Cryptos price dropping

>cryptos price dropping
>People starting to dump their mining gear

Fucking finally I can buy a (new) gpu at a reasonable price

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>Fucking finally I can buy a (new) gpu at a reasonable price

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>Can't find a used gpu that wasn't mined on

Wouldn't buy used card unless it was ridiculously cheap. I don't want to support those PoS ex-miners minimizing their losses

>cryptos price dropping

Nice meme

Fucking miners I had to steal my 1080 Ti because of them

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I'm waiting for cryptokiddies to really empty their pockets before buying a graphics card. Mid-range cards are still going for 1.5x their msrp used, but if the market really floods with barely used/new gpus then graphics card prices might finally be priced as expected

Even Jow Forums agrees it's fucked.

Then we should buy the coins, always do the opposite of what Jow Forums do.

Jow Forums here
buy the dip faggots

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Post story

Nice try, FBI

No, I have fantasised for years about how one would acquire a GPU for free. It always seemed impossible unless you were an insider. Working in a store or at the warehouse, etc.

Pretty much all the mineable currencies are dropping.
ETH, the main one people mine with graphics cards, is down to $420 which is nearly the price it was at the start of December, before the markets went crazy.
AND the difficulty is higher now than it was. RoI is lengthening, optimism has turned to pessimism and news continues to be negative around crypto.

What I don’t understand is why GPUs with 2GB VRAM are still overpriced. Apparently you can’t mine ETH with them because the DAG file is now 2.3 GB big and won’t fit into VRAM.

I know that means that basically only the GTX 1050 counts but still, a 1050 is a big improvement on what I have now.

People try to pump and dump new coins that enter the market.

I ended up getting a 1050 for $110aus off of ebay a few days back to upgrade from my gtx 660

LOL underrated

>Fucking finally I can buy a (new) gpu at a reasonable price
You can buy a premium roasted one, yes.

I mean you aren't wrong, Crypto has been fucking us and now I'm glad prices are dropping

Law of supply and demand

People who can't or don't want to pay $600+ for what used to be $200 cards bought 1050s instead and cleaned out all the supply.

I honestly wouldn’t mind paying half price for a premium roasted one and taking a chance. The problem is miners are fucking decievers and will sell it at premium price while lying to you about it being mined on. That or they only want to sell the mining rig as one unit at a premium price.

The only way they panic sell and the market floods is if crypto goes to 0 overnight. Then it’s a race to the bottom. Doubt it’ll happen though.

So the 1050 remains overpriced and out of stock just because it’s the only viable card for gamers. Great.

>buying a heavily used GPU
Unlikely to be a good idea.

>I honestly wouldn’t mind paying half price for a premium roasted one and taking a chance
But for what? Gaming? Resale? Neither options would be particularly worthwhile. You can't know if it will turn off after 5 years or 5 months.

Wait... So I should buy low and sell high..?

I traded mine 1030 for 1080ti
Neighbor kid doesn't need 1080ti to play minecraft anyways

Gaming. Like I said, I’m taking a chance. I’d just repaste/repad and see how far it takes me.

>actually wanting to buy a burnt out card

You can try. Better off waiting for some good news in the market before making a move though.

>>People starting to dump their mining gear
Show me proof
that's what I though.

Nice story but there's no such thing as a 1030.

except miners commonly underclock and underpower their cards so there's that.

I bought a 1080Ti at what would be it's normal price. I don't know what you guys are on about. Top of the line Ti cards always cost around $800.

Its a shit card, but it does exist.

Give it back Tyrone.

Good luck.

>except miners commonly underclock and underpower their cards so there's that.
Source? Either way, those cards worked 24/7 at their maximum capacity.

I hope this continues. All the way down, baby!

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Most crytpo is heavy on memory, not so much on core. They under volt and underclock the core to save electricity and max out the memory overclock. At least that’s what I’ve read.

It's not even entirely shitty, it's equivalent to a GTX 750 I think. You could sort of game on it.

So they kill the memory.
Great. I sure do love my rendering artifacts.

Do not buy used cards. Let the cryptofans cry.

I'll miss the pink Wojacks when crypto is finally buried.