What does Jow Forums think of riot?

What does Jow Forums think of riot?
Anyone here actually use it?

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Where’s that picture comparing IM protocols?

not going to beat discord for me while it's using electron

>a matrix test server full of telemetry written in memescript

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I like Matrix in that I can link many services, but the desktop Riot is so bloated Firefox gives me multiple "a script is running slow" messages. I only use it when I have to manage permissions or something in a room that I can't do with my CLI client.

Maybe they also packaged it for the desktop for some reason, but Riot is more well known as a webapp.

it's easier to host a xmpp server compared to a matrix server. xmpp feels lighter even knowing that some folks hate it because it uses xml. there are various working xmpp clients to choose from. now, i wish i had someone to talk to using any platform

Hopefully Matrix wont go the same way that xmpp popularity has

thing is, xmpp had some golden years. remember when google talk used xmpp and so did facebook? that was awesome, we were able to use pidgin and talk to everyone on facebook, gtalk and other walled gardens like msn. these golden years will not be duplicated with matrix, i don't see facebook using it in the future, sadly

Discord uses electron

Also they don't like to make this fact known, and really try to hide it, but for those who are confused, Riot is just a client for the Matrix protocol.

Well with bridges, Facebook doesn't have to support it. They just have to have a messenger api. The facebook bridge just needs to get finished.

Once dendrite is released, it will be possible to run a personal matrix server on an Rpi where you could bridge to these services yourself and not give away your FB/Twitter/Hangouts creds to another server

that's very cool i guess, i heard something about bridges but i never tried them. is it like bitlbee?

Kind of, except the bridges are accessible by any user on the network, not just the server. For example, if I'm user @foobar:t2bot.io (t2bot.io is foobar's homeserver), then I could join a freenode room through a bridge running on matrix.org's servers by doing '/join #freenode_#linux:matrix.org'

I talk to multiple friends with Jabber. The rest use IRC, even if I have to get them to use an IRC webclient like qwebirc. It's entirely possible to get normalfags to use good chat protocols, if you make it clear you'll never use bad ones again.

Through Matrix, I'm currently communicating with people on IRC, gitter, slack, and Discord, all using publicly available bridges. Never used Jabber or XMPP before.

Yeah, it's pretty decent. Moved my family and friends over. Video chats and file sharing is pretty neat and the mobile client is ok-ish.
Now I can idle on IRC and chat with family.

Jabber or Matrix?


You just have to force people. "Want to talk to me? You better use xmpp, because that's the only channel where you can reach me". I did so, now I've got my friends and family on xmpp. It doesn't hurt them to have one app in addition to the 50+ other apps they have installed after all

Here's a neat graph of all Matrix rooms discovered by a bot:


Matrix is really cool, like on par with Tox except actually well-made.

Riot is absolute dogshit but unfortunately it's still the only client with voip and video calling support. I'm eagerly waiting for alternatives but they seem very slow in coming.

its easy enough to set up that even my gf figured it out after 5 minutes

It's got pretty shit audio/video, and it's only federated, which means that your data is still passing through other people's servers, and that people have to run those servers.

I'm holding out for a truly peer to peer decentralized solution - until then, Discord is a way better experience by far.

how do you even start a voice call in pidgin, it's grey

Your server and your chat partners server have to support the jingle xep for xmpp or whatever video functionality your protocol of choice uses

what xmpp server supports it? obv kokli doesn't

good goy