He doesn't have 400GB of expandable storage on his phone

>he doesn't have 400GB of expandable storage on his phone

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But i have 250. A-am i ok?

>not extreme
heh... kiddo...

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>being this poor

MicroSD fucking sucks
If you aren't modding your onboard storage in the current year you're hopeless

That's an ultra class micro SD, you fool. The slowest class. It has shit read and write rates. It is terrible for storing apps on, and it is incapable of recording 4k video. My one also got fucked by the xray scanners at airports.

If it's not an extreme class or higher, it's a waste of money.

>calls other people poor
>has to buy it on sale
>has to settle for 400 GB because he can't afford the 512 GB
oh, the irony


xray is harmless to electonics

You would think so, but my SD card decided to crap out forever after going through those airport scanners a couple times. The timing is too close. Add to this the fact that Extreme class SD cards are specifically marketed as resistant to xray while Ultra is not.

What's higher than extreme?

fite me :^)

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Extreme Pro. There's also another class above that which I can't remember. It's so fast that devices need to be specifically designed to take advantage of the ridiculously high write speeds.

i had to pass through my phone on an xray gate 4-5 times a day for over a year and also two times a day through metal detector gate. Nor the phone nor the sdcard got any problem

I don't even have 30% used of my internal space on my phone.

>His phone doesn’t have 512GB
Are you poor?

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>Card slot No

So you are poor, uh?
Want me to mail you some food retard?

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512GB is enough

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>3.5mm jack No
Wtf, my Porsche 911 has an aux jack!

I have 32g ^^"

That thing is slow, even more so if you use encryption.
Call me when mSD cards come with hardware encryption, like SSDs do.