The Brave 1...

>The Brave 1.0 browser for desktop operating systems is coming later this year and it will include several significant improvements that we’d like to share now. Over the past few months, we’ve been developing a new Brave browser that is based on Chromium (as is the current available version), but which also uses Chromium’s native user interface instead of our current HTML and JavaScript UI. Today we are making this rewrite available for developers as open source. Unlike the current version of Brave, this new browser will have support for nearly all Chrome features and extension APIs, but of course without including any code that phones home to Google, or to the Chrome Web Store.


Apologize and use Brave.

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So... Its Chromium?
Whats the fucking point?

This. Also still tied to a shitcoin and wants to serve their owns ads.


Fucking finally, its current GUI is slow af
I'll definitively switch from memefox if they fix that.

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There are better chromium browser you retard. Although chromium-based browsers are getting shittier.

Adblocking/HTTPS/fingerprinting protection out of the box, getting paid for opt-in ads, Tor tabs soon.

But I already have adblocking addons and features that don't (or can't) exist in Brave.
I guess It's find for installing for your grandma so you can have an out of the box solution, but for anyone even vaguely tech adapt I can't fucking imagine using it.

It's fine for people that don't like the direction Mozilla is taking or want the superiority of Chromium over Gecko.

But I like how easy is to disable javascript, cookies, etc and enable it temporarily in some sites.
I tried it and I really liked how easy is to use a whitelist.
Are tor private tabs a thing now? I haven't used it for a while but I don't really trust brave for tor.

Again, there are better chromium browsers and chromium-based browsers are not superior. Pros and cons

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is that still 100% true for Quantum?

Chromium is technically superior to Gecko, this is an objective fact.
>muh privacy
No such thing if you're connected to internet.

I would say yes, but you can ask gorhill. Chrome still needs an extra extension to block all ads and even then its iffy. Never had issues with just ubo in quantum.

Again, there are pros and cons.
Firefox has better UI customization and more control over basically everything with about:config. It's obviously better at blocking unwanted requests too.

I for one welcome our Brave overlords.

qutebrowser or bust

I hope they add an option to disable search suggestions on the URL bar. That thing is annoying and is why I use Firefox.

I apologize, and I will use Brave.

So hawt.

Ccleaner of browsers

Does everything needs to be Chrome nowadays?

If you want compatibility, yes.
>when we do eventually allow select ads through
lol, nope
into the trash it goes

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Noice. Based Eich.

It's not op's fault. Brave browser automatically make these threads when accessing Jow Forums. It's part of Acceptable Shills™ programme. Don't worry. It's just one thread a day per instance.

Compatibility with what, Chrome?

have vaguely heard of this so i watched the video and decided to give it a shot
immediately there's an ad on the first page i go to
yes, ad blocking is on
yes, promoted content is ads

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Really wish you dumb goy... err... guys would figure out that there's such a thing as an "acceptable ad" on the Internet and just trust the Based God Eich to determine what they are.

Why are you shilling a browser whose creator admitted he wants to serve ads through it?

>t. sjwzilla shills

>le false flag le maymay!
Yeah, I'm a Mozilla shill. I'm from Reddit, too. Whatcha gonna do about it? Look at some acceptable ads and cry in a corner?


Wat? Oh yeah, I'm from Jow Forums, too. Almost forgot. And 9gag. Still wanna know what you're gonna do about it, though.

>le internet tough guy
I'm going to continue posting. Problem?

Nope, not at all. Kinda hoping you do. I'd like to see you try to explain why you're shilling a shit Chrome reskin focused on serving acceptable ads to all the good little goys.

Careful, I'm not sure your Mozilla overlords will be happy with that antisemitism.

So you got nothing, just empty shill accusations that you're hoping will distract from questions you can't answer. Okay.

I don't have to explain myself to a nazi.

>wow, i got blown the fuck out
>maybe i can still play it off like i was just trolling the whole time!
Yeah, you can try. No one's actually going to believe it, but you're already in the middle of the attempt so go with it. Anyway, I'll be back when you, or anyone else, can actually address people's concerns with this shitty Chrome reskin. I'll leave you to your damage control until then.

Either brainlet trying to sound intelligent and failing, macfag that hasn't turned off autocorrect, or phoneposter. All three are cancer.

>damn he got me
>better pretend i won and leave the thread
Well done, Mozilla has deposited $0.01 to your account.

Why are you defending a browser that's actually demonstrably worse than Shitzilla?

I'm not defending shit except getting rid of cancer. Act like a brainlet, get called a brainlet.

>get outdated chromium without latest features
>ff pulled ahead performance wise when it comes to browsing, chromium has a better interface and decent dev tools
I wish it was still feasible to develop your own web browser rather than making an interface for already existing one, and holding back updates with new stuff, making these new "browsers" a joke.

Jesus christ they're advertising on Jow Forums now? I get enough of these already on youtube mobile.

I use brave on my phone.
Should I use something else? I've tried Firefox and other Firefox based browsers but they don't seem that fast (probably placebo)
What does Jow Forums recommends?

Have they fix the error that sends the user into a login loop in any attempt to connect to WiFi through the browser?

firefox + ublock + umatrix

so far, nothing comes close

No, you're doing it wrong. See, this thread is supposed to get you to drink the Brave koolaid, mostly because they figure you're the typical bored kid on Jow Forums always looking for something new to play with, no matter how shitty it might be.

is it still a scammy attempt of harvesting data under the guise of "privacy"?
is it still a custom chromium skin?
does it still rely on deprecated chrome plugins?
is it still being shilled because no one uses it?
will brave ever be anything more than a meme?
>no. ever opera has more users than brave


>acceptable browsers %currentyear
>Firefox with hardened user.js
>ungoogled chromium

Is there any hardened profile that disable js? I know how to add it but I have never found a real hardened profile for firefox.

Literally one line n about:config
Or umatrix and ubo which is probably better because some site require some scripts.

>I don't know how to read

You want to disable js?

I pretty much use it because it's literally two clicks to white-list a site and two clicks to turn it back.

The brave browser's UI design is very broken, and their horrible attempt at making the browser faster than other browsers has failed so bad that important features are broken. Personally I don't think it will be until 2019 or beyond that these features will be fixed the way things are going.

Until there is a reason for me to use it over Firefox, I'm not going to switch.

No. I'm just making fun about the fact that there are many ((hardened)) userjs profiles for memefox but no one have js disabled.
How is that a hardened profile???

Can someone redpill me on why I should use chromium instead of memefox

Because you literally can't use the web today without some JS. Many sites won't even load a single piece of content without running some kind of javascript. I don't like it, but that's how it is.

What's wrong with js ( newfag here)

They still use Adblock Plus tho, so no thanks I'll stick with Waterfox.

GTFO Brave shills. And stop shilling on Jow Forums Brendan.

It's easy. Don't visit these sites or use a whitelist if you really must to.
I know it's ironic because I'm posting here but I'm not even using a web browser but I'm still running js here that's why I mention a whitelist.
Fingerprinting, running remote obfuscate code from somewhere, dom access.
It's just like run a random batch script from the web.

oy vey

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Mozilla shills in panic mode

uBlock Origin will always be better than Brave's built in adblocker, which is adblock plus.


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What about Google Ultron ?

>not using a host file
>running javascript

*breaks your website*
nothin personnel kid

A broken website or a botnet one... um... what a tough choice.

>uhide origin

dumb abp shill

dumb ubo shill

your shitty meme has been debunked many times again and again. i'm not going to do it again

>Brave shills still lie about Brave paying users

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because you can't



That's not an ad that's an Acceptable Ad, retard. Now hand over you attention tokens and thank me for letting you browse the internet with my glorious browser, or as I've taken to calling it, Chromium + Ad blocker - Acceptable ad blocker + crypto currency attention tracking scheme.

There's your problem.