Why in the fuck is this almost non existent now?

Why in the fuck is this almost non existent now?

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Because where would the infinity RGB lighting go then fool

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what, mesh fronts?


Retards and the OEMs that cater to them
>muh minimalism
>muh monolithic box
It's gotten so bad that cases have actually regressed in cooling potential.

They just pumped this out:

I do air cooling
from my experience with modern computers, even the stupidly high end shit (Note im not talking intels 1kwatt oc retardation here) won't get hot because of airflow.

front intake, rear expel, both of these are more than adequate to cool a computer.

I also have an oc 1060 6gb,
the thing barely needs to have the fans spin up at all, with 1 200mm (I think) intake, 2 120mm fans on the cpu cooler, and 1 120mm on the exhaust, with grating on the right side and top of the case (4 120 fans of grating on the top is covered by plastic just incase I spill, since the computer is on the floor under the desk)

my computer, even through stress tests barely if at all spins up shit.

If you have cooling problems on intel, the main issue is thermal jizz, the second problem is the stock cooler.

If you have issues with gpus, on amd lower the voltage and stress, they are as efficient as nvidia's gpus once you undervolt overclock.

beyond this, I have no idea. if you still have issues with heat you have fucked up something bad.

Works on my machine.

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because evil dusties

I hate the side fans so much.
t. 500r

Be Quiet has pretty good airflow and noise suppression

Modern components don't generate heat the way deprecated parts from 10 years ago did.

Intel's 18 core CPU generates 1000W with an overclock

Not all of us are running Intel Atoms and 1030s

There is no need to have a windtunnel for a case. Closed up front fights noise while fans on bottom/rear/top still supply more than enough airflow to cool whatever you decide to toss into the box.

case fans are a meme

i have a 7700 and a 1060 and nothing in my case ever gets close to thermal throttling

the mobo and ssd's are never above 30c

Because it's stupid.

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They generate more. But it's a difference that two 120mm over a single 80mm can more than overcome.

Nice meme. Nobody uses CPUs for anything anymore, it's all GPU accelerated now.

Not overclocked with babby's first GPU. Of course it doesn't get hot.

Ya man, especially for OBS streaming, handbrake encoding, virtual machines, or any other CPU only workload

>more than adequate to cool a computer
That is the thing though people don't just want adequate or just more than adequate, people are more content with going overkill. I have my R9 380 and just leaving the fans on the GPU itself on there default and letting the case fans be set to auto is enough to keep it cool without down clocking but 80c on load is unacceptable when I can get it down to 55-60c without it being much louder

I have a 4790 and 1060 and my 212 EVO never leaves idle (outside of something with AVX2) with just a front and top fan on silent.

Thats not even true

>babbys first

no i just dont fucking want dust

i have every vent covered with demcfilters including the rear exhaust and even then i usually get a very FINE layer of dust just cause literally every fucking case has to have a top vent

only thing thats running is the PSU and cpu fans

i could disable the GPU fan when not gaming but its easier to just leave it always somewhat running thru MSIafterburner

also it helps to have overkill hardware so you dont have to run cpu/gpu near 99% usage which also reduces heat, im normally around 50-70% at 1080p60 locked on the GPU and 30-70% CPU depending on the physics and NPC ai in the game

>OBS streaming, handbrake encoding
Nice memes.
>virtual machines
If you actually use these at your job, you're not paying for your own hardware.

Overclocking is a meme and you're better off spending an extra $50 upfront for a better CPU to begin with than spending $400 extra later on for XXTREME gaming RAM, liquid cooling, to squeeze 10% more performance out of a shit garbage bin chip that didn't pass QC to be put in a high end SKU.

You literally cannot buy a better CPU than the i9 7980XE or the 1950X is a far more reasonable purchase.

Can you please stop shitposting and spreading misinformation.

That's actually a decent looking pc.

>55-60c without it being much louder
This I don't believe. Most cards need 100% fan to keep it in the 65-68 range.

>no i just dont fucking want dust
Then clean your shit every month or two. Fuck with filters in place most of the cleaning is just that. Inside stays fine.

I can't imagine having components that can't ramp up to full potential cuz I'm too faggy to be bothered to clean it. Get a datavac ~$100 on Amazon, pays for itself in no time with no longer needed canned air and the ability to dust around the home and office.

You're sad and your gear is sad. Grow a pair and sort yourself out and clean up your computer.

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>Overclocking is a meme

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>cant ramp up

they can and do, i just dont want or need them to

only way the 1060 is ever taxed is if i have autistic shit like MSAA enabled or the autistic NVIDIA "improvements" over the base designed game options

You don't own a i9 7980XE or the 1950X nor do you do anything that needs that much power, nor can you justify needing an extra $500 in higher end parts to squeeze 10% more performance out of it just to avoid having to create a render farm.

sick blog reddit

>control F
>No results

You wouldn't need 3 giant fans if you stuck with 1 delta fan

You're right, I'm waiting for Threadripper 2 because I want that 10% boost and possibly better memory controller

I need it for 4k OBS recording and various other encoding things. My R7 1700 isn't good enough for it.

>they can and do, i just dont want or need them to

Then get a NUC and go back to rebbits

you just gotta know where to look

got this bad boy for 60 bucks, just need zen+ to drop

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I said recording, not streaming, but nice try stop posting

These threads are always full of idiots who follow youtube memes and rarely do full builds after saving their neetbux for years.

I failed to mention that is a gaming load with unlocked framerate something like furmark does make the fan tick up a good bit but even at ~50% fan speed that is way before the fans starts to make there presence known

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high airflow cases have fallen in popularity compared to quiet cases because they are loud, dust magnets, and created no performance difference for the vast majority of the people who were buying them.

Mine's quiet even under furmark.

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the fractal badge is the only shit part of that case

Its not.

Too bad this one has a faggot window on the other side. Its modular though, so you can buy another mesh side

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Deltas are good, I still prefer nocutas

>i have every vent covered with demcfilters including the rear exhaust and even then i usually get a very FINE layer of dust
no shit
>just cause literally every fucking case has to have a top vent
you're full of shit

the small dust film gets in there because your filters are catching large dust and the air continues to strip loose particles from it
they've gotta go somewhere, and it's not going to be out the source path

No shit. A 2mm thick filter isnt going to stop all the dust. A fucking huge ass box HEPA filter cant even do that.

what's wrong with the side fans? i had a 500r for a while. It's a good case. The only reason I got rid of it was the size.
>top radiator mounts
>lots of fan spots
>fucking superb thermals
>decent cable management.
My only complains were aforementioned size, and really shitty and flimsy hard drive sleds.

Just build your own case out of plywood and horse shit.

like a normal person.


Ironically OP chose a picture of a case with EXCELLENT airflow. SilverStone RL06

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It really depends on what you want. I prefer a mix of both silence and decent airflow. So I have a Define R4 and will probably get an R6 for my next build

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too problematic

As you can see, a mesh front is great for airflow and cooling but not if you prioritize noise

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I don't know and I find it annoying. But I am equally annoyed with the lack of 3.5" HDD trays. Don't want to sound like a total hoarder or nothing but I use a SSD and a HDD in RAID1 for my OS (that HDD in --write-mostly) and a 4 drive RAID array for storage. Most of those "modern" cases has 2 HDD trays, some of them don't even have that and restrict you to having a SSD or two. It is further rather annoying that almost no modern cases have 5.25" drawer bays. I could place SD cards and card readers and USB cables and sticks and earbuds somewhere else but it's quite convenient to have all that in the computer box.

Nobody forces you to use side-fans. It is nice to have the option since it really does help GPU temperatures a whole lot - and I guess that would be specially true with those modern closed-off front cases. Those don't have a side fan mount, though, they usually have "glass" (more like plastic) side panels.

Bullshit. A 10 year old 95W TDP CPU creates about as much heat as a modern 95W TDP CPU.

Overclocking really is quite silly. I'd rather spend a bit more to get something with more performance if I need it and have a stable system. Don't know what you are doing on your computer but I'd rather have a stable box than something that's slightly faster but crashes regularly.

Look into Sharkoon if you're in Europe.
Got a very decent 3-fan case for the price of a 2-fan CoolerMaster POS.

This as front fans or as front filters? Because I have both.

>overclocks cause crashes regularly
poor bait

Mesh panels are starting to make a comeback. I wish tempered glass and PSU shrouds would fuck off though.

10/10 case.

I like it, but I've seen a pic showing the front grill collecting dust, just might need occasional wiping to keep it clean.
But it has only 2 HDDs so I've got to look for something else

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The front grill is detachable, I take it off and vacuum it regularly.

As for HDDs, you should have enough SSD space for programs, and keep media and other shit on a NAS. I don't even use my HDD cage for anything.

Cases suck nowadays, this is why I still have in boxes my Haf X, FT 02, etc.
Will keep using those motherfuckers until we get better stuff.
I don't even care about the lack of usb 3 in the front of the cases, they still shit on any of those new cases right now.

I don't have a NAS though, and I don't want a separate box plugged in with a small loud fan.
I could buy two 6TB HDDs to hold everything, but that would mean spending an extra $560 aud for WD Reds.

The first law of thermodynamics would like to have a word with you.

Then buy a dremel and start cutting some holes.

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> Noise
> Watercooling exists
> Looks dumb as fuck
> Where does the blueray drive even go?

Why would anyone buy that abortion of chink and pigiron. Disgusting.

Then get a NAS and put it somewhere you don't usually go, like a closet or some shit.

>Watercooling exists
only a true faggot actually uses CLC. You're not telling me you are a faggot, are you? Fucking pcmusturdrace kiddies

Don't blame me because you're too stupid to set it up without spilling shit everywhere.

It's literally better for temps too, and the cooler your shit runs the longer it will last.

Who the fuck keeps their CPUs so long that the chip fails as opposed to upgrading to a newer gen?

The AIO coolers are shit, and the effort of closed loop cooling is just not worth it. You get a proper airflow optimised case, maybe delid your CPU and you still have the option to upgrade GPU and shit easily.

>buying Intel

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>10 minutes of putting together plumbing Lego is too much effort

Case windows were a mistake.

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> unnecessarily exposing your hardware to more points of failure for no gain
How much more of a cuck can you be

Me, a poorfag who can't afford to do so. My ten year old hardware is good enough for what I do.

Also you can delid AND watercool, but I've never been confident enough to delid.

Also, what is a paycheck? What are bills?

Go take your trustfund money and kys kike.

Even these meme PC water cooling radiators can dissipate 5000w of heat with no issues. A motorbike radiator is good for 250 000w. What's the power rating of a solid piece of aluminium radiator? 500w? That's your gain. That's why water cooled systems barely go above idle temps under full load and overclock like mad, on account of having no heat limitations.

Modern day computers don't produce heat so they don't need fans.

fuck off Intel shill

Hence GPUs have been using increasingly large heat sinks over the years, ditto with CPUs.

Really it's because normalfags value form over function, these cases aren't very sleek, and your typical mustard of this age will rather put up with throttling than use a system with powerful cooling facility.

I'm not sure what that has to do with anything.

Why can't they just make one of these again? Apart from the weak aluminum, it was the best case I ever owned. Even had a little tray for screws and mini tools and shit.

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more like modern day Jow Forums don't produce neurons that fire in their head. the fuck happened to this shithole?

Because people got upset.

wow this looks really good

i have an inwin case. how much of a fag am i?

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>I/O ports on the front of the case

hes redpilled..

Anyone else thought these looked fucking dope?

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I unironically wanted this back in the 00s.

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some companies are bringing that back but with the use of tempered glass.

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Side fans are pretty much mandatory for cooling gpus and m.2. Problem is most don’t come with filters there.

The fact it was made by Fractal is the only shit part of that case.

There was a full tower Xclio case I was looking at that had like 2 250mm fans on the side didn't get it as I though it would be near impossible to replace the fans if they ever died

Because people care more about noise and aesthetics than a 3 degree difference.

I had one, with a bunch of anime figures inside.