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>Free beginner resources to get started
Get a good understanding of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Learn - a good introduction (independent of your browser choice)
hackr.io/ (is this good??)
Try working on and learning from your own personal projects as soon as you can.

>Further resources
developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web - excellent documentation for HTML, CSS & JS
github.com/kamranahmedse/developer-roadmap - Frontend+Backend learner-path suggestions (just updated)
youtu.be/Zftx68K-1D4 - Web Development in 2018

jsfiddle.net - Use this and post a link, if you need help with your HTML/CSS/JS

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I kinda know the technicalities of js and CSS but my designs end up being shit regardless. Anything I can do to fix that?

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practice in a vector program?

you can always let yourself be 'inspired' by other peoples designs

But things will get better with time, so just stick with it.
It's inevitable to only produce retarded shit initially, but no way around it.


Use CSS Grid, practice (a lot).

First design I ever did. Is it any good? I legitimatelly feel like I'm cheating someone out of money for this

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What are some youtube channels to watch that won't rot my mind

I mean actual youtubers not videos of one-off lectures or whatever about 'progressive' things that could maybe happen in the future

I want proper real shit that people use N O W being spoke about by a real person not some loser shilling his udemy course

Wrong pic, this is the full page

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Is there a way to download files from the internet using JavaScript?

What's the point of the image?

Change some padding, sizing and margin up.
Maybe add a washed background color.

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You want to malicious make your visitor download a file or you want to crawl and get a bunch of files?

Google Developers & Google Webmasters are the only Youtube channels I follow.

Same padding/margin issues apply.

It's not bad at all, user. Personally I would make the distance between all the elements on the grid the same size (now these three elements with green "mehr erfahren" buttons have more space between them) but I'm autistic and don't know shit about frontend.

Has potential. It's not bad by any means. There are a few mistakes here and there that could elevate it to the next level. Here's what I would do:
- Lower the spacing between the nav items so the logo and nav can fit on the same line. One on the left, the nav on the right.
- Use better stock images, the one near the top is too bright and generic. Check out Pexels.
- Your lime green is too bright, tone it down a bit. It's too hard to read the white text on the small buttons.
- Your 3 modal boxes have weird padding. Fix it so the padding between the text and the little green buttons is the same as between the button and the bottom of the card. A.k.a, vertically center the buttons.
- Don't use textures on your background, use solid color.
- Your text fields need some love. Look at the text fields from popular frameworks like Bulma and copy what they do.
- Your footer has no padding at the top, fix it.

Change those and then get back to us. A live link would be better than a screenshot too.

There are many versions of Spring and many versions of Tomcat. Are there surefire combinations which never cause any weird problems? I've already stopped using Java 9 because of all the weird errors I kept getting while having seemingly good code.

I want to learn Spring but I don't want to have to deal with errors which don't result from my mistake when coding. At least for now.

>why Spring when there's Django/Rails/etc.

After learning Java it makes more sense to learn a Java web framework and start earning money than to start learning another language. I want to move out of my parents' house.

Crawl and get a bunch of images. And download them to a specific folder instead of my default Downloads folder. So they are all collected in one place.

Basically I want to do what people do in Python without having to learn how to write it out in Python. But I'd like to know whether it is possible in JavaScript first before writing it all out in JavaScript then learning that the images cannot be saved into a folder.

Oh and your typography of course. Header font is too thin, kerning looks wanky in some places, nav items are too large, etc..

Look at other examples like this: demo.awarethemes.com/scribe/styles (I just happened to have this open right now, nothing specific).

we're not gonna make it

you shut your whore mouth right now

do you do this?

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No, I'm antisocial so it would change absolutely nothing if I had soy stickers or not

no way, i don't even like the soy meme but that guy is almost unbearable.

Anyone here got basic SCSS/JS questions, but they're afraid to ask and be judged?

I'm an uncreative fuck and don't know what to put on my website. Any ideas for projects? I already put up a TinyIB

How many controllers is too many for a web api?

>use css grid
>no compatibility
>client complains
>end up writing fallbacks
>might as well only use the fallbacks and not use grid at all
fuck off

What the hip way for the kids to do web apps with C#? Shoul I just create an Angular (or whatever is being used these days) front end and make a web api to handle server calls or is using Core better?

>Not writting your own css grid

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Dude's always such a tryhard.

>I want to move out of my parents' house.
You and me both brother. One day...

Can someone help put together an outline for everything there is to learn about JavaScript? Sort of like a course outline. Links to related courses would be great too.

I want to study the ins and outs, I want to make sure I don't miss anything.

No, I have no need to be recognized by ~fellow developers~.
Also I'd like to re-sell my laptop one day.

>reselling your laptop
I'm poor as fuck but I still never do this. Way too paranoid.

Oh hey this is pretty cool


Just shred.
sudo shred -v -n7 -z /dev/sdX
Replacing X of course.

Just use freecodecamp & codeacademy to understand the basics, they go over most of the core of javascript.

By the time you finish the JS parts you'll know where to go next.

EVERYTHING is too much. When tackling a new language I focus on variables, functions, data structures, conditionals operations and loops.

On JavaScript I also had to learn about the global scope.

>dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdX

I want to apply to apprenticeships here in the UK, super-basic entry-level positions, and I need to have a portfolio of stuff.

I know a great deal of JS but have never really finished a project, I've just moved on to something else when I feel I have learned everything to do the project.

What kind of easy shit can you make in an afternoon to show off your JavaScript prowess /wdg/?

>no compatibility
Stop caring about IE users.
It's their own fault.
They had several years now to upgrade to one of the many modern browser available.

I understand the basics of javascript. I've been using it for years. But I honestly feel like I'm horrible at it and don't truly get it. I feel like my code is a mess. I don't understand how things work under the hood.

What practice projects should I complete before confidently applying for a "Javascript programmer" position?

the struggle is real and those who joke about people like us don't know our plight

>voluntarily lose money/a client

The problem is that you never use just JavaScript. It's about your toolbox. I learned JS while developing, which is why my older apps are so shitty.

Idk, can you fizzbuzz without googling?

Write a short program that prints each number from 1 to 100 on a new line.

For each multiple of 3, print "Fizz" instead of the number.

For each multiple of 5, print "Buzz" instead of the number.

For numbers which are multiples of both 3 and 5, print "FizzBuzz" instead of the number.

Not hard to write the "fallbacks" using SASS + oldschool float hacks with support back to IE6, but CSS grid is much more convenient. Browser support will reach 90% soon.

Is it better to make web api calls JSON and parse inside the method or separate by parameters?

while (i=0; i=

>tfw you look back at code you wrote six months ago
I never knew I had been so retarded at such a recent time

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>when you look back at code you wrote a year ago, which is when you first started writing code
A very positive feeling, funnily enough. It takes me back to when everything felt brand new and magical, and I was trying all sorts of different things all at once. Like childhood all over again.

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dear gods,
what font is this?

regards, a pleb.

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>while loop with for syntax
user, I...

also, elseif is php

I think it's Courier New.

possibly a stupid question - if a site has several forms on it, can you have a single button which would submit all of the forms at once?

I want people to be able to choose from a bunch of drop downs, upload data, type stuff into commentary boxes, and then just press the submit button to upload everything.

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Yeah I realized that mistake shortly after. I usually use references when writing code. I haven't written a for loop statement in a long time.

for (let i=1; i

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Sure, just don't use a form button (that gets quite hacky very fast).
Instead use a normal button and assign an onclick function that gets the data out of the relevant forms and sends a xmlhttprequest/fetch (post, of course).

If you haven't written a for loop in a long time, you probably have to program more or do some more complicated stuff, because that really is pretty basic.
If you're interested in doing full stack, try making a basic blog with nodejs on the serverside.

>try making a basic blog with nodejs on the serverside
This is a good suggestion. However I want to learn Javascript so that I could use it to it's full capabilities in regards to front-end. I feel that landing a front end job is my best bet right now. Converting design to front-end code is what I'm most proficient at and actually enjoy. My weakest point is javascript, so I'm flirting with the idea of getting to know the ins and outs of it. I don't want to have to rely on using some random gallery plugin I find every time I need a gallery, I want to be able to write it from scratch.

I know I'm a retard. I'm growing to hate myself for still being unemployed.

I'm new to git. If I were to upload my portfolio on GitHub, what would be the usual means of people offering constructive criticism? Should I invite them to 'open a pull request' on my code or can people just leave comments and not have to fix something themselves? A lot of the terms confuse me /wdg/...I would just like people to critique my code if they want to.

doesn't work, sorry Pajeet you're fired

How do I go from "I've finished a couple Django Tutorials and can build a thing" to "I can deploy a web application that won't break when someone looks at it too hard"

I knew going into it that it was gonna mostly be pseudocode. Think I did a pretty okay job considering I didn't use any references. But hey, I can't get fired if I've never been hired!

post it here

i'm sure you'll get all the criticism you want

we'll rip you to shreds

write a Django application and deploy it on the cloud-.


Look into for loops

You can just do a bunch of nested if statements
Also the way it's written is gross, you don't write all your javascript like that right? It's insanely hard to read

Well, then just write one. It's not that hard and you're probably going to learn a lot.

Thanks for this, I'm on it.

but what about security, permissions, caching, all that stuff?

Are you using JavaScript because you want to run stuff in users' browsers, or because you only know JavaScript? Because this is doable in Node.js, but not in the browser.

There's no way to just save files to the user's machine from the browser, because this would be easily exploitable. At least as far as I know; there may be a web API I don't know about that lets you do it.

Doing it in the browser, assuming the images are not hosted by you, I think you'll run into issues with same-origin policy. The same-origin policy basically says "you can't access any data requested from a different domain than your own, unless they specifically allow it". If a site allows it, they put it CORS headers in their response, which you can read about if you're interested, but it doesn't apply to most sites if they don't have a public API.

If you're using Node.js however, then you should be able to do this just fine. Same-origin policy is enforced by the browser, so programs that aren't browsers, like Python or Node don't need to care.

And Node can save things to disk just fine, look at the 'fs' module, specifically the writeFile method.

Any good quick tutorials for a cs student looking to pick up Javascript and then node.js quickly? Already have Django experience as well as know C and java.

I see Mozilla and w3 schools have some. Any else that's not catered to beginners?


For Node in particular I would say it's important to understand how asynchronicity works in JS and how the event-loop functions


Reminder that node.js is shit

imagine making a decision based on benchmarks like you're some sort of braindead gamer

Put it all in one form element

>same-origin policy
HA! You don't know about my forbidden secret technique: Reverse proxy: everything

that's what you have to figure it out

Where's the best place to learn that stuff?

what's wrong with weebs?

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Imagine making a decision based on what new college graduates think is popular and fun to use.
Imagine ignoring benchmarks and building your stack on top of a dynamically typed language, a framework that can't into proper multithreading and the worst package manager in existence.

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>Topics Not Covered: Web Development
>Topics Not Covered: Desktop Development

link me one of your Vert.x projects


I'm not sure what there isn't to get. They only introduce the language, not how you would actually develop an application.

>Gentics Software
you have a company?

Not even the website works getmesh.io/

>a framework that can't into proper multithreading
holy shit
so they write, that they are using parallel SSR with vertx, but I don't see a comparable setup with the Node/Express example.
Am I missing something there? If so please point it out.
This is not really a benchmark of multi-threaded vertx vs a single Node instance, is it?

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supposed to be

Not a designer, but looks pretty good. I've seen worse designs on sites of large businesses.

The benchmark uses a single verticle instance (meaning vert.x is running single threaded in it), same as node.js
If vert.x was running multithreaded (as in multiple server verticles) then it'd have beaten node.js by even more.

I work for the company, project is still in beta and we're doing upgrades atm.

Vert.x only works for Eclipse?

Can i use, for example, Intelij?

Of course you can use intellij. It is just a library that you add to your project. You can write server backend and clientside in java, kotlin, scala and even js


Why does /wdg/ hate clean design and animations/transitions that guide the user? I've seen people here call animations unnecessary and fluff.

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>I've seen people here call animations unnecessary and fluff.
Never seen that.

Nah, the issue is when people decide to be flashy instead of functional.

Need to make a front end for visualizing security (log) data. What library would suit me to make parallel coordinates and a network graph. Need to be interactive and customizable like editing the node icons, link labels, color.

why did i click on the top right 'x' to close that picture?

In the polyglot-counter repo Readme it states "Render in parallel" and looking at vertx-ext-spa-ssr that seems to be its exact purpose with launching multiple workers.

react-ssr-optimization is supposed to be used with its caching functionality I assume.
So the result of 19.4k vs 11.1k Req / Second reflects the 2 workers vs 1 node instance setup.
This is compeltely ignoring some unnecessary stuff the Express app does, like using the cookie-parser and other things, that aren't present in the vertx example.

I regret wasting so much time on your shitpost.

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Intuitive design

Someone explain Jekyll to me like im 6..