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Standing desk I made when I was recovering from broken back

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Measing with my rgb bulbs

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I keep seeing these for sale, how do they work?
You just screw em into a regular socket and command them with remote?

That's my guess as well. The socket is essentially a power source and nowadays LED bulbs have hardware built in.

Oh god please put a wooden board under your PC

I have filters all over

Somewhere there a shotgun is rigged.

yes that is the jist of it.

out of the box they behave like normal bulbs so if you dont end up using the included remotes you would never know they are rgb. i have two types of bulbs from the same company.

the lamp in the corner with the pink light uses this: amazon.ca/dp/B0757YWH9T/ref=cm_cr_ryp_prd_ttl_sol_5
and the ceiling light (3 sockets) uses this: amazon.ca/gp/product/B0757PZT8N/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

the first one has an RF remote with 4 programmable zones and the second one is direct line of sight IR but it works really well. also with the second one you can use the light switch on your wall to toggle between 3 modes so even if you manage to lose all 4 remotes you can still use the bulb for normal light.

if you need to replace some bulbs in your house i would highly recommend. they are LED so they last a while and the rgb patterns are great at night.

Carpets are insulators. Enjoy those temps.

>highly recommend
noice, I'll get some

Comfy purple
Looks alright. I dont miss having my computer in my bedroom.
Damn you got a lot of tanks dude
They are always fun to have

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The quality of the photos you post gets better every time. Glad to see it all and the lamps that you described. The corner really justifies the tri monitor setup.

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the default color changing mode is pretty comfy, imo its money well spent.

that ugly ASS CHAIR///////////// fuck!

This made me curious about a version in fluorescent rods and that is another pleasing discovery.

a shame that desk is veneer
I don't like the desk legs in the way of your legs

Did you paint?

Is that a fridge?
I have a small one I was thinking of sticking with the computers for beer.
I don't like your screens are too low, see how you have to put your coffee or it blocks the screen

I should really get some speakers. Them matching the desk looks really good.
I like the blue lighting. I used to use a blue light bulb in my computer room back in 2010. It's soothing.
Retro vibe is sick.
Need monitor mount

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The timings are different between the ceiling and lamp so i always get a random mural of sorts.


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Where am I supposed to place my tv if my computer screens are in front of my bed? Over the screens ?

I've done that before

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Fuck I need a beer..

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what are you drawing?

I was thinking of getting another arm for the main monitor. But the current chair sits so damn low I didn't bother.

But there is no sacrifices made. Everything works out so far.

For the fridge. Go for it, just know these easily sell for $20 second hand, and I missed better opportunities.

Faces and shit. Plus general notes.

Got a dell se2717hr for 90 bucks today.


its great for night time or whenever you prepare to sleep.

Thanks. I think Im finally at a point now where I don't feel like I need to change anything.
Ten year old walmart executive chair representin. Sure its a little faded and worn, still comfy though.
Its in good shape for being ten years old though. Maybe whenever it breaks I'll do the Ikea thing everyone is so nuts about doing.
They are a must have. I set those speakers up today, so far there a lot nicer then the ones they replaced.

I made a timber frame for the center screen and used 2x metal bracket arms I got for $16ea. Raises the whole thing floating above the desk so I have the whole desktop

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Also, no I don't paint. My artistic flare lies with metalworking and welding. I bought those two at an art show last year.

This sort of stupid shit

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How do you feel in the bed?

Also this

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Yeah, I see these diy wood frames and keep forgetting. So my situation is I have timber(with framing tools) and one monitor arm. That is used on the left monitor I jerry rigged to fit since no vesa(I like jerry rigging BTW).

What my chairs heighest position is in, nothing's blocked since my height also helps, but for the floating asthetics, I'll do the floating setup for open desk space, exactly portrayed in your pic.

What can I do to make my room better? I used to love this room but I'm just not feeling it. What can I do?

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Photos are a little misleading but here the screens are over the keyboard, they're only 24" so they're quite far forward. Pretty sure the timber was a pallet I pulled apart and sprayed black when assembled.
>Insufisiant funds
Fine, although I had a desk chair for using the computer

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Everything is fucked in lower left picture. Else seems fine. Get a nice workbench or cabinet to fill the space below tv and to hide stuff into/under.

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That's the way want anyways. Monitors not effecting desk surface space and in the arms-length distance. Gives a cleaner appearance as well.

All that junk on the black shelves need to go away in a wardrobe or pullout drawers under the bed.
Get some matching monitors and a big mousepad
Get a nicer cover for what is probably an ugly couch. Just get nicer shit in general, a wash basket that isn't a plastic bucket, put those tin boxes in a cupboard, get a nice rug for in front the couch and bin that hideous cork board

That's not even a battlestation, you've just pushed a 2 seater breakfast table against the wall and plonked your laptop on it slav

black shelves aren't mine, are my dads. Same with all the junk on them
I like having these monitors, it works for what I do.
The cover is put on by my mum or else the couch will fade, but it's a 10 year old couch so it shouldn't matter. It's actually a nice couch under the cover.
Basically anything in the lower left picture isn't mine except the tv and I can't do anything about it.

get a projector. i heard about this "vividbrite" branded one that is supposedly very decent on the cheap. could use that in place of the tv.
this is a battlestation thread not a kitchen thread.


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>t. me in 2004

>LGA 775
>in 2004

That might be slower than what I had

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>8GB of RAM
How is this slow?

I just got a DEEBOT for comfiness.

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Do you live in an asian country (Japan)?

That looks like a comfy-ass view.

Yup, just moved to Japan earlier this month. Going to start a master in April. Didn't want to have to spend too much time on cleaning so I thought I'd get a robot to do it for me, at least until I find a female to take over the job.

Work in progress.

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Wow that's fucking sick!
I went for a holiday last year and fell in love with the place. It's fucking magical.
Those guys are so efficient with space, it's insane.

Would love to commit to a working holiday or something there for an extended period of time, but I feel the language barrier would be hard to adjust to. Google Translate is a godsend, but living like that would be pretty annoying.

May I ask what you're doing / why you decided to move there?

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College dorm setup
Laptop was given to me, waiting out building a PC

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I did the practical part/research of my bachelor thesis at a Japanese university. Basically wanted to go somewhere and combined it with study. While there made friends with the Prof. to the point where they were all like "want to do a master here? we'll give you a scholarship". So that was that, now getting 500 euro a month + no tuition. Not much to live on, rent alone is already 500. But still have about 10.000 euro saved up from my government bachelor funding that I didn't use yet, so can live off that for food and such.

best itt no contest

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Morning Jow Forums~

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Heavy vrchat player or something? Looks pretty cyberpunk

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>meme purple
>meme foam
>meme model m
>meme president
Yikes slow down there champ.

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Move out of mamushka's commieblock.

Too dark but I like your lack of RGB enthusiasm.

Brighter pic

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>That fucking effortlessly good Japanese apartment look
I'm so jealous, how do they do it

Still looks good, remembered it from last thread.

meme keyboard
not bad, but using a tv as a main monitor seems like a shitty idea.
+1 for purple
love the matching wallpapers

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Senpai just get some wooden furnitures, an apartment high enough with a pleasant view and oriented properly to get that comfy ass sun after 16:00 and you're set.
No need to move to el Japano

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>love the matching wallpapers

Its one wallpaper.

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Where do you get those fancy poster frames from?

there is more to it, for example the windows. You wont find those elsewhere.

JD Honey is amazing

new picture soon, have to clean desk area first

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Nice microbrute and korg sq-1

Thanks user! I actually adore the genre but have never heard of vrchat.

Hopefully you're gonna wall mount that above :O

Looks way cooler with the panoramic

8gb is the minimum for running a web browser these days.

M8 I have a T60 that ran fine with one gig before I upgraded to four.

what's the case?

I rendered a video in 1080p while browsing with 8GB of RAM and that Xeon.

It didn't even break a sweat and barely revved up the fan from time to time.

Goodwill, the brushed aluminum 30x40 was $15 the rest between $5 and $10

Thermaltake Tower 900 Snow edition

man I need a screen setup like this 27"

pretty true actually, I'm on a shitposting box here right now with only 4. I can make vivaldi work, barely. Opera crashes all the time

>break everything when shuffling feet

yep, just screw into a regular light fitting and data is then automatically uploaded to the NSA

Man you should get a monitor mount, would free up so much space on your desk
Why is your computer backwards?
I like everything about this except the purple LEDs
That case is ridiculous. Good station though

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wtf is white balance i guess

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This looks modern and retro at the same time somehow I'm digging it.

I fucking loved this game.