Which adblocker do you use and how do you like it?

Which adblocker do you use and how do you like it?

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The answer is ublock origin. I like it because you can add filters, make custom filters, and it can also block scripts.


Host file + privacy badger

>ublock origin
Equivalent to using IE in 2015 and having a bunch of free toolbars.

Installed AdNauseum, haven't had any ads since and like the idea I'm possibly making Jewgle pay people for nothing

uBlock Origin, just like literally everyone else here, despite all the "le ironic" responses.


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What do you mean? Did it let something through on your computer?


uBlock Origin
Seems to work well enough for a software blocker, except for the time I had to reinstall it.

I like the idea, but some anons stated it wouldn't work. I hope they are wrong.

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Why not ABP?

I've had no issues with AdBlockPro. Can select elements to disable as well as customisational filters.

ublock origin
nano defender
privacy badger

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Just search "adblock plus let ads through" and you'll know.
uBlock Origin folks work hard to block everything.

adlbock has "ethical ads" it allows (like Jow Forums banner), but you can turn this off.

Yeah, exactly, it's like one check-box in the settings and I have never seen a single ad in years of use. I forget the internet even has adds until I see a page on someone else's computer.

I even use ABP for blocking undesirable elements on pages like quora, or those annoying footer banners that some wordpress sites use.

uBlock can block elements this as well.