Post Your GPU

>be me
>3 years ago bought a gtx 970
>3 years later 1000 Series is already popular
>Now im stuck with this piece of shit which Im pretty sure is outran by the 1060
Post your GPU and should I upgrade?

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Do you need an upgrade? I have a 970 and it handles everything I throw at it in 1080p.

Same. OP is a fag.

A 970 should handle 1440p just fine, if you choose medium settings on games like Witcher 3. On normie games, you can probably still max out settings on 1440p.

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>pretty sure is outran by the 1060
Only in >3.5GB titles. Or leather jacket man already started to gimp it with drivers. 970 more or less equal to 1060.

>be me
>8 years ago
>bought a prebuilt for 500€
>came with a radeon hd 4650 1 niggabyte
>never upgraded since
I have 650€ saved. Planing on making a rig this summer after a summer job

Honestly don't know was already planning to sell my gpu along time ago when the 1000 series came out. But I get fucked in FPS most of the time I play in 1080p. Maybe I just have a shit setup

You're retarded. The 1060 is and always has been faster than the 970. It's equivalent to a 980, not a 970.

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Amd GPU's are good? Never really took them into mind, no offense. Heard some positive reviews about RX series however.

Because 970 shits itslef in half of those games because of 3.5GB, which makes it look worse.

>4 years ago
>bought an r9 290
>at least high settings on AAA titles at 1440p and even can run my racing sims with the oculus at 90+fps steady

I'd like an upgrade but I can hold out a while

Drivers are solid on windows. There are also open source drivers for them on Linux (no such thing for nvidia).

As far as performance, they are outpaced by Nvidia but generally offer the same processing power for less money

R9 280x
How does it compare to modern AMD GPUs?

I've got a GTX680 and it still runs most games fine, just limited by 2GB of Vram

You're utterly delusional. The 970 is slower even in games that use way under 3.5GB VRAM. The Witcher 3 uses ~2GB VRAM at 1080p at the 1060 is still 12% faster. Or fucking WoW, which uses well under 2GB and the 1060 is 15% faster. Both results within a couple of percent of the averaged numbers. And these are numbers from the 1060's launch, so driver gimping isn't an option.

There's nothing worse than some faggot with an old card who can't accept that it doesn't match a newer one because it's just fucking slower, rather than some grand conspiracy. You're essentially trying to claim that there's no performance difference between a 970 and a 980. There always was, even if the price jump didn't justify it.

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No SSD and DDR3 ram in single channel, combined with a shit mobo and shit cooling?

I want to do a summer upgrade, but I also want to wait for new Nvidia cards news.
It's suffering.

It doesn't really have an equivalent in AMD's current lineup. It's significantly faster than an RX 560 and significantly slower than an RX 570.

You are wrong you are wrong you are wrong. I don't care.

gtx 770

regret buying this card and building a PC that was expensive as it was at the time

gaming isnt fun anymore
i have now picked up the violin

you boys have fun tho :+)

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I bought a 165Hz 1440p monitor but I only have a GTX 1060 6GB.

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>falling for the gaymer monitor meme

feels good, man
although I can't mod my own fan profiles into it because it had a cooler transplanted

No SSD only 1 terrabyte 7200 RPM, 1600 MHz 8GB ram stick. Mobo is meh ASRock Z97 as for CPU cooler I have a Hyper 212. I probably should've invested into more Hard drive space, im currently fucked right now, maybe later I might end up buying another terrabyte.

>600 series comes out
>buy a 670
>forward several years to now
>no money for GPU
>still using 670
works well enough to play through all the older games I bought on steam over the years like a retard.
I swear I will get a job soon.... then I will surely finally be able to get some new hardware...
I live in constant fear of shit failing, because I don't have the money to replace anything anymore.

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Played the witcher 3 fine at high details and near 60 fps when i was sick last year, so still seems good enough for me.

It's nice but I should have upgraded my GPU first.
Oh well.

tfw I bought this baby for 320€ 3 months ago just before it went out of stock in my country...

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We're all gonna make it bro, I've got a 680 and it still plays most things fine including the current Hitman. With the retarded prices theres no incentive to upgrade even if you can afford it.

Got a Vega 64 for $650 in December last year. Feels good man.

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I'm still running a 7870

I bought my GTX770 three years ago from a guy who had upgraded to 970
It's stil fine

this, i will upgrade only when i get a 1440p 165Hz monitor any less is a meme and waste of money.

that is the 2500k of GPU's

So, obsolete? Should upgrade?

GTX 760, kek.

the 2500k is far from obsolete, what the hell are you talking about?

this, im stuck on the 960 2gb and play everything i want in 1440p will upgrade to 1070 or 11XX

This reads like a thread in /v/

dude, it's ancient

That's some slow as snails RAM. An SSD also helps a ton and I recommend that you get one for your next built, if only to put your OS on it. The difference is quite noticeable.

if you aim for 60 fps (like 99.9999% of the gamers) then it is more than enough.

Is that an AMD card? Could you explain how their naming system works to me? I don't get it like I do with the gtx cards.

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was a8 7600 apu
added the gtx 1050 year ago

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6950 here. Replacing with an RX 580 soon. I'm hoping there's a noticeable difference.

I RMA'd a 780 to my local store towards the end of the 2 year warranty period and they bumped me up to pic related for free

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They are good, for sure. Also, as another user said, AMD on Linux is very stable and has great support. The drivers on Linux are pretty good and you get good performance out of it, near that of Window's Crimson drivers.

I'm buying AMD just because I'll be dual booting Linux and the RX 580 is pretty much a GTX 1060, but with more VRAM and slightly better in some games.

this is the generation
this is the model the higher the number the better
this are old though, the newer ones follow the RX5xx naming scheme where RX580 is the most powerful and i think RX550 or something are the weakest. There is also the high end Vega cards with only two models Vega 56 and Vega 64 with Vega 64 being the most powerful AMD card in the market right now.

Gtx 660 here boiis

I want to upgrade to 1440p/144Hz shit, so my 6yo GPU isn't enough. It was good enough for a long time already.

Ah. I see.

>be me
>bought a 7970 7 years ago
>Still feel no need to upgrade until I move to 1440p or 4k HDR high refresh rate, but no truly great monitors are for sale.

>Bought a shitty Nvidia GPU a few years ago
>already feel the need to upgrade
How do you guys end up in this cycle? I don't see people with AMD GPUs feeling the same unless they got like a cheap 260 knowing they'll need to upgrade sooner rather than later.

7970 is the best consumer GPU ever made relative to the time it was released, but Tonga, Tahiti, and Polaris since were just been relative minor upgrades for 5 years running.

Between 560 and 570.

He's right, though. Even when games use under 3.5GB VRAM, the 970 is still pretty slow relative to the cost and time it came out. It's compute performance is around that of a 7970 despite coming out much later, and games heavily use compute for more complex shaders now days.

>built pc with 390 in 12/15
>first game that causes trouble is FFXV
>had to OC for because sub30fps on stock clocks as seen on the quality photograph
>didn't even play the game yet because Sea of Thieves came out which runs at 60fps on max settings
A 970 is about as fast as my gpu iirc and I don't see the need to upgrade

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>GTX 770

It normally does alright. I usually play on fairly high settings at 1440p 60hz. I don't play the vidya as much as I used to anymore so I think this card will get me by for another couple of years at least. The only game I've played recently that really made the card feel old was Kingdom Come: Deliverance, I had to play it at 720p upscaled to 1080p on medium settings just to get anything resembling a playable framerate.

1060 6gb asus stix edition, overpayed a little because most cards were out of stock at launch.
Glad I did because the cheaper versions with 1 fan are now more expensive then what I paid for mine.

the 1060 at stock is in between a 970 and a 980 with lower power consumption; an overclocked 1060 is about on par with a 980.

How much do I CL this 480 (GTR black edition)?

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My 6950 is still rocking it hard, but it struggles on DOOM and modern games. AMD tends to make long lasting cards. I put new thermal paste on the heatsink and gave it a bath in isopropyl alcohol. Nice and clean, temps are lower and it looks shinier.

My 970 still does okay at 1200p.
I don't game all that much on it anymore except for indies and old shit, 1440p/144Hz powered by a 1080ti spoiled the fuck out of me.

except this is false.

Same here and I see no reason to upgrade yet.

>i have now picked up the violin
Eh, doesn't it take 10 years to learn how to play it?

GT 1030 2gb passive with added fan.
I only play csgo and skyrim occasionally.

270x because it's quiet.

Got a 650 ti boost around 3 years ago on sale. For reference this thing is still slightly better than what's on the 2400g.

Since my monitor is just 1080p and 60hz I can play almost anything anyway, but medium settings may be required. Might upgrade again when 4k 120hz monitors are actually good. Any idea when that might happen?

RX480 8gb clocked at 1375 core.

Pretty pleased with it, haven't had any performance issues with it.

750Ti stock clocks. Only thing I've played that had performance issues was Doom, but I'm not sure if it was the GPU or my old ass i5-2400 that was the culprit.

You know what, I might do something if the stars align after all. Just did some math, and apparently having stupidly expensive electricity can be a blessing sometimes
>Anyone mining eth over here is now doing so on a loss, something like zcash gives a whooping 4€/month
I'm already seeing used gpu ads by the bucketload. If I find some retard selling for a good price something recent enough to not have taken much abuse like a 1070ti, eh might as well take the chance.

>2 months ago
>buy a 970 for 120 britbongs
>no issues

what the fuck are you doing op

Maybe you'll get lucky like me OP.
My 290x died a month before the warranty was done and the company sent me a 1070 as a replacement.

You shouldn't upgrade cause gpu prices are through the roof right now. At least wait for the next gen graphics cards to come out. Just don't do what I did
>be me
>earlier in the year
>gpu prices through the roof
>sell my used gtx 980 for a 50% profit after using it for about a year
>switch back to my 6850
>wait for gpu prices to drop
>they don't
>6850 dies a week later
>used 1060s are 350 bucks
>used 1070s are 500
>prices are firm
>ended up getting a used 1080 for 600 bucks
The one upside is that EVGA has transferable warranties

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I think I'll be good for a while.

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Holy fuck I'm retarded You're right I didn't even look at the prices kek, But a used 1060 on ebay shouldn't be too bad, and last year the prices we're good. Can't believe Crypto actually fucked everyone over.

do you need a lot of money fast? cryptards will buy that GPU for mucho dinero (sold my 480 GTR Black for $390 right at the start of the boom, and prices have only gotten more ludicrous)
do you want to make somebody's day? sell it for MSRP to somebody who's looking for a GPU to game on

Bought an R9 Fury Nitro for $250 2 years ago around black Friday.
It's treated me well thus far.

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I remember that I kept seeing 6990 in benchmarks and it was funny seeing it roughly match new expensive GPUs 4 years later where crossfire was well supported.
On launch it was only around a bit better than a 580, but better drivers and better crossfire support made it to continue to be up there with newer flagship GPUs for many years.

I wish I had gotten one of those when they were $235 around early 2019. My biggest regret.
Then the next biggest was not getting one of those silver Vega.
Oh well guess I'm a waitfag for Vega2 or Navi now.

I just play eroge so its fine, it can play newest games on medium on my 10 year old samsung lcd so not upgrading anytime soon

RX480 Red Devil 8GB

Pretty sweet card, works quite well for 1080p 60fps, figure it will last me until 2020 when I can get a GPU capable of 4k60fps without breaking the bank

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>until 2020 when I can get a GPU capable of 4k60fps without breaking the bank
Won't happen. 4k will still be largely a niche by 2020, so the target for game optimization and mid range GPU performance will remain 1080p 60fps and 4k will still require a high end GPU.

Hijacking this thread.
Is 165hz a meme at the moment? Is it really necessary? Asking out of pure curiousity, I have a gtx 670 I bought off eBay for 50 euros half a year ago.

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Please, I am running a 560 and it still handles redtube just fine.

The difference between 60 and 100-ish is super noticeable.
After that you get diminishing returns. Pushing anything recent to 165 will require a beast of a GPU while you most likely won't be able to tell the difference from 144 in a blind test.

he doesn't know.
i guess I'll tell him.
Using a gimpworks title even.

>thinking it's a match for the 1060
>it's closer to the 1050
>or god forbid! the rx470

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I am thinking of getting either a vega 64 or 1080 for 3d rendering/video editing and occasional vidya. Which would be better?

Couldn't really buy better besides TitanV.
But fuck blower cards.

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Radeon 7850 from sapphire.

I'm very happy, it's ok for me and goes really well with dirt rally. Bought it 5 years ago

Right now, neither. A successor or at least a refresh to Pascal should be coming this year (the Pascal line is 2016), getting a 2016 flagship or the failure that is Vega 64 are both terrible ideas. I'd wait and see what it has to offer. If nothing else, prices of the last gen will drop.

Just get a mid/low tier gaming setup, and a rendering machine.
You wouldn't want your rendering preventing you from occasional gayming.

The card i'm currently using (also my first one).
Was thinking of painting it matte white but since i'm investing in a 1080 ti in the near future i want to keep the value.
(If they even sell for a penny these days).

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>GTX 670 OC, 2go

I want to believe. I'm waiting for the prices to drop drastically OR the 2000 series

Might go for a cheap SLI as well

i currently use an asus strix 1060 6gb oc bought it 2 years ago? for 280 didnt use it untill earlier this year. still need to make a new build since im literally using a dinosaur of a machine

Thanks breh. I will wait. For CPU I am getting a threadripper or 1800x.
I don't do my stuff, well say professionally. I wont go into much detail but people comission things from me.

>I found a person on Jow Forums with an actual life spark, wtf.

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>For CPU I am getting a threadripper or 1800x.
Next generation Ryzen is just around the corner, with better all core boost.
At least wait for 2700X.

How easy is it to pop in a gpu after building a pc? Like say I get everything built (and I'm getting an i7 8700 CPU so it does have integrated graphics) can I just put a GPU in later when prices go down? Do I have to change something in the BIOS? This is my first build.

It's even easier than posting on 4chin.

drop it in and connect the wires. make sure the computer is off. and plug the display port or w/e shitty vga connector that youre using for your monitor. then turn the computer on and itll do the rest for you

>step 1, turn off computer
>step 2, plug GPU into slot
>step 3, plug power cable(s) into GPU
>step 4, remove video cable from motherboard port and plug it into GPU port
>step 5, turn computer on and download GPU drivers

>tfw stuck with a GTX 660

If this bullshit doesn't stop by mid of June, I'll abandon PC Gaming and buy a PS4 Pro.

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