Killing myself in a few years...

Killing myself in a few years. What's some good ways to make me disappear from various platforms and also local storage stuff? Just don't need my family sifting through all that shit trying to find 'answers'.

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Are you really going to kill yourself? Thinking this, because you are thinking what happens after you die. Why the fuck do you care? When you are dead, you are dead.

I might commit sudoku as well. In few years.
But why'd you care about what happens when you're off? If you care about your family - don't do it.
That's why I'm waiting for brother and sister to get older.
Untill then try improving yourself, if it fails it fails, there's nothing to lose.

You die once. :^)

>You die once. :^)
What if someone believes in reincarnation though?

kek you are not alone i believe in that too but trust me it does not worth to kys

Then they're deluded. One life is all you have.

You just delete your social media accounts and scrub your hard drives. What's so hard about that? Also good luck on the suicide thing. Try not to miss, it's torture to live life as a vegetable.

Cliff suicide is very effective. Don't worry. I've never had any social media (well only fake ones)... I'm just worried about leaving anything embarrassing behind n

Why would anyone commit suicide instead of doing something fun and dangerous without caring if they die?

And if they really want to die, why do they do it meekly, instead of something awesome like skydiving with no parachute into a stadium during the super bowl?

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>scrub all your social media
>magnet on your hard drives
>dont hang yourself at home in case someone finds you end up a depressed suicidal vegetable
If you're near the ocean, just drive down to the beach one evening and start walking.

>something fun and dangerous without caring if they die
I'm not sure if someone that's at the point of killing himself would care about that.

buy a one way ticket to zimbabwe or papua new guinea

*But as long as you don't become a school shooter or something, have fun.

What if I believe that's bullshit?

>Someone with desire to end his life hopes to get back

Can't do that. Government expects me to have friends with good careers to verify my passport application. Can't even leave this hellhole.

lol what. what oppressive hellstate is this?

why do you want to die?

just delete your accounts; if your friends/family ask, just say you don't really use them anyway. then do it a year or two later. that's how 2 of my friends went.

United Kingdom. Every little thing here involves an excessive amount of paperwork.

Wasted youth on Jow Forums and video games. Don't enjoy living anymore. Mom is getting ill.

Take a few bureaucrats with you. Show them the consequences of their methods.

I'm not saying you should do it sooner, but... Is there any reason that makes you want to wait a few years?
>Wasted youth on Jow Forums and video games.
But that's not a bad thing user. You're probably not the kind of person who'd ever enjoy to socialize anyways.
>Mom is getting ill
That's... An understandable reason... Good luck, I hope you get better.

How old are you?

29. Turning 30 is a daunting thought.

Eh you aren't that old

Tons of depressed people associate their state with their situation.
A 'restart' is a common desire even among those who aren't depressed.

user i turned 31 in Feb, 29-30 is a bit rough (im getting grey hair, everyone laugh at the genetic failure) but once you get past that its fine.
>also 31 year old on fucking Jow Forums
perhaps i should join you in that suicide pact.

I have nothing against being on here regardless of age. It's just not doing anything else that's the problem. I'm not going to make it.

Hmm, well dont screw it up and end up a potato in a wheelchair my man.

Same boat and same age OP. 10 years ago being a NEET loser was just fun and games but then your parents start having a foot in the grave and you realize that your future is flipping burgers and you start to go bald. I've always wondered why you only find teens on Jow Forums but I guess it's because the ones that get older grow up or kill themselves.

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>Killing myself in a few years.
Stopped reading there. That's not his it works


>in a few years
if you really wanted to die you would just go and do it right now and not care about any of the aftermath. you arent going to kill yourself because you dont want to die, you just like the idea of disappearing and not having to deal with any of your problems. stop wasting your time on this site and fix your problems.

If you kys I suggest getting a shotgun and a inflatable boat, do it in the middle of a lake to spare the cleaning costs for your family. That robot who an heroed not long ago put up a tarp that didn't do shit.

Don't forget to take at least one of your enemies with you

>only teens of Jow Forums
Well its not true. The perception is that because the teens are unbearable.
It's a filtration system that pushes more emotionally mature people to the niches. Like how in 08-12 you found people 'starting' on /b/ even claiming that everyone went to Jow Forums for /b/ initially.
But it was by far the most annoying place and residents were quickly ashamed of their association with /b/. Now it's Jow Forums and we get losers expressing their misguided rage. They're of course spreading to other boards.
And if we had any semblance of board cultures left they'd be obviously out of place.

I really want to see more places fight the eternal September phenomenon. Hackernews is ok in that regard but it suffers from other issues. I don't know of other places that do this well.

If you are desperate enough to kill yourself, you don't give a fuck about something crazy, funny, amazing etc. You just want to end your suffering.

Some of Jow Forums is altright don't go to school tomorrow.

I want to reincarnate into another world with cute catgirls and magic.

This isn't right 100% of the cases, some people want to do one last thing that might be fun for them but since they don't have resources or the courage for it they don't.
I always wanted to skydive without a parachute as the other guy said, if I was going to commit suicide that is, but I developed a type of masochism a couple years ago so I enjoy suffering and destroying my body.
But hey at least I won't commit suicide!

My grandmother always said what you can do today dont do it later

I want to be the catgirl

Not OP but is it possible for relatives to ask the internet provider to show what ive been browsing the last couple of weeks?

>What if someone believes in reincarnation though?
You should die asap then, we already have enough retards to deal with.

>wasted youth on Jow Forums and video games
So what? There's still an entire life to live. I wish I had spent my youth studying more, but if I didn't do it back then, I can do it now.
>Mom is getting ill
And that is exactly why you should support her and stay with yer. Imagine how worse she could get if she realized her son committed suicide.

Let me tell you something. My country is poor and excessively violent and yet people are happy. In fact, our suicide rates are really low because everyone's to busy trying not get shot on a robbery but somehow we manage to keep going on.

What I'm trying to say is... don't fucking kill yourself you fucking bastard faggot. If you kys I'll find you and kill you again.
You might even be baiting but I'll post this anyway.

You are completely wrong about how Jow Forums spreads. It gains new people because everyone keeps mentioning it as either the worst or best place ever. People like you tell anyone with a slightly conservative option to go to pol, under the notion that they would be going "back" there. In reality, you've just sent pol a new recruit.

You better Livestream it like shuaiby did.