Why no desktop client for 4chin like Clover?

Why no desktop client for 4chin like Clover?

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It's called firefox

Are you retarded?

i prefer browsing Jow Forums on clover. it's objectively better, often i find myself using my phone to post on Jow Forums while sitting at my desk

Could someone port Clover to desktop platforms already.

Floens could easily port the app Windows Store metro app

There is qtchan github.com/siavash119/qtchan

can't you guys just run a android VM on your desktop and use clover?

It's a laggy mess

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everythings a laggy mess on linux



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>everythings a laggy mess on linux
It's obviously Windoze

Jow Forums-x.net/

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Found the winfag!

It is because the capcha is so much easier to do on a phone.

link pic pls

I'm making one but it's on backburner right now.
It will be power user focused.

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I thought qtchan was that?


Is clover back up for android? Using Mimi right now like a pleb

why complain about a problem you could fix yourself?

What you want is a userscript I believe

Why don't you make it yourself?

Do you only have a phone? That's a windows computer.

You're not alone. I even bought the no ads version...
Any good reasons to switch to Clover?

Outclassed in every way, shape, and form by Vivaldi with Jow Forums-X / Oneechan. I relegated myself to your application for about three revisions before the issues I was facing moved me to greener pastures.

See ya.

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Shit sucks.

Yeah but no auto-updates with Clover...

he's on windows, winfag

I hope you are all trolling. This can't be the current state of Jow Forums.

What's wrong with using your browser?