


two days of mining on a shit gpu and HODL till last year led to about $20000
i didn't cash it out as high as possible, but i'm satisfied

No moonrune tripfags allowed.


Why are you spreading lies just like that?

False. I mined for a couple of days back then and got nothing so gave up.

because he's a newfag who came to Jow Forums from reddit before Jow Forums was created

basically this. you were always too late to mine.

god damnit akari looks like such fucking qt in this one I can't handle it

I didn't mine because Jow Forums said bitcoin was a meme and it had no future.

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If someone could have predicted it it wouldn't have happened

Will he become the richest man in the world during his life time, Jow Forums?

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