I was an extrovert, then went to university for a BA in computer engineering, and now I'm an introvert...

I was an extrovert, then went to university for a BA in computer engineering, and now I'm an introvert. Just had the most exhilarating walk through the city with some headphones and good tunes, glad to be away from the routine and people in it.

Are you an introvert or extrovert?

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Why does it have to be one or the other, man? Why can't I, like, just be a human, man?


You know BAs in engineering are not accredited by ABET, right?

t. B.S. Computer engineer

I have bipolar, depends on the day....

You got a bachelor of ARTS in ENGINEERING?

People who reserve their personalities to a set of mainstream labels actually fall under just one label: A Retard.

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Some universities offer this for some reason

Oops, I meant B.S., just a typo. It's accredited, no worries there.

I think the introvert/extrovert is a generic enough schema to identify with - just means you more often enjoy spending your free time alone or with people. An introvert doesn't always hang out alone, and an extrovert isn't always trying to find people to be around, just a preference.

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This, I'm a fluid-vert

i think the introvert and extrovert labels are stupid.

This is the worst thread I've seen on here in some time.

Ambivert honestly

Brainlets and normies have to associate themselves to a pre-defined label because they don't have the mental capacity to reflect or self-evaluate, nor do they have the self-confidence or self-respect to exist for a moment without adhering to someone else's standards and expectations.

so you're trans? transvert?

master race

People want an excuse not to put too much work into self reflection, so they'll make up bullshit personality traits instead of working out their weaknesses

>"I'm an extrovert and a Scorpio. I need to be heard and in control"
>just another sad cunt who's parents never told them to shut the fuck up once and a while.


>who's parents
found the retard

It's more that people think the terms cover more than they do. Do you get exhausted or anxious after being around people for a while? Introvert. Do you get anxious or exhausted after being alone for a while? Extrovert.

Being alone is exhausting for some people?

It's relieving to be an introvert
I used to be an extrovert but people are just so stupid and petty. The only stress I have now is from work.

He's referring to emotional exhaustion
Introverts who spend too much time with other people will feel the need to be alone. Extroverts who spend too much time alone will feel the need to be around others

i actually think user is probably saying what he' saying cause he's delt with the issues before. Not projection as much as experience, idk :/.

kek, let's form an extreme advocacy group and start rioting on the streets until his transvert rights are written into law, and then fucking nail anyone that speaks hate speach against him when they call him an introvert or an extrovert, because he clearly identifies as TRANSvert


INTJ here

It's almost as if trying to describe your personality using words harder than 'cool', 'tough' , 'smart' is stupid.

I used to be an extrovert, then I saw a TED talk about how introverts are better. Now I've decided that I'm an introvert.

see this shit was created by a housewife who stole it from a magazine in the 20's. truth is human personality is a day by day or even hour basis and way more complex than titles

Our school offers a similar program for CS called "applied computer science". It's essentially CS curriculum with less math.

I also heard introverts get all the pussy, so I stopped going to parties and stayed home alone, and for some reason I have third degree friction burns on my cock-skin and significant credit card debt from premium porn hub subscriptions.