Google Drive

How fucking dumb do you have to be to use this garbage?
Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with normans? Did they really think google wasn't watching/logging everything they uploaded to it?

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They have nothing to hide ;)

>what the fuck is wrong with normans?
What do you have against vikings

Encrypt your data with rclone
Gdrive isthe best cloud performance wise and for its price.

dropbox would never violate my privacy

I never upload my hentai to jewgle drive

>mfw I conquered England and now have some cuck on an image board upset about my people

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You... bastard!!!

It's quite useful and convenient for some activities.

use sometimes ≠ always use for everything

There are a significant portion of my daily activities where privacy is not a factor. For my other activities, I use other options. We don't live in a black and white world.

It is convenient if you need to share files with classmates etc. Productive work.

Not everyone on Jow Forums has terabytes of loli to hide.

>Did they really think google wasn't watching/logging everything they uploaded to it?
They simply don't care. Ya know, le ebin "nuffin to hide" meem.

I put all my schoolwork on there. Why the fuck do I need that private?


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Too bad it doesn't has a GUI.


I do freelance writing and I use it to add things to my portfolio or share my work with people once I'm done, ask for edits, etc.
Literally none of this can have 'privacy' and still work. People who use Google Drive use Gdrive because they don't need privacy. Quit being a faggot.

It's too small anyway.

there is one, google it

Small business I support uses it for nightly offsite backups, they thought 15 quid a year for 100GB was worth the investment. Not my data the alphabet agencies are trawling through, I get paid either way.

>I do freelance writing
Somebody hasn't read the terms and conditions, I see. You might be interested in the "giving Google the rights to publish everything you send to Drive" part.

>ITT : Americans that think the whole world is a similar shithole like theirs and doesn't have consumer protection and privacy laws

Really activating my almonds

Oh no, Google's gone and copied my reaction folder!

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>sweaty shitskin thinks that google isn't above his 3rd world country's laws

Google is the fucking cancer of this planet

I use it for things that aren't private or have no need for privacy.

Pile Drive but you are the woman

I use it for schoolwork.
Would you suggest a more secure alternative?

oh no google has access to all my disappointing, half assed university projects and snapshits of my friends!!!!

It's how i play music on my iphone without using itunes.

The google drive app has an "available offline" option which essentially download files to your iphone, and you can play music form the app as well.

If someone has a better way to play music on the Iphone without google drive, then by all means, let me know.

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get an android, retard.

I used to have the S7, my Iphone8 shits all over it.

you've to play it from the google drive app?


>can only use it conveniently with closed source software.

>not using

>20x faster than the s7
>Based Tim Cook doesn't share data
>Apple ignores subpoena to unlock phone after San Bernadino
>30x faster
>shit doesn't crash

>dumb fuck actually believes an "outside group" helped unlock the phone
stopped reading right there

yeah and here you are using google services on your iphone.

I use Google Drive for files I actually want to conserve in the future. For work/other personal stuff I have a personal solution.

encrypt everything you upload. Why is that so hard?

That's what she said.

I use it to move ebooks onto my phone when I can't be arsed to fuck with a cable

Sorry user, but this isn't the dedicated board for unfunny retards like you. Now go back.

>oh no google can see my comp sci pdfs and wallpaper

>posting in the thread again just to repeat your shit bait
lol kill yourself

I use it as a backup.
If google wants to see the minutes of my kid's schools p&c meetings there are probably easier avenues than cracking the encryption I've used.

Just encrypt your data before uploading and you're fine

I don't store data there.

But I've been downloading shit from there and I admit that is bretty good. I download at fullspeed without limits.

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>Supporting the botnet by using its search engine

Fuck I don't want to delete my anime pictures folders off Google Drive.

why are people from normandy such idiot?
now the people from bretange are smart

Google can enjoy my shitty poems and reaction image backup as much as they want, I don't care


>my shitty poems
c'mon m8 - you can't say tat and not share...

>there once was an user
>who mentioned his poems but didn't post
>we thought that he was done
>b-b-b-but he came thru with the most?

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>I don't know how encryption works and/or I'm legitimately so tinfoiled hat that I think the world government is going to use 90% of their supercomputing resources to break into my banking accounts, cooking recipe spreadsheets, and local code bases
Fuck, man, don't blame everyone else if you don't know how to use a tool correctly.

It's a fast and reliable way to share video files with stupid clients who think I'm going to transfer 30gigs of footage to their laptop at 5am after a 7 hour shoot. What's google even going to do with that data? It's fucking useless except to the client.

I literally could not care less [keyword] What did you find?

No they're personal, not personal enough to keep away from drive but also too personal to share publicly

>mfw 25TB on mine atm

When do I get arrested?

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25tb of isos?

>he shares his deepest thoughts with jewgle but not with 4chinz

>If someone has a better way to play music on the Iphone without google drive, then by all means, let me know.
buy spotify

Legit thanks bro!

It's great for corporations. If you're not corporate, or don't have a job that involves technology, it's probably not for you.

Oh, and you should kill yourself.

I-i'm shy

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i put memes and reaction images there

Really makes you think

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its where i keep all my downloaded ebooks user.

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> google search = google drive
Why are you on a tech board you phoneposting cunt?

dude stfu and enjoy the free service who cares if they spy?

chrome is faster too and dont try and tell me u dont use youtube or google search fuckface

>clone ur encrypted data
>wait for 5 years till there's a public vuln
>open the clone of ur data
Whatcha hidin' here bud??

I just dont put anything on it that I want to hide. Its free and cross platform so I dont give a shit

>Normans get out reeeeeeeeee!!!! Long live Saxonia!!!!!!!

Agree I have used it for school stuff, family photos, resume, and work-related documents.

>Did they really think google wasn't watching/logging everything they uploaded to it?

I use it cause it's the best bang for buck. I seriously hope you don't actually believe that there is any cloud storage service that isn't watching/logging your shit...

You'd be a failure of a schizophrenic Jow Forumsentooman if you think anything you do avoids the botnet

>google = google
>google search has been used in more trials to convict people than google drive
>how do I get rid of a dead body
I feel sorry for anyone that has to deal with you. Like you really are one stupid mother fucker hahahahahahahahah

>google search = google drive = google DNS
Hey dumb ass why are you on a tech board

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what programming books do you have user?

Considering all the dank pirated shit you can get from there I can't really fault it.


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It's a convenient way to store my word documents. It's not like I upload loli shit on drive, yo

>not linking your free as in freedom OS directly to the Google Botnet

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