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So where do you host your token personal website?
Any dirt cheap hosting options for sites that get seldom accessed but need emails and databases and all that?

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I use digitalocean but they are hardly considered the cheapest. AWS free tier is valid for a year, I'm sure Google Cloud and Azure have similar options, after the year you could reserve an instance and lock a rate in for the year to reduce costs.

You burn through the azure free shit way too fast.



My own server and domain
>trusting and/or relying on others

Firebase. But basically just for learning how to work with a serverless NoSQL database and firebase-functions (allows you to prerender SPAs).

If I wanted to have it easy, I would use jekyll/hugo with github

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My family one now. I used to use third party with small space but database and free but people were turned off since adress was awful similar to goverment anti-corruption agency.

Get yourself a container for $2 or something

How much does space in the data center cost you?

Where did you find containers for $2?

Your own
a godaddy domain name cost like .5 usd

Looks free easy and fast to set up, will give it a try too



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Get some $3 vps desu


I work for a web hosting company, so I get free servers I use for fucking around and hosting work notes. I use AWS Glacier for backing up my important shit.
unless uptime is important to you, just go with any shitty free service you find. if you need uptime go with something cheap like nosupportlinuxhosting.com/ who also has VPS.
if you are autistic and need to do everything yourself, go with vultr or digitalocean or aws.

My house

On my own personal fucking computer.

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000webhost let you have 2 sites with a database of not more than 1 gig each for free, but they changed recently so that the site goes down for an hour a day to encourage you onto their paid options.

how are the bills doing, anons?

GitLab has free site hosting similar to GitHub, which is good for static sites. Anything more is hosted at home.

>$10 a year for the domain
>$150 a month for electricity, and that's for everything not just the PC
how are your bills doing, rackspace cuck?

how are the mcflurries doing, user?

>$0 at month for the domain
>$40 at month for electricty, and that's for everything, not just the PC

Where do you get free domain registry?


>UNLIMITED Storage and Bandwidth
So I can host 100 petabytes of child porn for free?

Icelandic: flokinet.is/ On a VPS in Romania. Fuck giving my money to any companies linked to 14 eyes.

does geocities even still exist?

NO. But Neocities does.

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I host my website on a mid 1990s pentium system I got from the trash.

>but they changed recently so that the site goes down for an hour a day
that's shitty of them, i'm guessing they don't even let you choose the hour?


>UNLIMITED Storage and Bandwidth
as far as i'm aware that's false, where did you get that info?

not as cheap as other options but I like VC

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Wable. I pay under 5 a month

Girl (male)

I have the cheapest VPS from Linode ($5/month) and a domain ($3.99/year).

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I have VPScheap, but honestly they're crap. They use a non-upgradeable kernel 2.6 and it keeps randomly going offline, having to contact their IT to bring it back online. On the bright side, it's $4 a month.

>that’ll be 39.99 plus tip for renewal m’user

Yeah, that's what I thought.

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For my personal site I went static and I host it on netlify for free.

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OVH VPS, lowest tier. Costs about £3.50/month including VAT, it works fine for what I use it for (basic web hosting, self-hosted bookmarking and file sync).

I work for a web hosting company so I get a free shared hosting box and I throw my shit up there. Then I can get a load of domains for cheap through work so I hardly spend anything.

And because I work there, I have access to a terminal where other customers don't. Win win for me.

Host: on my own server
Domain cost: What domain, I roll with a static IP

in this order
- personal server at home
- digitalocean
- github repo static site

I used AWS a lot at work so now I just use it for personal shit because I'm used to it and because it's cheap-as-free for tiny little things no more than 1,000 people are ever going to use anyway.

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I have a $10 linode slot I host my site on along with a few other things like a mumble server.
Domain through namecheap, since they have whoisguard.

Raspberry pi. I only get a few hundred unique visitors a month anyway so...

Dude just pay $1 more a month for digitalocean or linode or vultr and depending on your usage needs i think vultr has a $2.50 a month for 512M ram box. Vultr also lets u upload custom isos. I haven't used them yet but I plan on trying them out soon.

github pages


nearlyfreespeech is your best bet


Namecheap + 5 dollar digital ocean vps

The poorfag way

>paying for whoisguard when you can literally put anything in the contact info

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only for japan

Home server doesn't cost much in electricity. It's almost always idle, it would consume an average of 20-30W. In my country it cost 3€ per month.