Ubuntu is good enough for

our lord and savior Terry a. Davis. why isn't it good enough for you user?

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I like having good documentation.

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Seems to me that if you were worried about CIA Niggers then Ubuntu would probably be one of the last distros you'd even consider using.

he actually cares about productiveness and is a man of god, not afraid of cia niggers

I like how he is smart enough to make an OS but stupid enough to not change that ugly ass default ubuntu theme.

>he actually cares about productiveness
so do i, which is why i use Windows 10

>windows 10
>not 7

>eat strawberry-flavored shit
>not the pinneaple one
Yeah, what a retard, huh?

>he actually cares about productiveness
Correct. Terry doesn't even waste his valuable time changing the default wallpaper.

>>he actually cares about productiveness
>so do i, which is why i use Windows 10

Unironically this. I can focus on potential problems in what I'm supposed to do, not with my system.

But does pineapple-flavoured shit belong on pizza?

how's this guy holding up these days?

Tbf ubuntu default wallpaper is god tier

It would make it a shitty pizza

Because the retards on this board read somewhere on a blog post, or a comment feed that Ubuntu is somehow less of a linux distro, or that's it's "not real" linux.

They're retards, though.

When I see these typical retarded posts, I genuinely wonder what is productivity in the vision of a person so unaware of what the term actually means that they use and defend a tool which you can not properly adapt neither to the specific task which you're doing, nor to a workflow that you have, after a lot of practice with that subject, decided that is the one in which you will produce faster and better.
Honestly, the notion of just poorly fitting into a generic way of doing things that was standardized by the whims of a trend-following company is radically antithetical to any proper meaning of the word productivity.
Obviously, children who think of their computers as toys will never realize this and just keep creating poor excuses to their laziness or lack of capacity to actually learn a system different to the ones they've been using since they could barely read. Well, your loss I guess.

>the ultimate tinfoil autist worshipped by other tinfoil autists uses ubuntu

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Temple OS has better documentation than Ubuntu.

objectively not very well (homeless in san diego) but subjectively i think he'll be fine. and he's streaming again

terry's new channel

You're correct user. Why should you waste your time learning how computers and networking function on a fundamental level when you could spend that time working on computers and networks with little knowledge of how they function right away? What do you do with all the time you save compared to those who know such trivial matters completely unrelated to effeciency on said systems?

Does Mint count?

mint is damn comfy desu

You sir just triggered more people than Milo at Berkley

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