400 MiB idle
800 MiB idle

What wizardry is this?

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competent developers

Obviously, KDE believes it's OK to leave RAM unused.

>using a gui

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>800 MiB idle
This is a feature.

Tell me how you use Jow Forums without a pass and only from textmode.

Unused RAM - wasted RAM
My 16GiB rig with GNOME uses ~4GiB of RAM memory with fresh firefox instance.
GNOME is superior in every way.

>be user
>update broke Xorg
>cant post on gee anymore
>get phone
>"haha im too cool i dont use a gui"

>not using TTY all the time
>doesn't know that he can post from terminal browser with 4chinkpass
heh, not a hacker I see

GNOME is all js
KDE uses much less js, and when they do use it, it is used functionally as QML.

Why use js on desktop? It sounds stupid...

The magic of shit code

>implying you have a pass
How the fuck are you posting then?

>one has superior code, uses less ram and cpu and has more features
>the other does not crash or have random bugs
its a hard choice desu.

Nowadays you can use JS anywhere you like. I wouldn't be surprised to see JS replace Java on my fucking DTV decoder

What if I need all my ram for an application and Gnome clings to it and the kernel starts swapping my apllication?

Which is which? You can never guess at this point. Surprise me and don't devolve this to "granny".

if you cant guess which is which at this point, conside lurking Jow Forums for posts telling people to try the buggy DE on another distro because its "less buggy", and try to search for similar posts considering the non buggy one.

Gnome uses twice ram while having 10 times less features. Gnome is cancer and should die.

only a couple of years has reversed this completely, KDE got better Gnome got worse

I'm a newbie with Linux, but I tried the xfce version of Ubuntu (xubuntu) over the standard GNOME Ubuntu and it used way less RAM and helped my little slow t-60 be much more responsive.

I think I might try distro hopping to manjaro next, boy it's really been the year I've managed to break into Linux finally and I like it.

manjaro is way easier than ubuntu and the programs are newer but it will take you time to adjust to the difference

includes a calculator
What wizardry is this?

Fuck off

this is a fucking terrible ideology
if you're running on a dedicated system for one program sure this makes sense, but for a multi use operating system where many programs will be opened and closed nigh-randomly why would you not want your programs to use as little ram as possible, not only making them efficient but also leaving room to do other work with ram to spare

It's mostly used for GNOME Shell extensions. You don't want brogrammers and Pajeets to crash your desktop's central component with Glib extensions.

You know is the truth, KTard

> not using pic related
> bug free
> fast

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>It's mostly used for GNOME Shell extensions
You are clueless KTard, the ram is used for productivity services like Evolution Data Server, Alarm, Evolution, Tracker, etc. you know. all the productivity services KTards refuses to add to their own "distro" because they know they suck, like Baloo (maintained by a Pajeet BTW) and Krapanodi, heck, they are even afraid to include a calculator.
So, KrapDE is aiming for unproductive NEETs who only play mame roms,

Lel, it still uses the aRts sound daemon instead of Pulseaudio. Libraries like SDL2 don't even have support for that anymore.

The shell iteslf is in js bro

KDE actually focuses on modularity so when you load up plasma, you're only using precisely what you need to have a working desktop experience. Gnome tries to drag in everything and the kitchen sink.

That explains so, so many things. And I don't just mean gnome-shell sometimes ballooning to gigabytes of RAM usage after days of running.

This explains the low framerate animations

Right? If your text editor doesn't use 16GB of RAM it's shit.

wrong again, the shell consumes less than 150 mb in ram usually (unleast the nasty memory leak bug kicks in, witch is getting fixed right now) it has nothing to do with being javascript witch is only the half of the shell, the other part is in C. can you KTards at least inform your selves?

>no file picker thumbnails
>no desktop icons
>includes a simulator of a primitive electronic device from 1960's so that you can calculate things one operation at a time like a fucking animal
>superior file picker
>desktop icons. or not, whichever you prefer.
>comfy way of evaluating arbitrary arithmetic expressions
>still has KCalc for senior citizens and children with special needs
What wizardy is this?

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You know KDE and it's ecosystem to some extent! OwO
Have you heard what XFCE is or does btw?
I've read many times GNOME shills are retarded and like to live in their own bubble :/

Not the calculator granny needs, KTard
Not an argument

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That's not an excuse for a bloated memory leaking piece of shit, GNOMElet. More disk cache for me!

>Unused RAM - wasted RAM

>Casually use web browser
>Need to open GIMP for a moment
>OS grinds to a halt as it's swapping to disk, struggling to make room.

What a load of shit. It's best to have around 30% of you memory free just in case you need to do something quickly.

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Stop using KDE neon and complaining about the lack of calculator. Just install kubuntu

But also remember, granny can't into touchpad gestures, so why remove hardware right click?

someone said "memory leak"?

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at least it isn't the desktop itself, gnomelet

Still, is a major fuck up, KTard

>gnome is a functional and aesthetic equivalent of a granny phone
Seems about right.

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So is your entire desktop

>break xorg
>see log which of my manually typed lines in the config is to blame.
Not that it have happened in the past 10 years.

Grannies actually can't easily use granny phones, unless it has been the same model for the last 10 years (which doesn't always work by any means).

Smartphones with "senior mode" (tiled mug shots to dial the respective people) are much better.

It isn't a memory leak. It caches pages so you can scroll back to them faster.
Change the settings if you need to scroll through all pages before you start reading something.
Or better yet, fix it or file a report on it so someone else can fix it.

There are more young people who never learned how to send a text than old people.

Maybe, and yet I've tried this enough to come to the conclusion that modern smartphone with simplified launchers / senior mode set up are a lot easier and a lot more reliable in use than old feature phones.

>no desktop icons granny needs
>no thumbnails in file picker granny DESPERATELY needs

>GNOMElets and KTards arguing about which desktop granny could use
The only desktop granny could use is Windows. Get over it loonixfags, you can never make a good desktop

bs, Evidence doesn't have this problem and scrolls as fast

Lol no, GNOME is the best Linux DE, the standar Linux DE

You're an enemy of freedom.

>Desktop icons
Go back to Windows 98, grandpa

Does Gnome still have another desktop instance running just for gdm? I remember that being the case when I used it last year. Used a lot of memory (and some CPU time)

So GNOME is not suitable for granny?

>bases entire argument on usability for old people
>user makes a point about GNOME lacking something they’d likely want

>10 years ago
>KDE 4 sucks use 200MB just for one DE
>GNOME 2 use 30MB and KDE 3 40MB

granny knows who to use the documents folder

You can actually just launch firefox alone with the xserver for shitposting and then have another tty with tmux that's just text mode
that's beyond autism though

pretty sure the latest trinity works with pulse, i didn't have any problems with sound when I last played around with it.

can confirm my granny never used her old phone but now that she has a smartphone she is texting everyone all the time.

Windows is a fucking awful desktop. Even the shitter Linux desktop are better. The file manger doesn't even have tabs. Trash like that isn't even worth considered.

Gnome can use as much RAM as it wants as long as it doesn't crash every 5 seconds like KDE


I've been using manjaro kde for over 8 months now and didn't have a single crash. I've also used KDE 4.0, so I know where the reputation of it being unstable comes from. But nowadays it is surprisingly stable. At least on my case.

This, I don't want my ram sitting around getting fat. I paid good money for this shit, it's going to give me my moneys worth or else.

KDE leaves the calculator out because it is so poorly coded, it'll easily push ram usage to levels twice as high as Gnome. I learned this the hard way.

>not using the glorious xcalc

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I expect KDE to be top number 1 full desktop for Linux.

Reason? Is full C++, beautiful code, relatively easy to develop and profile, error check, memory optimizations and so on. Gnome is just a pile of junk C files with out meaning all over, very hard to build a solid foundation how KDE do right now.

When 5.18 comes out this summer it's all ogre for gnome

Trinity is awesome I really liked KDE3
Its like MATE to GNOME2
Just sucks ass it relies on abunch of out dated dependencies

GNOME knows which applications deserves your RAM.
If your application doesn't start or runs poorly because of low RAM, then you should delete it.

Just buy more RAM? If you don't have enough RAM for superior desktop environment (GNOME), then you should invest.

Can you elaborate? Honestly curious.

that's gonna be KDE's biggest and best stable release, it's also going to include memeblur

Wasn't it 5.13?

maybe i dont remember the version number

>I expect KDE to be top number 1 full desktop for Linux.
I've hearing that since 2001, not gonna happen, there are more options than GNOME and KDE rigth now, and GNOME already won, is the main desktop in all relevant distros, KDE has no chance anymore.
>Reason? Is full C++, beautiful code, relatively easy to develop and profile, error check, memory optimizations and so on
Not enough, they are using the proprietary Qt garbage, enough to discard them forever.
>Gnome is just a pile of junk C files with out meaning all over
You are a clueless KTard who has no idea, it is most elegant C and is being ported to Rust, so KrapDE has no chance now and once the port is finished it will have even less chance.
>very hard to build a solid foundation how KDE do right now.
Like Baloo and Krapanodi are a solid fundation? fucking KeK, it sucks so much not even KTards have the confidence to include it in theor own distro.
All is nothing but wishful thinking from a KTard fanboi.

32kb idle

ok gnotard, you must be new

Not an argument


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KDE isn't wired into systemd.

>proprietary Qt garbage

it's GPL you fucktard

he isn't new though. he lurks for hours here waiting for gnome vs kde threads then he spends the next hours with calculator shitposting

i actually think he plays both sides

but it works better with it, like with logind
It makes you to sing an abusive ant anti-freedom CLA that allows them to turn Free as in Freedom code into proprietary if you want to contribute, it is proprietary garbage.
Well, KTards never rest

>with the xserver

>elegant C and is being ported to Rust

rofl.. retard, will take a few decades to convert all Gnome to Rust, when Rust will be proven to be a piece of shit and everybody will abandon it for next generation "java" crap, what a fucking loser.

1.44 MiB.

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there is browser for terminal, you know
browser in terminal]
gui seems useless

Says the clueless KTard

try harder, right now you are full of shit

>tfw can proudly show off a desktop to normies that stands shoulder to shoulder with Windows and macOS

I've waited so long for a modern but traditional DE that is stable, full of features and modern looking. Usually you can only get two out of three.

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