Why haven't you joined the 16k gaming master race yet Jow Forums?

Why haven't you joined the 16k gaming master race yet Jow Forums?

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ironically just as blocky looking as the game being played.

did he even install optifine? he could've ran it considerably better

Would still like to see a porn vid stretched across them desu,

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Anything beyond 1440p is useless

5k @ 27" with 200% scale would look crisp as fuck though

>that grid

>world's biggest captcha

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Why haven't you stopped being an idiot?

Just get a VR headset if you feel the need for being an eternal virgin.


>"select all squares with faggots"
>selects op

Anything beyond 480p is useless

>51 FPS

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that looks gay

In what world

>select all squares with autism


>tfw you remember playing Minecraft on a 256 MiB P4 machine with minimum optifine settings in 2011

>huge bezels
>screens aren't aligned properly

Wrong. A modern 4k TV beats a multi-monitor setup any day of the week, especially when paired with a tiling WM.

>input lag 15ms or less
>screen so big you don't need UI scaling
>no bezels

Literally no reason to buy a monitor unless you're set on high refresh rate/adaptive sync.

>gaming on the PC

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what a waste of a P5000

>>input lag 15ms or less
keep dreaming, faggot



Dicksneeze, this is taken from the review of the TV I just bought, and this isn't even high-end shit.

Go look for yourself faggot

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Can't wait until TVs start coming with HDMI 2.1 with 4k 120hz support and variable refresh rate. We already have 120hz native 4k panels on some TVs just no way to take full advantage of them with HDMI 2.0