Which functional language has the best job prospects?

Which functional language has the best job prospects?

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Java :^)
But honestly, I think the only one that I see widely used is Scala. Or you could try new hipster language, like elixir, and look at startups.


>Jow Forums hates dynamic programming languages with weird symtax and hates webdev
>shills lisp whose industry application is limited to webdev

Erlang / elixir.

Scala will make you a shit tone of cash.

The industry loves Spark.

Bullshit on scala

When will this functional meme die already?

when referential transparency stops being better than mutable pOOP.
Buckle up, you're in for a rough next few decades, everything's gonna become more functional. It's already happening.

OOP is shit but functional programming isn't any better. Enjoy your cryptic sigil syntax.

Nuh-uh, you just have to learn to read this esoteric dogshit.

Why do Pajeet POO programmers pretend like functional programming is somehow harder to understand than AbstractBeanProxyFactory?

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>I cant understand basic tree graphs

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Why do Pajeet functional programmers lack the fundamental ability of being able to read a post?

it looks like good candidates are scala clojure f#

Is scala fun!?!?!

Unironically F#.


In my area, the only one I regularly see is Scala, which doesn't mean much because every bit of Scala I've seen in production has just been Java transcribed into Scala.






JavaScript or Scala.

Learn Scala. The complile times suck but other than that has many benefits over other languages.

Learn how to use monads and program with immutable data structures.

It is fun to masturbate 8 times while you wait for your code to compile.

Erlang and Scala, for some niches you might not want to work in.

In which one of the two half-finished compilers?

>industry application limited to webdev
You don't know what you're talking about. Pls kys.

java isnt fully functional

Neither do you

>you don't know what you're talking about
>neither do you
this should be a Jow Forums banner


I wish this were true.

neither are you


erlang and ocaml, the latter because of the relatively recent improvements to tooling

>not using elixir to land a high paying job at fintech.

Functional > POOP because if you know math you know also know functional programming, whereas knowing math doesn't do shit to help you understand POOP.


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Which java knock off is best

Scala vs kotlin

Scala, haskell, erlang

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Actually OOP can be implement over FP.

We don't do it on FP because OOP is not really a good abstraction for software.

Elixir isn't used in fintech? I thought mostly C++/Java/python

Could someone name some real-world applications of functional programming?

Parallel programming

why is it moon goat if there is no moon?

Immutable data structures allow efficient copy and concurrency (avoidance of deep copy to preserve data)