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• user gets some decent NES controllers • user ordered boxes but got some ear rings, and then somehow gets chinked • Xiaomi is now making gaymen laptops! • user finds his new buttplug • user's knife is sharp • user got a soldering iron • user likes his KZ ATE's • user got chink homo-style clothes. Pray he doesn't get cancer >Last thread

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>Inb4 the FBI recommended not to buy chink shit.

i bought a little usb current tester on ebay . it didn't work , so i messaged the seller and little nippy gave me a refund. maybe i can fix it

Post shame

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Yesterday this comes. Benjie t6 is nice and pretty cheap. Flash agptek firmware for better UI

Plays lots of format, can be rocknoxed, functions as bluetooth transmitter and receiver. Screen are not that bad

Also not as hot as my redmeme note 3 pro when playing music, sounds better too.

The only downside is that it seems to have very minor hiss in sensitive earphone. But ipods have those faint hissing too.

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Around 4 and half hour till next one.

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Is this that get coupon button which gave me like 10 select coupons...
REEER I want to buy another $2 off $15

Huado. Do not buy from Huado, I am now buying one from pbpad. Can post results afterwards, so far they seem way more professional than Huado.


No, that's catch the coupon-game.

Think I found it. Only got shit...

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No, that't ain't coupon rain. You have to wait around 4 hours till next one.

You can exchange 200 coins for $2 off any $15

Only once. I want another for that USB thingie, vut I guess I am too greefy now.

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I got a rn4 with a cheapo TPU case that came detective (bent in the Middle). Should I be a dick and dispute it? The case is like $3 bucks and its condition is 7/10.

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Depends if the the case was free or sold with the phone

Pens or thin markers

Nice find man!

are there any good deals worth snatching up or is everything marked up before the sale?

It was part of a bundle. I feel like it's actually correcting its shape around my phone so i probably won't do it.


Anyone know where I can get these straps in bulk?
For USB thumb drive, flashlights...

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I ordered a $0.41 Cafele USB C cable. Their official store has $1 off $1.01.

thin rollerball pens

These pens are nice for the price. Sometimes the inks stop flowing, and then you just quickly smear it on a paper and it goes up. Ive bought similar pens in Russia that were much worse and trash. Thr chinks did a good job.

Stop being a lazy piece of shit and wire a proper plug on it.

The $16 USB drive from Kingdian is killer without additional discounts. Are we sure it won't die? I could use it for an aditional backup location so I only need it not to die after being written on for about 3-5 years. Not uploading my shit to free 1TB OneDrive.

Ive had old USBs (6GB SanDisk) die on me during read before and the chinks could use such a controller. But this one I wrote way too much on so...

Vsonic GR07 Classic/Bass Edition are $79 USD => ~$65 USD after coupons.

Yersen Fen-2000 are $19 USD => $17 USD after coupon for me.

Tin Audio T2 are about $30 => $26 after coupon

KZ EDR1 are $4. Pretty decent throwaway pair.

ZS10 is $35 USD on mobile but it's probably untuned shit like the ZS6. hurr more drivers. Wouldn't recommend.

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Hmm. Not suspicious.

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Please wait warmly while preparing meme pens

Im this guy ^ and i was pissed that i couldnt even show off my purchases ! My birthday is in May. I love this sale !

HOW DID I DO /csg/ ???

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Thanks for that ! also i might add a cheaper copy of my favourite BGVP SDG DN1 goes by the name Yinyoo pro...


i grabbed the Tin t2 they are a great deal ! ..also i not i could of saved 7.76 by ordering all my stuff through the same store...no vouchers either.. got remember that next time... but i am happy.


Damn I only have 35 select coupons. I wish I had one more. Thanks AliExpress.

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Don't spend all your money on low end Chi Fi. Having 2 or 3 pairs won't hurt but owning like 10 different low end pairs is a waste of money. Save up a bit for the better stuff as well.

>50M in the listing
>5.0M on the camera
>it probably really is like 0.3

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is that kingdian 128gb usb drive a real deal? 128gb for 13€ with 40mb/s writing speeds sounds too good to be true.


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Saved for later

Yeah no I am not Igor from audio budget. Bless those guys who buy everything and report back what is 11/10

Seriously i am old fag who had a decent hifi at home and bought the Phillips SHE3590 the past few years

My chi fi has been extremely conservative

1st - KZ ATE : 9 months daily use - driver failed
2nd - KZ ZS5 v1 : 9 months of daily use - lost one
3rd - BGVP SDG DN1 : 12 months still going strong on spare MMCX cable and tips

Now I'll be getting Tin audio T2 and that's in campfire audio performance territory. Chi fi is the best thing to ever happen.. I used to drop 80dollars on dumm Sony iems and don't get me started on Cans... Now Cans are total money pit.


>and that's in campfire audio performance territory
lmao fuck off no it isnt

>Now I'll be getting Tin audio T2 and that's in campfire audio performance territory.

Maybe comparable with the GR07 at best. A bit much there.

>Implying I meant all of CA

It's subjective but I know one at least one dude who likes his LKER i8 better than his CA Lyra. I have also been to my local hi end end store who is just round the corner and listened to some CA Audeze Isine for $600 and was less than impressed. So I know the playing the field guys. You simply can't argue when they are nocking a whole order of magnitude of the price tag and in my experience you pay for that in durability / longevity.

cunt, i know chifi better than almost anyone in this general. t2's arent close to any decent CA iems. also isines arent CA, and they suck dick and are worthless without a ton of eq, and still mediocre with.

How are the aviators? I've never ordered any because all the cheap ones I've seen at flea markets look like they're made from the worst kind of plastic and then cheaply sprayed with metallic paint that could flake off at any moment.

*Meant CA and Audeze

> wasn't even arguing with you pal

What are the cool accessories or instruments for my car?
Already have a comfy orange thermometer, LEDs, a dashcam and will get a rear dashcam

>Now Cans are total money pit.
Out of all the chi fi I have nothing beats my Audio Technica/Beyerdynamic in terms of sound experience.

I also have a Yamaha pair that IMO beats low end chink stuff.

you can try searching for lanyard too senpai

phone holder.

Got another one of these. Turns out they're a really good present.

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PS: Currently ~$22 - haven't ever seen them under $20, so I think that's fine.

Maybe it's 50MBit/s, heh.

It certainly won't give you 50MP. 50MP is a ~$4k MILC/DSLR.

Thanks. Finally found this cheap shit for my USBs. I sure hope they dont send me all whites.

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give me something worthwule to waste my money on while im drunk you cunts

OBD2 Bluetooth reader and Torque.

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Already has one.

I would have bought it if I had a OBD2 port. The car is really old.

Let's get some UI images with rockbox user!
I like the buttons do they feel responsive and clicky?
Is the screen backlit?

I bought full spectrum 50W COB LEDS for like 2,50$ yesterday.

Ah, fair enough. Buy a cheap torch and keep it in your glovebox, if you don't already.

FM transmitter

Rn3p total shit jack. Is this jack good? If it supports gapless and (but not required) maybe crossfade it could be something I would want.

Rockbox not installed yet, I will report here once it's done

Screen is colored, so I guess it have backlights

Buttons are tactile and clicky, especially volume button. D-pad feels as tactile as ipod clickwheel or old nokia dumbphone navigation pad.

Now Ali will give you even more discount if you shop big. $10 at least on $100 by the gold coupons and this that everyone gets.

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So far it looks ok, the jack is tight.

Yeah, it have gapless capability and earphone balance settings. no crossfade, as far as this release, but you can install rockbox if you want crossfade so badly

Get a small survival kit of some kind. You never know when or where your car will break down.
Or in case of a HAPPENING so you can drive into the woods without warning and survive.

Paranoid - Maybe, but they cost nothing and you might occasionally need random stuff from within it.

I will buy a flashlight once it's in flash sale. Thanks.
A flood light wired to the battery seems nice too in case I need to do maintenance.

Fuck yeah man.
You might have stumbled on the next Jow Forumsem.
keep us posted!

Not useful since I have a recent car radio.

Do you have any links? It looks nice but I'm a novice when it comes to survivalism.
I already have jumper cables, spare tiré and compressor.

Any pointless birthday present ideas in price range of 5-15e for little brothers 18s. Obviously combined with bottle of vodka.

OBDII connector. (usb if able to prevent botnet bluetooth)
universal phone mount.
old android phone or tablet.
rearview fisheye cam with infrared lights.
battery starter/jumper.
portable air compressor for flats.
jumper cables.
Ham or cb radio.
marine/motorcycle/gokart battery and a inverter to power accesories in the car without killing your battery.

Stay away from the ricer shit.

Any recommended Type C 10k mah power bank?

Xiaomi one seems to not be restocked any more.

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I need a chink tablet that
>allows me to browse the internet without the browser crashing every time I open a heavy page or waiting 5 minutes for a page to load
>allows me to read pdf/djvu/cbz/zip/rar
>allows me to watch video in any post 2010 format/codec
>is at least 1920 pixels in vertical
>has a OS that will be supported/will get apps and updates for the following 2/3 years
>doesn't cost me a kidney to buy

What should I look for?


don't have any links sorry, was just giving out a general idea. If you're gonna look for something, it should have some kind of overhang that you can use as a makeshift tent, some heavy duty rope (at least 10 m/6ft) and some kind of axe/knife thing (for a basic fire/structure). Needlress to say a fire source.

I have old android tablet. What can i do with it in a car?

If it mounts any new Android version won't it get updates?

What kind of OBD reader fits for -99 VW Golf?

save some money and get ipad, Im not even memeing, nothing else fits to your needs.

OBD2 is universal. Look for that port.

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Lenovo Tab 4 Plus

There is a 10" and aa 8" version.

omg im legit pumped.
i think youre the user who i saw and immediately ordered. Love me some gel pens. I used a coupon too so I got 9pcs MUJI Japanese gel pens for 1.25.

What are the cheapest (while not being totally shit) and sturdiest chink earphones?
Need them for an older family member who won't be able to appreciate hifi sound and breaks at least one pair of earphones every month.

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>spending over 1k€ just to read some pdfs

I must be a brainded to fall for it.

The price is very tempting but
> 1280 x 800 pixels
Is too low for reading University book.

OBD gauge, no phone needed and it uses cable

>The price is very tempting but
>> 1280 x 800 pixels
>Is too low for reading University book.

thats not the PLUS version, thats "Lenovo Tab 4" the normal version.

The Lenovo Tab 4 Plus is 1920x1080.

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>tfw reselling chinese products for 8$ full time job

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Coupon rain time!

And got it!

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Sorry, I missed the PLUS.
But that version is a little over my budget (more or less 250€).

250€ is a good price and dosent cost a kidney.

Dont buy noname chink garbage tablets for 100€, they are horrible and wont suit your needs anyway.

Sadly the Tab 4 PLUS costs almost 400€ where I live.

what timezone? I followed the time on sale.aliexpress.com/__pc/20180328_coupon_rain.htm but never see the coupon rain.

order it from german or british amazon


Selecting the 4GB+WiFi it costs only 275€. Seems good enough to me. Thanks.

Slav. So you have to wait another 6 hours now.