Find a flaw

Find a flaw

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It's a literal piece of dogshit.

t. gtx 1080 ti owner

Hello amd

Nope, I actually own one and it's a literal piece of dogshit.

Lying on the internet, do you do it for free?

Cant speak for the reference but my aurus 1080ti was godlike. Sold it at peak GPU season a couple months though and don't regret it. Its about as good for 4k as an amd 7970 is for 1080p. Its the bottom of the barrel in terms of future proofing for that resolution. I figured I should get some money off of it while I still can and then get a new GPU when a game worth playing demands it

no games made for it, fuck it all if no new crysis exists.

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Say what you want man but my 1080 ti was the biggest piece of literal dogshit that ever came into my possession.

new ray tracing shit is coming soon that will make it OBSOLETE
high-end fags BTFO

I have an gigabyte 1080ti and its dope, despite getting super hot and being super loud

the gpu kicks ass, I would expect much much less out of literal dog shit

No 10-bit color support, crippled 64FP and is about to phased out by "2080/2080Ti" in the near future.

I own one for 1080p and it is prefect

no freesync


Cannot into architectural rendering

11 gb of sad
Guess that's ok if you are just a gaymer. Don't know why you would want it otherwise.

Complete overkill for 1080p
Can't do 144fps on 1440p
Why even bother then?

I will give it some props in it sort of doing 60fps on UHD, but higher frames are king.

minefags didn't buy enough of them

Prove it.

I can't, it is flawless.


Why would you even need more than 60fps?


half float support

Let's say maybe you need to render something in maya/blender whatever

how the fuck do you evaluate this? a GPU is just a chip that does math, if you render a blank screen it can do 100000fps at 1000000p

>having to pay 3000 dollars for fp16

lol @ nvidia artically neutering theirs

better buy the pro card goyim

/v/irgins actually think that graphics hardware is only designed to produce a specific frame rate

Vidya games are cool


Ayyy gigabyte bro. I'm running 2 in SLI

you're fat and stupid

oh the card. it's fat and stupid too

I spent $1500 on an AIO 1080 ti and desu even with an 8700k I guess I was watching the wrong "results" videos on the same set ups. Even running CPU at 5.3ghz even heaven benchmark is like....not "improved". It just runs better. Graphics are still shit but I guess you can't polish a turd.

I was seeing "yeah max out all settings" (this is on a flight sim) but I think maybe a water cooler 2080 ti and dual 8700k mobo would do it. 2080 is gonna be a shit release but the ti I might get if it's actually much better.

>reference card

Just a reminder AMD is the king of GPU not that nvidia shit

Relevant to this thread, what happened to the new line announcement? I thought it was supposed to be yesterday, and I see nvidia had some stuff, but no 11xx or 20xx. Any news or am I just dumb?

it literally came out of a dog's ass? and you paid money for feces?

It's made by NVDA

You can't even run most AAA games at Ultra at 1440p 144Hz with 1080 Ti

>what is 4k

Got a 1080 extremely cheap new I'm very happy with it

Can't speak about the ti's performance

VR at 90 fps.

>He doesn't play VR yet
You guys are always behind the herd

You mean, like wolves?

The price. And the brand.

They're not flaws

>hashrate limits it to equihash only
>designed by 6yo art class
>85C operating temp under core load
>1 fan only in OP top kek
>a $400 vega 64 is only slightly behind in terms of gayman performance and is lightyears ahead in cryptonight/l3 cache algorythms
>inb4 /v/

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>Stock cooler

Not an argument

Price, shitty drivers, lack of freesync support, only 4 video outputs (yes, i use more than that - 2×4k screens, 2×1080p screens, projector)

>shitty drivers
What was your bad experience?

>a $400 vega 64 is only slightly behind in terms of gayman performance
If 30% on the average between dx11 and dx12 is "only slightly behind" then yeah, I guess.
It also eats like 100W more.

The stock blower fan is both loud and shitty.

You mean less?
Set it at 900mv and power consumption drops to 120w. That's 1070 tier
>muh cherrypicking
People who play games that actually matter like PUBG are quite happy with it

vega 64 is 500$ at MSRP, and more expensive than 1080ti in current prices.

500 is still fair for a brick that offers a lot more potential. Overclocking the cpu and calling it gayming oriented is i9 xtreme tier

>j-just undervolt!
>j-just play Forza 7!
Poor Volta, right?
By the way in PUBG the 1080ti consistently shits over Vega64.

I only get 60 fps maxed out at 4k.

Windows drivers fuckery with even the autoupdater requiring you to login to fucking gpu drivers, and whatever non-trivial settings you might want to use hidden behind either windows-xp-lookalike shitty control panel, or login, or both.

And shitty horrible binary blobs on linux, and not even releasing firmware so that nouveau drivers could use them.

And on top of that, no support at all for 30b/HDR display on consumer cards, despite 4k 27" 30b displays (either true native 30b, or 24b+FRC, which is really good enough in most cases) being almost dirt cheap now, especially compared to what you'd pay for them 2 years ago.

Why did you buy dog shit instead of a 1080 ti?

It says Nvidia on the fucking tin, how much more do you expect us to delve into it?

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That's actually the problem, 11gb is anemic.

Requires nonfree firmware

Then you're retarded. I own 4, and have 3 dogs.

1080ti != dog shit.

Doesn't have VGA

It's in the box


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That's a non-ti 1080, tarderino. And it still slightly beats the Vega. Here's how it fares against the 1080ti.

But hey, congrats on -almost- catching up with a 2016 GPU some 16 months later. Too bad right now a reference Vega 64 vacuum cleaner costs basically the same as a 1080ti, if you can even find it to begin with.

>1080 = 1080ti


>Jow Forums user buys a dog turd instead of a GPU and comes to cry on Jow Forums

Cooler design is bad and a bitch to clean

I've heard that NVIDIA is using their updates to slow down older cards to get you to buy newer ones, is this accurate?

T-they're too expensive..

lmao you still here with your gay ass gpu?
>that's not a ti
I was adressing cpu usage and general gpu stress. Vega handles shit without breaking a sweat at 50C

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>Vega gets shit on by stuff a generation older than what it was supposed to compete with
>36 vs 47% CPU usage

It really shows that you AMDtards had all the time in the world to practice the skill of grasping at straws, while waiting for the turd to release.

>Vega handles shit without breaking a sweat at 50C
>general gpu stress

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Pointless overkill, 120+hz panels arrive. You're the same type of faggots crying that the 8800GTX couldn't run Crysis 1600x1200 on his 19" CRT.

Not really. It's about on par with 1080 in majority of cases, be it videogames or shit like CAD or CG, because OpenCL


Well at least give us something useful information from your shitty anecdote fucking shite.

nvidia ceo wants to play the big games rather little leagues like gaymen.

Fine wine my newfriend

>new line announcement
>I thought it was supposed to be yesterday

No one ever said anything about them announcing the new line yesterday, it was all "tech" websites hyping up the GTC based on wishful thinking, trying to pass it off as rumors.

Not larping i swear



I have a 1080 TI that black screens , if I restart the computer it can stop.
Here is a conversation I found while looking for a solution.

Basically it seems to be a common problem.
It may not be the card at all , it may be the drivers. The thread ends with someone saying this is a known issue.

>Blower fan
This is too easy