Best language for creating Mechas?

Best language for creating Mechas?

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Scheme, of course.


Some compiled language i'd assume. You'd want your processes to be as fast as possible i guess.

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Assembly without a doubt, but not sure which processor architectures are least likely to fail. You know they wrote Rollercoaster Tycoon almost entirely in x86 assembly? They didn't want higher level languages slowing it down on older hardware so they buckled down and wrote it all in x86, kinda wild.

They? Wasn't it just one guy who did it?

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Chinese for the cost.

> Real time embedded systems


C with inline assembly*


rust, durr

Ivory, of course.

java, it runs on anything



>Best language for creating Mechas?

ASM for the motor/generator systems.
C/++ for sensory, targeting, thermals/temp, lighting, and battery management.

python for weapons systems.
(rockets, laser bursts/volley tweaking/rate of fire ect)



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You can't create a mecha through programming alone, go learn some engineering kiddo.

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A real time kernel written in C for managing resources and interfacing with hardware.
Also, a Haskell (or any other pure functional language) layer built on top of it for automation scripts and to build complex systems that indirectly interact with the hardware through the kernel.

Probably the same regulations as programs written for military aircraft. I don't think an explicit language is specified, but realistically it's all written in C/C++. Anything interpreted is out of the question.

Or you could get something debugged this century by using a type- and memory- safe language. Common Lisp (SBCL) is a first-class citizen on ROS (so is Python but that's not my favourite language).

PHP and JavaScript

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Mechas are an outdated tech concept, surpassed by drones.
What a manned mecha can do, a remote-controlled drone can do better.

> not just hard coding everything into circuits

> remote controlled drone
> having latency
You're gonna still get BTFO by anything manned or any AI drone

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>Doesn't know about 5G and the ultimate future war of remote-access mechs.

This is probably the most likely answer. Although you might want something better at handling multiple processes than python.
It'll probably be full of microcontollers and FPGAs programmed in C, C++ and VHDL


If we ever make mecha they will have more than two legs

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gamemaker pro free edition

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actually, it was Starship Troopers the precursor of Mecha, there are some Verne shit but that's more fantasy than scifi

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Mechas are robots, so use C++ and ROS.



pip install pymecha

from pymecha import Mech
mech = Mech()

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Human emotion engine like on the x68000.

Jquery and Angular will do the trick ;)


pretty much this,microcontrollers programmed in either C or C++ and some FPGAs programmed in either VHDL or Verilog.




Custom allocator and smart pointers for real-time components

Normal GC-driven code for UI

> Use Python
> 1s delay after each input

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they can be useful in jungle wars, like Vietnam one, because it's very hard to get tanks in the jungle

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For not C++ is the best bet for embedded systems. Lucky me I am planning to take this profession.


C and some hardware description language like VHDL for the stuff that makes up the mech.

Python and Matlab for design and engineering calculations that don't already have their own specialized software suite.

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Many embedded systems have moved away from using ASM and are using mostly C. Usually ASM is only used for special features that are specific to the microcontroller being used.

FPGA are used a lot in embedded systems for digital signal processing related tasks or anything that needs to be either highly concurrent or deterministic.

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