My pro just shit it’s self, won’t turn on with any power button or combo. What do?

My pro just shit it’s self, won’t turn on with any power button or combo. What do?

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send it in to rossman

1. remove dildo from ass
2. buy thinkpad

disconnect battery, reconnect power lead, try again

Pay $1000 bucks to get it fixed by Apple genius

There’s like three lead on to the batteries

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Found your problem.

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Buy a laptop. Or send it to Rossman.

Pull the M2 drive and wish for the best. All components are soldered on so you're not going to fix shit yourself OP, the laptop is fucked.

Take it to Apple and bitch until they fix their horrible shit.


buy a new one

sounds like defective ram.
just replace ... owait

Serious question, why buy anything other than the air?
it has the lowest fail rates, you can replace the ssd and battery when they wear and best of all you can buy one with a student discount, use it for as long as you need it (they make legit good school computers, dat 10 hour battery life) and after you sell it for 90% of what you bought it for.

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charge it

Serious question, why buy macshit when even HP is superior?

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why buy a laptop to do serious work on?
Im an autistic med student, I lug around my air and a memepad.
The air is amazing for exams and days with long meetings because of the battery life.
My memepad is great at performance, having a lot of stuff running in the background and I can use an actual competent OS on it (muh gentoo).
That being said I don't do anything intensive on the air, because I know it can't handle it. Plus I know that I'm basically paying 5o bucks a year for it after I sell it and completely debotnet myself after I graduate.

>Hooleft Pepperd

nice meme

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none of those devices on that list are the macbook air, the device I'm talking about.
You dense motherfucker.

You deserve it, soyboy.

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Macshit Air is so garbage it can't even make top 10.

10 hours isn't good to you?
I recently squeezed out 13 hours on low brightness last week when I didn't have time to charge up.
It charges really fucking fast too actually.

I'm a lawyer and about 1 1/2 years ago we got to chose between a MacBook (whatever) and a x260 Chinkpad. Only me and 2 others chose the chinkpad and I gotta say, it was a good decision. Three cell internal and hotswap-able 3 or 6 cell battery (17 hours of office/ webbrowsing) and it's just such a nice looking device.
Most of my fellows with the Macs had at least one defect and had to send it in for repairs, which is a huge fucking hassle due to our IT data safety compliance rules.

Nice damage control.

How can macshit even compete?

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I consider over 7 hours to be good battery life, 10-11 on medium brightness is amazing to me.
I'm buying for myself while you're doing it through an IT department user. thinkpad prices plummet aftermarket while people will buy 5 year old macs at like 80% of their original price.

Right, yeah. Hadn't actually thought about it. Quick check tells me that the 'max configuration' edition I have would have clocked in at around €2300 retail.

>>thinkpad prices plummet aftermarket while people will buy 5 year old macs at like 80% of their original price.

>buy 2 year old thinkpad for 50% off original price
>5x as powerful as macshit at 25% the price
>maccucks still defend paying $300 for core 2 duo trash

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I don't give a fraction of a shit about the morons buying them used, I care about being able to make my money back.

A mactoddler has defended his 500% marked up chinktrash garbage.

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>he says as he types on his cum stained 1366x768 shitpad

>he says as he types on his iShit because his throttlebook caught fire and exploded

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should of bought a thinkpad, faggot.

It actually stays around 38-46C, much lower than anything you find over in /tpg/ kek

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Based Dell.

Mine idles around 49-53C

are you talking about a macbook air? again, that's the only laptop im defending here

Nope, talking about my T520